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The KVJ Show

Virginia Duct Taped Jbird To A Chair- Can He Escape? (09-10-19)

Didn't Tell Me About Their Kid, Virginia and The HOA, and Can Jbird Escape From A Chair He Has Been Duct Taped To? (ATS Starts 2Hr 2Mins 18+ Only)
02:40:42 9/9/2019

Past Episodes

Hurricane Relief Efforts, Call Them Out, Think Fast, Shock Paper Scissors and Is This Insulting? (ATS Starts 2Hr 20Mins 18+ Only)
03:01:58 9/8/2019
No Name Movie Game, Facebook Fishing, Weird Thing They Brought On A First Date and Will It Float? (ATS Starts 2Hr 11Mins 18+ Only)
02:45:21 9/5/2019
Here's an LSD story from Producer Dennys youth! Sometimes in life there is a big differnece between perception and reality, especially on LSD..... yeah, LSD. #ILoveMyBigMac
00:04:21 9/5/2019
KVJ Hate Song, What's Your Personal Curse, Dennys Joke Jury, What Did I Lick and Do Cheaters Deserve Pet Custody? (ATS Starts 2Hr 27Mins 18+ Only)
03:10:19 9/4/2019
The gang talks about famous murderers and their tactics, the outrage of the new Dave Chappelle comedy special, the entity that's living in Jbird's house and much, much more. We love you all and BIGFOOT IS REAL!!!
01:21:05 9/4/2019
More KVJ Hurricane Updates Post Hurricane Dorian- Also... Where is Virginia?
00:45:28 9/3/2019
Kevin, Jbird, Dennys and Suits Chat About The After Math of Hurricane Dorian and the Bahamas PLUS Reads Some Emails!
00:38:33 9/3/2019
A Stir Crazy KVJ Updates Everyone With What Is Currently Going On In South Florida, The Bahamas And Hurricane Dorian!
01:19:44 9/2/2019
Dennys or Animal, Virginia and Panda Dispute, KVJ Ten Commandments and Jbird Fast Food Sniff Challenge!
00:35:50 9/2/2019
Reverse Shock Collar Spelling Bee, Suits and The Cuckold, No Name Movie Game, Hit The Post Challenge and Generational Slang! Everyone Be Safe!
01:02:01 8/29/2019

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