Weight Loss Conversations

Let Weight Loss Conversations help you make healthy weight choices. Weight Loss Conversations, is brought to you by Three Health, Medical Weight Loss Solutions and uses a fresh approach to finding your ideal weight. Hosts Bradley Butterfield, Marlene Sexton and Brandy Wiltermuth have a total 30 years plus treating health issues associated with body weight, and they are here to help you.


Weight Loss Conversations

Weight Loss Conversations Radio - 06 - 17 - 19 - Change

Topic: Change www.Three.Health EVERY Mon. @ 8a-9a (PST)
00:55:52 6/17/2019

Past Episodes

Topic: Success Stories www.Three.Health EVERY Mon. @ 8a-9a (PST)
00:57:37 6/10/2019
Topic: Eating Out www.Three.Health EVERY Mon. @ 8a-9a (PST)
00:55:51 6/3/2019
(Encore Show) Guest: Susie Wirth with her weight loss story and working with Three Health Website: www.Three.Health
00:55:26 5/28/2019
Topic: Answering Listener's Questions/Emails Website: www.Three.Health EVERY Mon. @ 8a-9a (PST)
00:54:53 5/20/2019
Topic: Low Carb USA Website: www.Three.Health EVERY Mon. @ 8a-9a (PST)
00:55:51 5/13/2019
Topic: Fast Fuel Website: www.Three.Health EVERY Mon. @ 8a-9a (PST)
00:54:10 5/6/2019
Topic: Healthy Eating Website: www.Three.Health Every Mon. @ 8a-9a (PST)
00:55:48 4/29/2019
Topic: Diet Mentality Website: www.Three.Health
00:54:54 4/22/2019
Topic: Integrative Care Website: www.Three.Health
00:53:26 4/15/2019
Topic: Encore show of Sugar & Body Effects, Pt.2. Original Air Date, 02 - 11 - 19 Website: www.Three.Health
00:53:51 4/8/2019

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