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Voices of Experience, hosted by noted author and business consultant Paul E. Casey showcases people with experience in their fields. VoE has an emphasis in self-employment, but the show also features timely topics including lifestyle, public affairs, health, fitness, and travel.


Voices of Experience

Voices of Experience - 06 - 11 - 19 - Where The Country Is Today w/ David Horsey

"Where The Country Is Today with David Horsey"
00:27:47 6/7/2019

Past Episodes

Paul Casey interviews with cartoonist David Horsey, President and CEO at International Fund for Animal Welfare- Azzedine T. Downes and Hyperbaric Medicine International's Xavier Figueroa and Paul Hoffecker.
00:26:35 6/4/2019
Topic: 2 Seattle Mayors, 20 Years Apart Website: voicesofexperience.com
00:27:43 5/28/2019
Topic: 90% Support, But Nothing Happens
00:26:55 5/21/2019
Topic: Women Entrepreneuers
00:27:55 5/14/2019
Topic: Seattle Baseball Legends & Peanut Man Website: VoicesOfExperience.com
00:28:01 5/7/2019
Topic: Seattle on the Longevity Scale EVERY Tues. @ 4:30p
00:27:48 4/30/2019
Topic: Yes, Guns Do Kill People Website: voicesofexperience.com
00:27:54 4/23/2019
Casey Murrow speaks about his father the late Edward R. Murrow and The Edward R. Murrow College of Communication at Washington State University.
00:28:01 4/9/2019

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