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Touch Em' All is a weekly discussion about the Minnesota Twins, hosted by 1500 ESPN Twin Cities' Phil Mackey and Twins beat writer Derek Wetmore. On this show, you'll find a strong mix of analytics, bad analogies and pleading for robot umpires.


Should the Twins go big and try to land an ace? (ep. 127)

Phil Mackey and Derek Wetmore answer some hypothetical trade questions....Phil Mackey and Derek Wetmore answer some hypothetical trade questions. Would you agree to send this specific package of prospects to the A's for 2 years and 2 months of Sonny Gray? Plenty of talk surrounding Jorge Polanco's big league future, Eddie Rosario, Stephen Gonsalves, Fernando Romero, Nick Gordon and more.

Even though you just traded for Jaime Garcia, would you still consider selling off pieces as the MLB trade deadline approaches? Under what circumstances?
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Past Episodes

Bartolo Colon starts Tuesday night for the Twins against the Yankees as the baseball world watches. What does this signing and start say about the current state of the Twins? Phil Mackey and Derek Wetmore from 1500ESPN in the Twin Cities discuss.
The Twins have apparently told other teams this year that they plan to be "measured buyers" at the non-waiver trade deadline.

Is that the right call? Phil Mackey and Derek Wetmore discuss their trade-deadline philosophies, and give a few names that the Twins should target in any deal.
The Twins are battling with the Indians and Royals in the American League Central; are they good enough to hang around with the other contenders? Derek Wetmore is in studio at 1500ESPN to address that question with Judd Zulgad and Matthew Coller. Plus, one theory about why the Twins should target some buy-low pitching -- and the big problem with pulling off that move. And why the Cubs-White Sox Jose Quintana trade should scare the Twins.
With help from your questions and comments, Phil Mackey takes to Facebook Live during the MLB All-Star Game to discuss the 10 best old, washed up signings in Twins history; Why the Twins will know their fate within 2 weeks; And much more on this bonus episode of Touch 'em All!
The Minnesota Twins are in the thick of a postseason race, but maybe they're playing a bit over their head as far as "true talent" is concerned. Should they trade ace Ervin Santana? Would that be a good way to capitalize on value--even if you're in postseason contention? Phil Mackey and Derek Wetmore debate that topic on this episode of Touch 'Em All.
Are the Twins contenders or pretenders? Or are they pretending contenders? Or...contending pretenders? Phil Mackey and Derek Wetmore discuss the state of the 2017 Minnesota Twins, and use one key game against the Boston Red Sox as an example of how good they can be. Jose Berrios vs. Chris Sale wasn't a lopsided mismatch, but Sale had the edge. Also, should the Twins call up prospect Zack Granite? Who would lose their roster spot? Byron Buxton? Eddie Rosario? Kennys Vargas? More info on this episode of the Touch 'Em All podcast.
With Ervin Santana and Jose Berrios at the top of the rotation -- and a drop-off after that -- could you make the case that the Twins would be a more dangerous team in October than in the regular season?

Phil Mackey, Judd Zulgad and Derek Wetmore of 1500ESPN debate that idea. How would Minnesota's bullpen play into it? Will they need to add pieces to be a serious postseason contender? Are they still a year away in their rebuilding process?
The Indians came to Target Field and showed up the Twins this weekend. Cleveland overtook first place in the division. Many people expect them to win the Central, and now they're in the driver's seat. Should the Twins fold up the tents and go home? Or could they add some pieces? Who should they target in trades? How much of the future would you be willing to give up for a better shot this year?
Pros and cons of trading away your future if you're the Twins. Should they do it? Should they pivot and be sellers this trade deadline? Phil Mackey and Derek Wetmore discuss. If you want to #TrustTheProcess, consider the message it sends to some important people inside the clubhouse. And lastly, what's going on with Byron Buxton at the plate? Why can't he just make good on some of the good flashes that he shows sporadically?

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