The KSHE Tapes

U-Man and Favazz explore the back stories and interviews heard on KSHE, the longest running rock station in the country


The KSHE Tapes

Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin!!!!! I said, ROBERT PLANT!

U-Man and Favazz check out a 2002 interview with the lead vocalist of L.Z.
00:24:07 2/21/2019

Past Episodes

The U-Man interviews Roger Daltrey of the Who in a 2006 interview and we pick it apart.
00:17:14 2/7/2019
U-Man and Favazz with a guy they've both interviewed numberous times, Geddy Lee.
00:22:45 1/31/2019
U-Man and Favazz with one of the greats from a great band.
00:23:39 1/24/2019
U-man and Favazz think that this might be the best episode and it features Ozzy Osbourne.
00:23:24 1/17/2019
The U-Man and Favazz check out one of the great guitarists of all time, Brian May.
00:26:04 1/10/2019
U-Man and Favazz talk to an animated (as much as he can be) Gregg Allman.
00:23:58 1/3/2019
The U-Man and Favazz with one of the greats, Roger Waters.
00:27:29 12/20/2018
U-Man and Favazz talk to a guy who knows KSHE and St. Louis, Gene Simmons.
00:26:53 12/13/2018

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