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A weekly podcast examining the relationship between entrepreneurship, innovation and policy in the Washington D.C. region. They are stories explaining why local innovation often influences the federal government and are told by a wide variety of voices across demographics and industries.


What's Working in Washington - Ep 70 DC Metro faces its biggest challenge yet - Bob McCartney

The latest effort to save the deteriorating Washington Metro system...The latest effort to save the deteriorating Washington Metro system is the region's biggest test in a long time, says Washington Post reporter Bob McCartney as the transit system's general manager issued a wide-ranging rescue plan.   Show More


Past Episodes

April 17, 2017 show features interviews with Bob McCartney of The Washington Post, Matt Caywood of TransitScreen and Michelle Jamrisko of Bloomberg
A DC foundation is raising funds to ensure all defendants receive a fair trial, including civil cases. Kirra Jarratt, Executive Director of the D.C. Bar Foundation, says last year, it gave out over $6 million.
A seven-time D.C. entrepreneur wants to use advances in the internet of things to revolutionize the service supply chain industry. Dick Hyatt, CEO of Decisiv, focuses on providing a framework and platform for industrial applications. The framework ranges from mobile technicians to deals to fleet maintenance.
The state of Virginia has made investments to spur industries such as cybersecurity and biotech, according to Ed Albrigo, who leads one of the state organizations leading growth in innovation and entrepreneurship.
An entrepreneur who used 3D printers in Afghanistan to create solutions for soldiers in combat took his battlefield experience and started a company that now trains Marines.
Brad Halsey, founder and CEO of Building Momentum, says his company trains Marines and inspires them to take those lessons into combat.
The founder of Rethink Impact calls it the largest-ever impact fund in the U.S. that invests with a gender lens. Founder Jenny Abramson looks to fund companies with women in positions of leadership.
April 17, 2017 show features interviews with Jenny Abramson, Brad Halsey and Ed Albrigo
Leadership Greater Washington builds great leaders - and identifies which problems the region needs to tackle, according to CEO Doug Duncan.
Software is the answer for many hacking woes, according to this cybersecurity company founder, who has found that passwords are the simple root of so many breaches.

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