When Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1968, a lone gunman was captured at the scene, revolver in hand. It seemed like an open and shut case. So why did the police keep evidence hidden away for decades? 

Over ten episodes, hosts Zac Stuart-Pontier (Crimetown) and Bill Klaber (author, Shadow Play) comb through previously secret police tapes and track down the people who were there to investigate troubling questions about one of the most significant crimes in American history.


The RFK Tapes

S2 [BONUS] The Ballad of The Ballad | The Ballad of Billy Balls

iO, Austin, and Zac sit down for a very special behind-the-scenes bonus episode.
00:44:33 8/14/2019

Past Episodes

iO and Austin pay a final visit to everyone's favorite lawslinger, Ron Kuby.
00:37:02 8/7/2019
From the same team behind The Ballad of Billy Balls comes Crimetown, Season 2. This season, Crimetown heads to Detroit, Michigan. From its heyday as the Motor City to its rebirth as the Brooklyn of the Midwest, Detroit's history reflects a series of issues that strike at the heart of American identity: race, poverty, policing, loss of industry, the war on drugs, and our universal desire for a savior. Detroit's a tough town, and its residents are even tougher. They've weathered riots, a drug epidemic, political scandal, and innumerable other hardships, but they're still here?and they have stories to tell.Learn more at www.crimetownshow.com.
00:09:05 7/31/2019
iO returns some of the many compelling listener calls, while Austin checks in with old friends.
00:38:34 7/17/2019
In the afterglow of the season, we play some voicemails we've received from our wonderful listeners.
00:36:41 7/10/2019
As the show comes to an end, iO tries to figure out what the wisdom of it is.
00:46:51 7/3/2019
The elusive character at the center of the mystery is found, and iO gets his story.
00:34:20 6/26/2019
iO takes Rebecca on a trip 37 years in the making.
00:38:49 6/19/2019
iO's upbringing pushes him to a life or death moment, and his path toward healing leads straight to Billy.
00:46:20 6/5/2019
Rebecca's grief in the years following Billy's death leads her to an unlikely source of comfort, and a big surprise.
00:41:47 5/29/2019
After months of anticipation, iO and Austin receive the biggest piece of evidence yet,
00:40:56 5/22/2019

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