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Reusse Unchained

He ate himself out of the Twins (ep. 12)

Pat and Judd are back this week with Pat still in the nice temps of Florida while Judd is stuck back in zero degree Minnesota. With the NBA All-star game over the weekend the guys have plenty to vent about and praise as well. Today's show includes discussions about:

  • Miguel Sano's injury and how he got it
  • What time a person is hungriest at
  • Walk-offs in baseball. Overdone!
  • Judd is getting his way on the need for the Wild to blow it all up
  • NBA All Star Game notes
  • A mid-podcast Unchained
  • A Twins pitcher that is noticeably bigger. And not in a good way.
  • Positive Pat
00:48:00 2/17/2019

Past Episodes

Big guys don't need a scale to tell them they're fat, they just know. In this episode of Unchained, Reusse tells you how you know you're officially too large. Reusse also tells us why there is reason to be excited about the Twins' opening spring training and discusses his feelings on the proposed rule changes for baseball. Patrick and Judd wrap up the show by discussing the brilliant HBO documentary on New York "street" columnists Jimmy Breslin and Pete Hamill.
00:00:00 2/10/2019
It wasn't that exciting of a Super Bowl but it did leave us plenty to talk about today on this week's Reusse Unchained! Pat and Judd open this week's episode waking up from the slumber that was induced by last night's Super Bowl. Pat declares Goff was terrible but Brady wasn't much better before the boys jump to the Lions and asking why anyone would be a Lions fan. To finish off the first segment a discussion about the era of crappy health QB's (beer belly's, smoking, etc.) and two Pats related hot takes from the guys. Our second segment begins with the importance of coaching in certain sports before we marvel at the fact that the Vikings still haven't found a way to sneak into the big game. Before we move onto the final segment we quickly transition to Gopher basketball and Big Ten basketball. Reusse tells us about his trip to Gainesville and how that college town compares to what the Gophers put on for their campus. Lastly, we close the show with a return from Positive Pat and the boys get Unchained before wrapping the show.
00:46:00 2/3/2019
We thought it was cold up here it's got nothing, NOTHING, on what Patrick has to deal with in Florida right now. Reusse and Judd talk about the cold snaps in both states as well as the state hockey tournament and lamenting the fact that the Super Bowl isn't here this week. They also tackle such topics as Judd's Vice review, the NHL All Star Game, Twins fest, and Reusse is baffled by the NBA. The second segment is full of Rose being a bigger star than we thought, baseball moving for the Presidential elections, and Ruesse explaining the difference between trolling and having an unpopular opinion. We wrap the show talking about the NHL's Western Conference being bad and Gophers hoops.
00:46:00 1/27/2019
We're back after that exciting day of football yesterday and that leads the conversation for much of the show. Pat and Judd discuss the reviews, the bad officiating, overtime rules needing changes, Mahomes' chances in the future, and Bill being the best coach of all time. That's just in segment one! The rest of the show Reusse trolls Vikings fans again then we move into talking about college hoops. We wrap the show talking about the Twins payroll, Positive Pat makes an appearence, and Reusse get's unchained.
00:44:00 1/20/2019
Phil Mackey announces some exciting, major changes at 1500, beginning right now! For starters, we've got a new name now - SKOR North (and And an expanded menu of Minnesota sports content across multiple platforms. You'll be able to find SKOR North LIVE & LOCAL on AM 1500 (between noon & 7 weekdays), starting with a daily Vikings show at NOON on weekdays called Purple Daily. Then you can hear SKOR North Live with Matthew Coller from 2-4p, Mackey & Judd w/ Ramie from 4-6p, and assorted specialty shows in the 6:00 hour. We're also expanding our digital content in a BIG way over at, where, in addition to great written content, you'll find some of the most entertaining Minnesota sports podcasts -- such as Purple Podcast, Raised by Wolves, Touch em All, The Scoop with Doogie, Reusse Unchained, The Crafty Rogues and plenty more. As for social media ? expect a lot of fun and creative stuff on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube ? all @SKORNorth. So, give us a follow ... Check out our shows ... Give us your input and ideas ... And tell your friends that SKOR North is here! ... Minnesota Sports. Anytime. Anywhere.
00:00:00 1/15/2019
Just before we switch brands Reusse popped in for the final 1500 ESPN edition of Reusse Unchained. Reusse and Judd start off discussing the NFL playoffs then get sidetracked talking about the '84 Vikings. The boys eventually return to football and talk about the throwing motion of Patrick Mahomes which then leads them to talk about his dad who played for the Twins. The tough questions were asked today including: which sport is the toughest to officiate, will baseball strike, and what would Patrick's first move as baseball commissioner be? The final segment of the show the guys discuss the Vikings, Kubiak in Minnesota, and embellishment in soccer and hockey. We wrap this week's episode with Positive Pat and by getting Unchained.
00:00:00 1/13/2019
No need to worry about no Reusse and Judd Unchained with Pat in Florida as technology allows us to still talk with each other despite the vast distance. Today we open this episode talking all about the Thibs firing. Pat was hot about Saunders getting the gig, the two discussed the awkwardness for Layden, as well as Pat's wild notion that Philly won't pay Jimmy. Along the lines of other things Pat is upset about is the idea being floated about Lynx coach/GM Cheryl Reeve getting the gig. As for other topics discussed today were kickers, NFL playoffs, twitter idiots, gambling, and the newest way to get blocked by Pat on twitter. All that and much more on this edition of Reusse and Judd Unchained.
00:00:00 1/7/2019
It's the final hour of the Ride with Reusse. Patrick and the boys have some fun, and Jim Kaat joins to talk some ball!
00:00:00 9/6/2018
It's the first hour of the final Ride with Reusse. Patrick discusses his favorite Final Four: UNLV's dismantling of Duke in 1990. John Heidt has a sports update, and later it's more general discussion on the topics of the day.
00:00:00 9/6/2018
Matthew Coller joins Reusse for the whole hour to look ahead at the Vikings 2018 season.
00:00:00 9/5/2018

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