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Touch Em' All is a weekly discussion about the Minnesota Twins, hosted by 1500 ESPN Twin Cities' Phil Mackey and Twins beat writer Derek Wetmore. On this show, you'll find a strong mix of analytics, bad analogies and pleading for robot umpires.


BONUS: Addison Reed makes the Twins' bullpen better; moves save money for a starter

Derek Wetmore joins Phil Mackey and Judd Zulgad of 1500ESPN - Topics discussed include: The Twins signed Addison Reed; Should they go after Yu Darvish next?; Why is the free agent market moving slowly?; Is this the year for the Twins to capitalize and sign a big name pitcher?

Past Episodes

Derek Wetmore holds a Twins Q&A session. Some topics discussed: Yu Darvish, MLB free agency, Minnesota Twins and Brian Dozier's contract situation. Twins Q&A answering any MLB offseason questions for the ice-cold stove.
Phil Mackey and Judd Zulgad welcome in Derek Wetmore of 1500ESPN to try to figure out a way to improve Major League Baseball's slow-moving offseason. Can we incentivize teams to act earlier in the winter to make this thing fun for fans again?
Is the Twins offseason successful if they don't do anything else to improve the club? Why aren't the big-name free agents signed yet? And would you take these computer projections of Byron Buxton and Miguel Ssano? Phil Mackey, Derek Wetmore and Matthew Coller of 1500ESPN discuss.
Miguel Sano is facing an allegation of sexual assault stemming from an incident in 2015. Phil Mackey and Derek Wetmore discuss the story that's been on of the biggest developments for the Twins this winter, and what the fallout could mean for the team and for Sano.

Also, in terms of strictly baseball outlook, how has your stance of Sano changed over time?
The Twins and Yu Darvish steam isn't going anywhere -- although the Cubs are very much considered in the running to land the best free agent pitcher available this winter.

What are some of the things to be cautious about for the Twins in pursuing Yu Darvish? Derek Wetmore joins Mackey & Judd on 1500ESPN to talk about Darvish and his huge forthcoming contract. Plus, does Fernando Rodney fix the Twins bullpen?
So the Twins are interested in Yu Darvish, the top starting pitcher available in free agency. Is now the time to sink big money into an ace?

Phil Mackey and Derek Wetmore of 1500ESPN discuss the possibility from a Twins perspective. Would you spend four years and $100 million?

And a two-year contract for Michael Pineda had some Twins fans itchy over the lack of perceived movement to fix the 2018 pitching staff. We talk about why that move could be good use of resources--even if it doesn't change anything for the 2018 staff. All that, plus a winter checklist for the Twins' holiday shopping.
Chris Archer is a better pitcher with more years of team control, and the Twins are reportedly interested in trading with the Rays. But they could also be interested in Pirates starter Gerrit Cole, according to a report from Tuesday.

Should the Twins move a big package of prospects to land Cole?

Derek Wetmore joins Phil Mackey and Judd Zulgad on 1500ESPN to discuss the reported trade package from a Twins perspective.
In praise of a pair of smart trades for the Twins, Phil Mackey and Derek Wetmore like the deals in the wake of the Twins missing out on Shohei Ohtani.

Also, Wetmore has 11 names worth looking into on the free agent market for relievers, including some "safe bets" and "lottery tickets."

The audio quality is down a little in this episode -- we recorded on Skype. We'll get that straightened out in time for the winter meetings!
Derek Wetmore joins Phil Mackey and Judd Zulgad of 1500ESPN to discuss what the Twins should do all that leftover international signing bonus money? Wetmore has two ideas for the Twins.

Also: Mackey brings up an interesting game of "Who Says No?" Would you trade Miguel Sano straight up for Chris Archer?

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