Web Summit: Music

People rely on technology to make music, consume music, and distribute it. As such, the technological channels that allow artists to do these things are hugely profitable. Our music conference takes a look at all the changes going on in the music industry, including but not limited to the invention and effects of digital streaming platforms, web platforms' complicating impact on accreditation, and the changes in the culture surrounding live music.


Web Summit: Music

Empowering Anyone to Make Music

Daniel Haver has been the driving force behind one of the most transformative music companies in the world, Native Instruments. Now that every bedroom can effectively become a studio thanks to his technology - have we fully democratized music? Guest: Daniel Haver, Native Instruments
00:20:00 1/24/2019

Past Episodes

Visionary musician and technologist Imogen Heap will bring her trademark blend of melody and creativity to describe how technology can aid the music industry. Guest: Imogen Heap, Recording Artist
00:16:00 1/17/2019
We've all been there. Stuck in a rut, listening to the same three artists on repeat. When will we ever get out there and find some new music? In this panel, we'll be discussing the myriad of ways there are to discover new music - and in places that you might not expect. Guests: Nick Sabine, Resident Advisor; Brianna Price, In Toto; Cherie Hu, Billboard
00:26:00 1/10/2019
The ever increasing popularity of EDM has demonstrated how the intersection of music and technology are a match made in heaven. However, what does it take to create a track that will attract more than half a billion listens on several streaming sites? EDM superstar Jonas Blue will demonstrate exactly how in this unique keynote session. Guests: Jonas Blue, DJ & Music Producer; B.Traits Brianna Price, Music Producer / DJ / Broadcaster - In.Toto & Paciphonic
00:35:00 1/3/2019
In today's popular music landscape, guitar is used in more inventive ways than ever before, as the next generation of artists finds new avenues to explore. Join Andy Mooney, CEO of Fender, to hear why guitar is alive and thriving. Guest: Andy Mooney, CEO - Fender
00:27:00 12/26/2018
Gentrification is changing the layout of most of the big cities in the world, streaming changed the way we listen to music and innovations like Ticketmaster's Verified Fan ticketing program now look like they're going reshape the way we way we go to shows. What is the next big disruption in the live music space? Guests: Ismail Elshareef, Ticketmaster; Gigi Johnson, UCLA Center for Music Innovation; Rob Pegoraro, Yahoo Finance/USA Today
00:24:00 12/20/2018
A centralized office is no longer a prerequisite for corporate success. There's been a movement to decouple place from work function. But does allowing employees to work from afar get the job done? Guests: Michael Pryor, Trello; George Arison, Shift; Jared Lindzon, Fast Company
00:28:00 12/13/2018
Judy Wade discusses how companies and investors can better understand their employees. Guest: Judy Wade; McKinsey
00:23:00 12/6/2018
A discussion about privacy and civil rights. Guests: Susan Herman, American Civil Liberties Union; Andrew Yang, Yang 2020; Cenk Uygur, The Young Turks
00:25:00 11/29/2018
Join Sairah Ashman of Wolff Olins as she explores the roles of individual instinct and thinking in datasets and abstract problem solving. Can design offer solutions to some of the tensions that technological shifts present? Guest: Sairah Ashman, Wolff Olins
00:00:00 11/22/2018
As design moves from a tactical aesthetic role to a foundation of strategic business (UX), creating modern, user-friendly tools matter more than ever. Jamie Myrold, VP of design Adobe, talks about the lessons we can learn from designs of the past, and how we can honor the legacy of those lessons in modern design. Guest: Jamie Myrold, Adobe
00:23:00 11/15/2018

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