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The South Florida Morning Show

The South Florida Morning Show Best Of 3/19/19

Taco Bell hot sauce has saved another life, someone tried to rob a convenience store with a knife and the clerk... well he had a bigger knife, and they have solved the mystery of the Jack The Ripper Murders!
00:32:48 3/18/2019

Past Episodes

The RNC goes full social media savage on Beta, apparently, there is still no headway on what caused the 737 crashes, and should CBS be punished for showing some of the Mosque Facebook Live Stream?
00:33:10 3/17/2019
We dive deep into Operation Varsity Blues, AOC asks ridiculous questions in today's "Were not surprised", and would you go to a Broadway play based only off of Brittany Spears songs?
00:31:28 3/12/2019
trump touches down in Vietnam for his meeting with little chubby, jury has been selected in the Corey Jones murder case, and a cop lets a couple make out in the backseat while blasting Barry Manilow
00:27:51 2/25/2019
-Oscars recap -Spike Lee calls out Trump and Trump's harsh response. -Getting ready for Trump-Kim summit 2.0 -Everyone is united in their hate for PETA, especially after this tweet
00:33:27 2/25/2019
The Chicago Police department reveals they knew Jussie Smollett was lying the whole time, the police lieutenant carved a new place in all of our hearts and we make our Oscar picks.
00:29:40 2/21/2019
Jussie Smollett turns himself in, Nike stock may plummet from Duke stars sneaker blow out, and the term the customer is always right means nothing to this owner. Nothing like calling your potential customers a Fatty McFat Fat...
00:28:37 2/20/2019
Jussie Smollett STILL in the damn news, Tucker Carlson has the line of the year about Bernie Sanders and whats the worst bet you ever lost? This guy lost his fantasy football league and basically became dog food
00:29:15 2/19/2019
Bernie Sanders throws his hat into the 2020 race, the Jussie Smollet story won't go away, and what isn't quite water but not exactly earth? Find out in today's podcast
00:29:12 2/18/2019

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