Web Summit: Music

People rely on technology to make music, consume music, and distribute it. As such, the technological channels that allow artists to do these things are hugely profitable. Our music conference takes a look at all the changes going on in the music industry, including but not limited to the invention and effects of digital streaming platforms, web platforms' complicating impact on accreditation, and the changes in the culture surrounding live music.


Web Summit: Music

Designing Tomorrow's World

As design moves from a tactical aesthetic role to a foundation of strategic business (UX), creating modern, user-friendly tools matter more than ever. Jamie Myrold, VP of design Adobe, talks about the lessons we can learn from designs of the past, and how we can honor the legacy of those lessons in modern design. Guest: Jamie Myrold, Adobe
00:23:00 11/15/2018

Past Episodes

The online world has opened up previously unknown opportunities for communities to gather, support, and encourage each other. Unfortunately, it has also enabled trolls, bullies, and harassers to attack and cause miserable in the digital realm. For those that identify as LGBTQ and their supporters, does the good outweigh the bad? Guests: Chris Mosier, You Can Play; Alex Holmes, The Diana Award
00:26:00 11/8/2018
The music world is getting smaller. Bands like Major Lazer have always comprised of several different sounds: reggaeton, soca, house and moombahton, but Trinidadian DJ Jillionaire has always had tropical house in his heart. How does listener data dictate your genre? Guest: Christopher Leacock, Major Lazer
00:36:00 11/1/2018
Bitmoji's Ba Blackstock and The Hive's Jon Kelly tell us about how emojis have developed into a universal language. Guests: Ba Blackstock, Bitmoji; Jon Kelly, The Hive
00:24:00 10/24/2018
Sophia Bush is an actor, activist, and signatory of the original Time's Up declaration. Susan Herman is President of the ACLU, the leader in civil rights and liberties. Together with Nancy Armstong, founder of MAKERS, they speak about tackling the big issues in Hollywood at a time of great change. Guests: Times Up's Sophia Bush, ACLU's Susan Herman and MAKERS' Nancy Armstrong
00:27:00 10/17/2018
The modern publishing brand needs to connect with consumers on many different levels across a variety of platforms. Discussing these needs in order to confront and overcome current issues in the media industry and paving the way for the future role of the media. Guests: Brian Sugar, POPSUGAR; Samantha Barry, Glamour; John Avlon, The Daily Beast
00:26:00 10/10/2018
AI is poised to reinvent what it means to be human. As we struggle with how to maintain our own humanity, we also wonder how human we can make our machines. Join Pamela Pavilscak and Caroline Sinders as they shed light on the future of feelings. Guests: Pamela Pavliscak, Change Sciences; Caroline Sinders, Convocation Design and Research; Georgia Frances King, Quartz Go to UnTuckIt.com and use the promo code WEB for 20% off your first order.
00:29:00 10/3/2018
Q&A with Wyclef Jean and Christopher Leacock at Collision Conf 2018 covering music and entrepreneurship. Go to UnTuckIt.com and use the promo code WEB for 20% off your first order.
00:32:00 9/26/2018
In this session hear important business lessons from successful hip hop pioneer and Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder Kareem Burke. Guests: Kareem Burke, Roc-a-Fella Records; Derek Mead, VICE
00:24:35 8/9/2018
Christopher Jackson details his work with Culture City and their efforts to bring sensory inclusion to the world from venues, sporting events, and community spaces. He also talks about how technology is allowing a marketplace where individuals can create their own diverse content. Guests: Christopher Jackson, Actor; Shalini Sharma, Fast Company
00:22:41 8/9/2018
Chris Barton is the co-founder of Shazam which started as an idea he conceived in late 1999. With three other co-founders, Chris led the creation of Shazam from concept through inventing a new pattern recognition technology to building and launching the world's first mobile music recognition service. Listen to this amazing story and learn what lies ahead in the future.
00:21:56 7/26/2018

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