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Tuesday, August 20th, 2019

Five years after Eric Garner's death - the police officer who placed him in a choke hold has been fired. Garner's family wants more. But the officer is planning to fight back as well. What does that action look like? We've seen the fight for democracy in Hong Kong, play out on the city's streets. Now the world's biggest social media companies say it's also unfolding online. They describe a state-backed Chinese misinformation campaign. What message is Beijing sending? And we've got new data on gun control. Regardless of political affiliation, regardless of whether you own a gun or not, we found that the majority of Americans want 'red flag' laws. What impact would that legislation have?
00:13:37 8/19/2019

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A suicide bombing at a wedding in Kabul killed 63. The Islamic State in Afghanistan claimed responsibility. This comes amid peace negotiations between the United States and the Taliban. What does this mean for the security of Afghan citizens? In California, the shooting of Stephon Clark last year led to widespread demonstrations. Now, a new law there will raise the bar for when it is reasonable for the police to use deadly force. Could it be adopted nationwide? And there are changes coming for reproductive health clinics. As of today, if they want federal money, they can't refer patients to abortion providers. What does this mean for the low-income women who rely on these clinics?
00:13:37 8/18/2019
After banning two Muslim members of Congress from visiting, Israel is now allowing one of them limited access to visit a relative. Why did Israel deny Representatives Omar and Tlaib entry in the first place? Also, how is President Trump convincing his base to back him for a second term? Plus, business owners worry about losing their immigrant workforce to ICE raids.
00:14:39 8/15/2019
The Dow dropped 800 points yesterday, marking the worst day for stocks this year. Are there signs of an oncoming recession? And six officers were shot during a stand-off in Philadelphia yesterday. What do we know about the suspected gunman now in police custody? Plus, how divisions among demonstrators in Hong Kong could undermine the pro-democracy movement.
00:13:22 8/14/2019
Anti-government protesters in Hong Kong have been demonstrating for 10 straight weeks. How could China clamp down, and what kinds of consequences could it face for doing so? Also, the U.S. is postponing some tariffs on Chinese goods until after the holiday shopping season. What kind of economic pain is the Trump administration trying to avoid? Plus, one of opera's most renowned stars is accused of sexual misconduct. What are the allegations against Plácido Domingo?
00:13:12 8/13/2019
The Trump administration wants to deny green cards to immigrants who use welfare programs. How will officials determine which immigrants are too poor to live in America? Also, Attorney General William Barr takes aim at the federal jail where financier Jeffrey Epstein was found dead by apparent suicide. The jail has a long history of severe staffing shortages and violence, so why are officials just now expressing outrage? Plus, how is Beijing preparing for escalating tensions with anti-government demonstrators in Hong Kong?
00:13:33 8/12/2019
Jeffrey Epstein, the financier accused of sex trafficking underage girls, died in jail by apparent suicide Saturday. Why was he not being closely watched after a supposed suicide attempt just three weeks ago? Also, Hong Kong airport grounds all flights because of anti-government protests. How much worse can clashes between protesters and the government get?
00:13:39 8/11/2019
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell signals he's ready to talk about gun reform. Why are Republicans starting to consider gun legislation they've long resisted? Also, President Trump names a new acting Director of National Intelligence. Why was the woman next in line for the position overlooked? Plus, a Michigan man deported to Iraq was found dead this week in Baghdad. He had lived in America almost his whole life, so why did he end up in Iraq, a country he'd never seen?
00:13:03 8/8/2019
Hundreds of ICE agents raided food processing plants across Mississippi yesterday. What will happen to the 680 workers now in detention? Also, Republicans are signaling support for so-called red-flag laws, which would get guns out of the hands of people deemed dangerous. So, why are Democrats unsatisfied? Plus, Puerto Rico swears in its third governor in a week. Has the island moved past the worst of its political turmoil?
00:13:00 8/7/2019
President Trump will visit El Paso, Texas today to console a community in mourning. How will grieving families receive him? Also, a new lawsuit claims the Boy Scouts of America continues to cover up a "pedophilia epidemic." What is the organization doing to root out and report scoutmasters preying on young boys? Plus, China issues a chilling warning to protesters in Hong Kong.
00:14:03 8/6/2019
Mass shootings in Texas and Ohio have renewed the debate around guns. The same debate that followed shootings in Las Vegas, Orlando, Newtown, Parkland, and Aurora. Will the outcome be any different this time? Also, more on the lives lost in El Paso and the injured victims fighting to survive the deadly attack. Plus, India's government tries to tighten control over the disputed territory of Kashmir. How will India's only Muslim majority-state respond?
00:13:22 8/5/2019


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