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The Joyce Kaufman Show

The Joyce Kaufman Show 7-18-19 Hr 1

Joyce can't figure out why the Democrats are heading down a path of destruction of their party by continuing there defence of Ihan Omar and Ayanna Pressley. John York from the Heritage Foundation exposes the abuse of the federal government dealings with contractors and puts it under the microscope.
00:36:36 7/17/2019

Past Episodes

Joyce gives her reasons why President Trump tweets where no racist but the squad's history on Israel is. There is a health crisis going on in California that is getting out of control. Joyce has a solution to stop the gangs coming from illegal aliens. If you like what is going on in California than vote for Democrats but, it could be even worse than that Joyce explains why.
00:34:39 7/17/2019
Hans Von Spakovsky from the Heritage Foundation shines a light on Texas Democrat Escobar about exploiting a loophole by coaching migrants to lie about speaking spanish.
00:36:34 7/17/2019
Joyce applauds House chairman Cleaver. Congressman Michael Waltz from district 6 joins the show to discuss the current climate in the house.
00:36:24 7/16/2019
Joyce voices her opinion on term limits and the amount of money used for politicians to run. Steve Camerota from CIS about issue about the children at the border.
00:32:26 7/16/2019
Joyce and Hobo discuss the state of the Democrat party. David Rubin President Trump's ongoing feud with the squad.Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg criticizing Israeli occupation.
00:35:04 7/16/2019
Joyce believes the news cycle on Trump about his so-called racist tweet has 24 hours left.
00:34:47 7/15/2019
Joyce is happy to live in America. This victim advocating and racism that the left is using needs to stop.
00:37:29 7/15/2019
Joyce is back and has ALOT to say about what has been going on lately. Joyce defends Trump's notorious tweet.
00:36:27 7/15/2019
Iran discussion, Dems mudslinging, kidney health and more! Joined by Savanna Lanza.
00:34:21 7/10/2019
Joyce talks Epstein sleaze. Rachel Greszler ponders the morality of the Senate.
00:39:11 7/10/2019

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