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Major developments in three big Trump Mueller cases on this frantic Friday night

Plus, Trump undermines his emergency declaration as soon as he makes it.
00:45:21 2/15/2019

Past Episodes

Plus, how will Democrats handle their large 2020 presidential primary field but avoid the ridiculousness Republicans stumbled over in 2016?
00:44:16 2/14/2019
Plus, Rep. Adam Schiff says the Mueller findings are too big to be swept under the rug
00:44:55 2/13/2019
Plus, should we just not bother correcting Donald Trump's latest hallucinogenic lie because maybe it's just easier that way?
00:44:04 2/12/2019
Plus, negotiators reach a deal on border funding
00:44:50 2/11/2019
Plus, a majority of the Supreme Court apparently forgot about the Establishment Clause.
00:43:31 2/8/2019
Plus, what does this mean for AMI's non-prosecution agreement with SDNY?
00:49:05 2/7/2019
Plus, the outline of investigative threads being pursued by the House Intelligence Committee won't make Donald Trump happy...
00:44:50 2/6/2019
Plus, huge news from Amy Klobuchar
00:47:21 2/5/2019
Plus, Trump staff continues to humiliate him with more leaks
00:43:52 2/4/2019
Plus, Trump withdrawal from missile treaty a gift to Putin
00:44:10 2/1/2019

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