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The South Florida Morning Show

The South Florida Morning Show hr 1 7-18-19

Highlights from the Trump rally in North Carolina last night, it was definitely something. And "Baby Shark" is being used to drive away the homeless? Of course it's happening locally.
00:33:31 7/17/2019

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The "send her back" chant from last night's Trump rally may not have been the best look. What do you think? And another Floridope... 33 beers is a lot of beer.
00:38:39 7/17/2019
So, you won't believe what one of the most popular internet searches is right now after the Area 51 craze. What might be more unbelievable is what the city of Berkeley just put into force. No more "manholes."
00:40:07 7/17/2019
Do you think this is a good reason for Rand Paul to block the 9/11 first responder health bill? And have you downloaded the faceapp? The viral old face filter may be stealing your information.
00:32:18 7/17/2019
The "condemnation" vote of Trump's tweet was approved in the house, so what does that mean? And have people totally lost their minds with calling Chris Pratt a white supremacist for wearing this shirt?
00:34:00 7/16/2019
Was Trump's "go back" tweet all part of a master plan? Because it might be working. And more controversy with the live action Little Mermaid movie. Is this guy really going to play the role of Prince Eric?
00:34:12 7/16/2019
What should we expect from the Trump rally in North Carolina tonight? Should be interesting. And the Florida man who caught the Chicago gator, "Chance the Snapper", is now being treated like a rockstar!
00:34:22 7/16/2019
Louisiana Governor, John Kennedy, may have just come out with the tweet of the week with his take on the "squad." And get ready for Beerfest! Blake from Founders beer stops by for some taste testing.
00:40:13 7/16/2019
What is a "vote of condemnation?" Well, that is what is happening today in the house of representatives. And do you believe in reincarnation? This 4 year old boy is starting to make a good case that he might be Princess Diana.
00:38:56 7/15/2019
"Chance the Snapper," the gator on the loose in Chicago has finally been caught! We have the details. And this Area 51 story is getting ever bigger! How will they stop all these people now?
00:39:10 7/15/2019
We have a new Floridope! What would you do if you took your wife to a strip club and she ended up on stage? And the Emmy nominations come out today, is it going to be all Game of Thrones?
00:34:23 7/15/2019

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