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Mentalist Oz Pearlman + News on 'Obsessive' Sperm Donor and Mammoth Meatballs

Adam and Chris discuss hangovers, roofing, and Sunny Hostin on 'The View' before playing another round of March Madness Madness. Chris reports the news, starting with a local story of a man jumping out of his speeding vehicle mid-car chase. Next, the guys talk about a Dutch sperm donor facing legal action after fathering 550 children which leads to Adam wishing he could just date a version of himself. They also learn about a lab-grown meatball created with mammoth DNA. Oz Pearlman aka 'Oz the Mentalist' joins them and explains how mentalism works before showcasing his skills on Adam and Chris. Oz also talks about ultramarathon running, bending a spoon for Larry David, and how psychics use "cold reading". PLUGS: To learn more about Oz Pearlman, visit And follow Oz on Twitter and Instagram, @OzTheMentalist THANKS FOR SUPPORTING TODAY'S SPONSORS:

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