The Retirement Playbook with Dale Tondryk

Dale Tondryk hosts The Retirement Playbook -- lessons on retiring strong. Dale will help you win the game of retirement.


The Retirement Playbook with Dale Tondryk

The Retirement Playbook...Look, when we have concerns about our health, we go to a doctor...

For concerns about retirement, we go to Dale our retirement doctor! Lets not wait anymore...time flies and days are going by fast so give yourself some time to allow your retirement plan to work. Its time for your retirement checkup so check out todays show and set up a time to visit with Dr. Dale!
00:00:00 5/17/2019

Past Episodes

The retirement world is a big scary place to be sometimes! You need someone who knows the landscape and knows how to maneuver thru that big maze and find a place for you that will be comfortable and let you retire the right way!
00:51:31 5/10/2019
What is the role of Social Security in our retirement plans? When should you take retirement...66....70? Is it worth the wait or should we just take it when we can get it?
00:00:00 5/3/2019
Are you taking too much risk with a lot of your retirement funds tied in to the Stock Market? Let Dale help you with alternatives that will provide more guarantees! Call 952 401 1671...your ticket to a customized playbook designed just for you and your financial situation!!
00:00:00 4/26/2019
If Dale was a dartboard...he would be the Bulls eye! Getting you on Target for your retirement today...cant miss info and get that plan rolling now!
00:00:00 4/12/2019
Don't let retirement scare you...not getting those checks any longer. So let Dale help get a plan that will keep those checks coming, plus retire earlier than you every thought you could!! Call Dale now at 952-401-1671 to get your Retirement Playbook!
00:00:00 4/12/2019
This hour is your ticket to living the retirement dream! What are the major risks to your next egg? We are living too long...which is good right? Maybe not for retirement, so you need to take those years into consideration! That is what planning is all about. Let Dale help with your plan! call Dale today at 952-401-1671.
00:00:00 3/29/2019
Its a plan of action! Don't outlive your retirement income. People today are living so much longer. There a more people living to 100 today than ever before in history! Watch out for pitfalls along the way and Dale will help you jump over all those! See too!
00:00:00 3/22/2019
If you have 5 or 10 years to retirement...or 30 to 40 years to retirement...this hour with Dale is going to be of great help to your retirement plan...this is if you have one!! Let Dale put one together for you today!
00:00:00 3/15/2019
Dream big, plan well, and retire with confidence!!! Travel and seeing things is on a lot of our bucket lists right!? Dale talks about some great tips for travel...finding things to see for free!! Music, museums...all over the world are free! Invest in a multi day pass...maybe make some meals yourself to save! Many ways to contact is to text to 474747...put in the word playbook and you will get a special surprise!!
00:00:00 3/8/2019
Why is it important to have both spouses take part in the retirement planning process? Yes in many families, one person handles the finances, but people don't pass away at the same time! Its hard enough for the surviving spouse to have to take on the full responsibilities of all things, but at least the planning they did together will make it a simpler transition!
00:00:00 3/1/2019

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