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The South Florida Morning Show hr 1 9-13-19

The debate happened last, there were some doozies last night. We have it all covered for you. And how about some football talk? This list of the 100 best QB's has us fighting.
00:32:16 9/12/2019

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What's the deal with this storm? Is it going to be named and hit us? We have the latest. And the Miami Heat are looking for a new name on their arena and this one website has put in a bid...this might be our last show.
00:37:20 9/12/2019
Boy oh boy, in the midst of the wacky debate we almost missed this comment from Trump during his Baltimore visit. And this could be a bad's Friday the 13th and a full moon plus an asteroid?!
00:40:19 9/12/2019
Bill O' Reilly joins us to discuss that crazy debate last night. We had fun with him. And are you ready to sign up for Andrew Yang's $1,000 a month giveaway contest? This might actually be illegal!
00:31:59 9/12/2019
So which one of these toys belongs in the hall of fame? the 12 finalists are out. And have you always wanted to go to Italy? How about if they pay you to live there? We have the details.
00:37:23 9/11/2019
Wait, so what is happening with this unnamed storm that's coming toward us? Apparently it's getting stronger. And why is Congressman Brian Mast getting evicted from the VA? He calls us to tell us why.
00:36:45 9/11/2019
Are cyborg like improvements really in our future? What do you think of this wish list that is out. And a great feel good story about a family who was tapped behind a waterfall. Wait until you hear how they were found.
00:38:40 9/11/2019
Trump vs vaping. The President's newest crusade has some mixed reactions. And wait until you hear what this one man had to say to Ilhan Omar at the 9/11 memorial yesterday.
00:31:16 9/11/2019
We learned how exactly the dinosaurs became extinct and much more during Rapid Fire! And this railroad engineer from France died at a very inopportune time. We explain.
00:37:44 9/10/2019
We remember the 18th anniversary as the calendar turns to 9/11 once again. And how did the big iphone reveal go yesterday at the Apple conference? Apparently everyone wants the "slowfie" now.
00:32:03 9/10/2019
So what do you think of this new version of Monopoly? Too forced or a nice thing? And we're carrying President Trump's remarks live from the Pentagon as we memorialize the 18th anniversary of 9/11.
00:40:42 9/10/2019

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