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4/14/19 - What to do When your Child Gets 'Popped'

Host Miss Shannan and Jeff Sheridan talk about what you should do when your child has a run-in with the Law.  
00:00:00 4/14/2019

Past Episodes

Miss Shannan hosts as Dr. Amy Johnson-Grass from 'Health Foundations Birth Centers' teams up with Cassandra Brashier from 'Clear Step Financial' and 'Mom's talk Money' to discuss the connection between Health and Wealth.
00:50:38 4/7/2019
Host Miss Shannan joined with Cassandra Brassier discuss the psychology behind investing.
00:44:18 3/31/2019
Hosts Miss Shannan joined by DeAnne Dulas and Randall Kins of Sheridan & Dulas discuss how the laws are changing to address Modern Marijuana.
00:46:50 3/24/2019
Host Miss Shannan and Cassandra Brashier discuss how you can make better luck for your financial future.
00:41:32 3/17/2019
Hosts Miss Shannan and Cassandra Brashier discuss the top retirement strategies that provide some financial security.
00:57:02 3/10/2019
Dr. Amy Johnson Grass from Health Foundations Birth Center is in today! We break down what the birth center actually does for you and dispel some misconceptions on pregnancy. Why "me time" matters. Don't forget to listen to your own needs whatever it may be. How "me time" can benefit your kids. What are some examples of "me time"?
00:46:51 3/3/2019
Host Miss Shannan joined with DeAnne Dulas and Andrew Hunstad of Sheridan and Dulas discuss the Top 5 things you might be worried about if you're about to go through a divorce. Financial Dominance, Ignorance and Abuse Fear of Domestic Abuse or Fear of Retribution Long-Term Financial Independence Threatening to take children away Fear of the Unknown
00:43:35 2/24/2019
Host Miss Shannan is joined with Casandra Brashier from Clearstep Financial to talk about why Life Insurance is a gift of love.
00:44:50 2/17/2019
Host Miss Shannan and Cassandra Brassier of Clearstep Financial and Mom's Talk Money discuss some changes you should expect for the 2019 tax season.
00:45:57 2/10/2019
Hosts Miss Shannan and Dr. Amy Johnson-Grass talk about becoming a grandma and preparing grandparents in their new role.
00:45:12 2/3/2019

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