The Psychic Spectrum Radio Show

Did you know you have psychic ability? That's the belief of Sha'ron and Skip, hosts of The Psychic Spectrum Radio Show, and they want to help you release your inner power. Each week, Sha'ron and Skip further their life's mission of teaching the entire spectrum in the metaphysical world, in order to awaken or facilitate one's journey on their spiritual path.


The Psychic Spectrum Radio Show

Past Episodes

Today, we are talking with Donna Seebo. She is an author of children's books, a psychic, and Donna bills herself as a "Mental Practitioner". We'll have her explain the works that she does on her radio program called "Warriors for Peace". And she does it all to educate and help people. PLUS -we are going to take your calls, and Donna will answer your questions and give psychic answers for you.
00:54:51 3/26/2019
Today, we are going to be talking about Sasquatch, or Bigfoot, along with The Little Peoples of the forest. Beings like Sprites, elfs, or the unexplained and unknown creatures all around us. You can also call us, and we would love to hear about your theories on them too.
00:54:17 3/19/2019
Today, we are going to be talking about, "CBD Oils", and you will not only find out what it is, what it can do for you, but you will hear some of the results that others are enjoying with their health, as a result of this natural remedy.
00:55:15 3/5/2019
Calls from listeners including a skeptic.
00:00:00 2/26/2019

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