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Amanda is down 117 pounds and counting... all through healthy lifestyle changes! Listen Monday-Friday for helpful real-life tips and tricks in this weekly discussion about losing weight, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, fitness, and nutrition from a girl that's been through it all.


122: The Dangers Of NOT Exercising

I'll be speaking at Miami University on November 14th, gearing up for that event I'd like to share this episode of the Reframe podcast from the College of Education, Health and Society on the campus of Miami university in Oxford, Ohio. Everybody knows that exercise is good. But that is not the whole story. It's not just that exercise is good. It's also that NOT exercising is actually so much worse. A general lack of physical activity can lead to many diseases and even cancer. So in this episode, we speak with Kyle Timmerman and Kevin Ballard. Two accomplished experience science researchers who have just been named Fellows in the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). Their work explores the mechanisms behind exercise science and how living a much healthier life might not actually be that hard for most people.
00:18:22 10/20/2018

Past Episodes

Allie Janszen is a mom, a nurse and a Faster Way To Fat Loss Coach. In this episode we discuss Allie's own wellness journey and how she now helps coach women to reach their goals. Some of the tools she uses are intermittent fasting and carb cycling, and we dive into why these methods can be the key to success. Find Allie online here: https://alliekjanszen.com/ On Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/alliejanszen/
00:29:26 10/19/2018
Answering your questions! Today's question: Are you afraid of gaining weight back? Ask your questions on Instagram! http://instagram.com/youcanpoundthis
00:18:45 10/18/2018
Answering your questions! Today's question: How do you stay on track through the holidays? Ask your questions on Instagram! http://instagram.com/youcanpoundthis
00:13:52 10/17/2018
Don't have time to meal prep? Anthony Maley from Fit Food Stop wants to do it for you! In this episode hear what Anthony is whipping up in Cincinnati! Find him & the whole menu here: http://ffstop.com/
00:31:24 10/16/2018
In case you missed this episode earlier this year, this is my story of how I got started on my weight loss journey losing 117 pounds without following a specific diet plan.
00:40:35 10/15/2018
Personal trainer and Fuel The Sole creator Whitney Mueller and I discuss her passion for fitness and helping others reach their goals. Also how to find balance in living a healthy lifestyle. Spoiler alert, that includes beer and chocolate! Find Fuel The Sole here: https://www.fuelthesole.com/ Find Whitney at Cincy 360 here: https://www.cincy360fitness.com/ On Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/fuelthesole/
00:36:00 10/12/2018
Answering your questions! Today's question: Did you lose weight every week during your journey? Ask your questions on Instagram! http://instagram.com/youcanpoundthis
00:10:42 10/11/2018
Answering your questions! Today's question: What do you tell yourself when you're fighting a temptation? Ask your questions on Instagram! http://instagram.com/youcanpoundthis
00:12:03 10/10/2018
I'm at a time in my own journey where I need to change the process and rework some things. Basically this is an audible journal entry of where I'm at now and how I'm going to re-work some things for my own healthy lifestyle. If you're feeling frustrated in your own journey, you're not alone!
00:30:14 10/9/2018
Kroger dietitians Sarah Limbert and Amelia Noel discuss the best ways to navigate all the candy and parties that come with Halloween. Also Sarah's food minimalist theory on stopping at just one piece of candy. For more info on dietitians at Kroger: https://www.thelittleclinic.com/topic/about-dietitians Find Sarah & Amelia on IG here: https://www.instagram.com/krogernutritioncincy/ Email Amelia here: amelia.noel@thelittleclinic.com Email Sarah here: Sarah.Limbert@thelittleclinic.com
00:31:58 10/8/2018

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