We're So Xmas

Movies, Products & Gifts. If it's Christmas, Heather & Cliff are all about it!


We?re So Xmas

May 25: Mermaids, Tinggly, Disney World & Messages from Andy Dick

Heather and Chrysanthemum Cliff the Christmas Elf talk about A Mermaid for Christmas (which is destined to be a classic Christmas movie), Tinggly gift boxes for easy holiday gifting, going to Disney World for Christmas, simple holiday decorating from Deckd, the right amount of time to leave up your tree and sending out holiday greetings from celebrities using the Cameo App!


A Mermaid for Christmas: https://warm1069.com/who-wants-a-mermaid-for-christmas/
Tinggly: https://www.tinggly.com/
Deckd: https://deckdhome.com/
Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party: http://bit.ly/2HCtXU2 

00:17:37 5/25/2019

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