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This is your dose of all things health for women who are keen to understand their bodies, their wellbeing and their hormones on a whole new level. Nat Kringoudis, a best selling author and natural women's health expert and her long time radio host & co-host Cecelia Ramsdale love to go to the topics that nobody talks about and discuss them with leading experts from around the globe to help you feel happier, healthier and better. If you're ready to take charge of your health, these two will lead you on a path of discovery to end the confusion around your big and small health concerns and come up with solutions as to how you can steer your health in the right direction.


The Wellness Collective (AUS)

Dementia, Love and Loss - Tully Smyth

Dementia is a cruel illness and the experience of loss happens far before our loved ones leave us.   Tully Smyth knows this too well having lost her mother 23 years after she was diagnosed with dementia.  This is a raw and brave episode where we talk about the realities of living with a parent diagnosed with dementia, and how we can support families dealing with the disease.
00:42:41 7/18/2019

Past Episodes

Are you living with Imposter Syndrome and don't even realise? The constant feeling that you are about to be called out for doing the wrong thing, even though you're not. Cecelia and Nat chat with Suzanne Mercier as part one of this series.
00:33:15 7/11/2019
We lie up to 11 times a day according to our guest Lauren Zander, author of ‘Maybe It’s You.’ In this episode she talks with Nat & Cecelia about how we can live our best lives by cutting through the BS and owning the parts of ourselves we may be currently running away from.
00:36:44 7/4/2019
Science and medicine are advancing at a rapid rate and the latest in genetics and genetic testing is proving us with more clues than ever before. Soon it seems, we will be able to deliver the exact nutrients our body’s need to influence our individual and specific health needs. In this episode Sharon Palmer talks about how.
00:31:42 6/26/2019
From MKR to touring the country teaching us how to simply enjoy amazing food, Luke Hines is now a household name who helps us all not only keep life real, but live a happier and healthier life. Host Cecelia Ramsdale and Nat Kringoudis sit down to chat with Luke about cooking on set in short shorts, keeping the spirit real and how to call BS on life when it is needed.
00:22:11 6/20/2019
Plotting your own suicide and then finding yourself in the middle of the Bali bombing seems like only something you'd see in a movie - but this was Carren Smith's reality. After her partner took his own life, her despair was just too much. Loosing her purpose for life, she mapped out her own suicide only to find life had other plans for her. In this episode you'll learn how this remarkable woman not only overcame epic adversity but how she is now helping others reclaim their own life purpose.
00:32:10 6/13/2019
Cancer and other life-threatening illnesses all have one thing in common according to Dr Tom Incledon, founder and CEO of Causenta Cancer Treatment Centre in Arizona - that is, almost all disease responds astonishingly well to exercise, yet targeted and specific movement aren't a key focus in conventional treatments. Cecelia and Nat chat with him about how to hack your movement regime to better your life no matter where you're at.
00:26:35 6/6/2019
In a world full of confusion, how is it that we truly understand love? Our guest, Laura Mucha dedicated the past decade to embracing the science of love after interviewing hundreds of strangers of all ages from over 40 countries, asking them of their most intimate a personal account. In this episode you'll hear her findings which draw on both the psychology and philosophy of love, lust and everything in-between.
00:39:32 5/30/2019
And what have you seen? In this episode, Cecelia and Nat switch things up a little and bring together a discussion on recent events and findings they think are valuable to share. As mums, wives and women who multitask life, this episode will have you giggling, crying and hi-fiving yourself. They talk about life satisfaction, love, lust, procrastination as well as discuss how letting go of expectations may just be the best thing you've ever done.
00:30:32 5/23/2019
Betrayal comes in all shapes and sizes and often leaves us exhausted and tortured. Infidelity, parental betrayal, workplace differences, bullying not to mention within friendships and relationships. After her own experience with deep and hurtful betrayal, our guest, Debi Silber decided to dedicate her time and energy into research and recovery, to help us identify and move through the stages of betrayal and allow us all to live our best lives. We've all experienced hurt of this nature, it's having the tools to deal with it that counts most.
00:36:14 5/16/2019
Eating to fill a void was something Trisha Nelson found herself doing from a really young age, yet it wasn’t until her 30’s that she was introduced to the idea of emotional eating. Now Trisha educates hundreds of people how to identify if they are emotional eaters and how you can break free from food dictating your life. Join Nat, Cecelia and Trisha to hear great insight about our relationship with food.
00:30:58 5/9/2019

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