Web Summit: Tech

It's no surprise that the "largest technology conference in the world," covers technology. Which technologies we cover, however, is. By carefully choosing which technologies to cover in our episodes, Web Summit ensures the listener a learning experience that makes them feel as though they're at the very nexus of entertainment, science, and commerce.


Web Summit: Tech

Under the Hood of Auto Innovation

In this product reveal, the heads of Royole and Orchestra (Jacob Timm and Peng Wei) join Adam Zuckerman to present their vision for the next revolution in interior auto design. Imagine transparent flexible displays with embedded touch and speech sensors, integrated into windows, dashboards and more. Suddenly, drivers and passengers can interact with their vehicles from almost any point inside the car. Guests: Jacob Timm, Royale Corporation; Peng Wei, Royale Corporation; Adam Zuckerman, Discovery Inc.
00:25:00 1/21/2019

Past Episodes

Brad Smith and Elizabeth Schulze sit down to talk about how AI can benefit us all. Advancements in artificial intelligence will enable unprecedented advancement in areas like healthcare, agriculture, education, and transportation. But how do we ensure that AI is designed and used responsibly, establishing ethical principles to protect people? How should we govern its use? And what jobs will exist in the age of AI? Guests: Brad Smith, President - Microsoft Corporation; Elizabeth Schulze, CNBC
00:24:00 1/14/2019
Do we have the tools to save democracy from potentially the biggest threat it has ever faced? Guests: Raffi Krikorian, CTO - DNC; Hadas Gold, Reporter - Media and Business @ CNN
00:24:00 1/7/2019
Silicon Valley. London. Shenzhen. Tech hubs are cropping up everywhere, taking over entire cities and creating the idea that if you're not in the centre of the action, you'll be left out entirely. Our panel is here to debate whether this is true, and to address the burning question; will these hubs continue to grow... or will they burst? Guests: Bedy Yang, Managing Partner - 500 Startups; Yossi Vardi, Chairman - International Technologies; Adam Valkin, Managing Director - General Catalyst; Jess Kelly, Tech correspondent - NewsTalk
00:24:00 12/31/2018
Artificial intelligence is being hailed and feared, sometimes in equal measure, as the ultimate game-changer. Onlookers wonder whether AI will deprive us of jobs, change how we run businesses or, on the flip side, fundamentally improve our quality of life. But is the reality that AI has actually been overhyped and is now severely under-delivering? Guests: Greg Brockman, Co-founder & CTO - OpenAI; Nagraj Kashyap, Global Head - M12; Emily Orton, CMO - Darktrace; Jeremy Kahn, Senior Technology Reporter - Bloomberg
00:25:00 12/24/2018
The issue of transparency in digital advertising is complicated. How can brands and advertisers be confident that ad spend is being used efficiently by various platforms and intermediaries? What role does regulation play in driving accountability in ad spend? Are new technologies, such as the blockchain, the solution to ensure full transparency? This session to provide answers to some of these questions. Guests: Aaron Bell, AdRoll; Tim Cadogan, OpenX; Joe Lazauskas, Contently
00:26:00 12/17/2018
What are the practical applications of AI you need to know about? And what are the large scale, earth-shifting implications of the technology? Gary Marcus tells us whether we should be excited or terrified. Guest: Gary Marcus, Geometric Intelligence (acquired by Uber)
00:24:00 12/9/2018
The interviewer is an ambitious 14-year-old entrepreneur and her subject is the COO and co-founder of Andela, which is setting out to grow tech talent in Africa. They'll discuss their insights into how to succeed as a woman in tech. Guests: Taarini Kaur Dang, Million Champs; Christina Sass, Andela
00:16:00 12/2/2018
A powerful societal movement is underway to ensure that women get their say and their seat at the table. But how do we ensure that this is a lasting change in which women found and lead global tech companies and receive the VC funding that has often eluded them? Guests: Jager McConnell, Crunchbase; Jenny Lefcourt, Freestyle; Manon DeFelice, Inkwell; Melissa Cullens, Ellevest; Denise Hamilton, WatchHerWork; Kristen Bellstrom, Fortune
00:31:00 11/26/2018
Imagine a claw crane swooping down to grasp toys in an arcade. Only the claw is considerably bigger and operating both autonomously and in concert with human employees. Roboticist George Babu's breakthrough company, Kindred, is developing these AI-powered machines. He'll show how deep learning can transform retail for the better and provide examples from Kindred's trials with the GAP. Guests: George Babu, Kindred; Molly Wood, Marketplace Business News
00:24:00 11/19/2018
Social and humanoid robots used to be relegated to C3PO and other Star Wars-style works of fiction. But machines that interact with humans will soon create life-changing user experiences. This panel will dive into several key drivers of robotics that are improving by leaps and bounds in 2018, including consistent and accurate voice and face recognition. Guests: SoftBank Robotics US' Steve Carlin, Simon Fraser University's Angelica Lim, Ever AI's Doug Aley and NBC News' Jason Abbruzzese
00:25:00 11/11/2018

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