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The South Florida Morning Show

The South Florida Morning Show hr 3 5-17-19

PBC Mayor Mack Bernard, joins the show to shed some light on the impending migrant influx. Some of his answers left us stunned. And apparently no one will be coming into work on Monday...
00:34:12 5/16/2019

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The surprise news of the migrant transference to Palm Beach and Broward counties has everyone scrambling, what now? And you won't believe who has been pegged to play the new Batman.
00:34:25 5/16/2019
Reaction from the Mayors and Sheriff's of Palm Beach and Broward counties regarding the sudden news of the migrant influx that is going to take place. Space X cancelled and rescheduled once again. And sad news as we remember Grumpy Cat.
00:34:54 5/16/2019
GOP strategist Ford O' Connell, joined the show to discuss the ins and outs of the President's new immigration plan and what's wrong now. Plus, What do you think about these new scoring rules for the SAT?
00:40:04 5/16/2019
Space X scrubbed their late launch last night, ready to try again tonight? Bill Barr may have had the line of the year with what he said to Nancy Pelosi. And can you blame this Key West stripper for throwing a coconut at this guy?
00:35:01 5/15/2019
Big music news today. Woodstock might be back on and Mick Jagger is back! We have the new date for the Miami concert. And a different type of dope that isn't in Florida!
00:33:26 5/15/2019
Getting ready for Trump's big announcement on a new immigration policy. New information in the Tiger Woods lawsuit that could change everything. And ANOTHER democrat enters the presidential race.
00:34:39 5/15/2019
John Matarese, our consumers expert joins the show to discuss the crazy costs of pet care. Here's how you can keep it down. And would you walk on this new bridge in Gatlinburg, Tennessee? Seems pretty intense.
00:40:09 5/15/2019
Remembering the genius of Tim Conway. And we aren't sure how to feel about what Hershey's is doing to their chocolate bars. Plus some big news for Star Wars and Game of Thrones fans.
00:39:16 5/14/2019
We now know there were two Florida counties that were hacked during the election, the question is, which ones? And trouble for Disney? The 69 year old grandma who got arrested for CBD oil is suing the mouse.
00:00:00 5/14/2019
Naked basketball, cheeseburger assaults, Floridopes abound. If your up between 10:30 and midnight tonight, look up to see a new Space X launch. And a new animal threat...zombie racoons!
00:00:00 5/14/2019

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