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What Is The Most Inappropriate Thing You Have Seen At A Funeral? (07-18-19)

Being Jealous of Your Kid, KVJ Hate Song, Most Inappropriate Thing At A Funeral, Dennys Joke Jury, Missed Connections and Why Did I Get Ghosted? (ATS Starts 2Hr 1Mins 18+ Only)
02:30:29 7/17/2019

Past Episodes

Florida Headline Match Game, My Boyfriend Has A Woman's Adult Toy In His Closet, Jbird's Expensive Power Bill And Then A Boob Popped Out (After The Show Podcast 2Hr 5Mins 18+ Only)
02:51:08 7/16/2019
Facebook Fishing, Rotten Tomatoes Game, Deep Questions, Jason Is A YouTube Yellow Belt In Karate and Make-Up or Break-Up: Graveyard Sex (ATS Starts 2Hr 19Mins 18+ Only)
02:52:25 7/15/2019
Call Them Out, KVJ Speed Reading Challenge, Fon "Don't" and Should Brides Pay For Bridesmaids Childcare? (After The Show Podcast Starts 2Hr 17Mins 18+ Only)
02:54:16 7/14/2019
Feel Good Friday, The Over 40 Game, Signs That You Live In The Past, KVJ Court: Family Pool Fight and The Like Game (ATS Starts 2Hr 7Mins 18+ Only)
02:59:32 7/11/2019
My Girlfriend Is A Terrible Dog Owner, I Hope No One Saw It Moments, Tinder Date Protection Tactics, Missed Connections and Dennys Joke Jury! (ATS Starts 2Hrs 12Mins 18+ Only)
02:40:50 7/10/2019
What Did Baby Rocco Say, Buying A House Where A Murder Happened, My Boss Accidentally Sent Me A Dong Pic and Was I Inappropriate? (After The Show Podcast Starts 2Hr 7Mins 18+ Only)
02:45:30 7/9/2019
She Hid Her Plastic Surgery, Licked Ice Cream Punishment, Rotten Tomatoes Game and Is It Tennis or Porn? (After The Show Starts 2Hr 24Mins 18+ Only)
02:54:34 7/8/2019
Call Them Out! Who Had The Lamest Weekend, Missed Connections and What Are The Rules About Changing Your Last Name In Marriage? (After The Show Podcast Starts 2Hr 30Mins 18+ Only)
03:01:02 7/7/2019
Weird and whatever is back after a week off! The gang talks Beckett's Ayahuasca Experience, First Crushes and Dennys Random Facts Blows Minds- All While Chewy The Dog Barks!
01:02:32 7/7/2019
The Best Of The KVJ Show- Here is some fun replays from earlier this year! Dennys or Animal, Worst Accents in America, Dumb Customer Complaints and Things That Look Creepy Early In The Morning!
01:25:41 7/4/2019

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