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The Joyce Kaufman Show

The Joyce Kaufman Show 3-19-19 Hr 2

Brian Kolfage from We Build The Wall US tell us how the funding for the wall is going and how much wall he intends to build. Jim Bomford joins the show to talk about a tax break for first responders.
00:38:31 3/18/2019

Past Episodes

Joyce talks about how when it rains it pours. Joyce reminisces the old WFTL days and if she should keep a clock.
00:39:05 3/18/2019
Thank god a sitting member of congress is address the issue of shadow banning. Elizabeth Warren brings so much joy to Joyce.
00:36:39 3/18/2019
Joyce found something new and interesting with social media banning.
00:38:01 3/17/2019
Ilhan Omar makes Joyce vomit. Joyce can tell a packaged politician and the democratic field is full of them.
00:37:29 3/17/2019
What is really going on with this college acceptance scam? Why do people listen to the liberal elite?
00:38:11 3/17/2019
Derek from TMZ elaborates the Jussie Smollett case also more details on the college fraud case and more. Joyce talks about the latest reports on the dossier.
00:37:58 3/14/2019
Why are the Democrats trying to change the voting age to 16? Crazy people do crazy things.
00:37:53 3/14/2019
These rogue republicans who voted against the president didn't vote no because of the constitution it was about politics.
00:37:39 3/14/2019
Joyce is upset with Mike Lee, Rand Paul, and others. Why is it so hard for democrats to say they are capitalist.
00:38:02 3/13/2019
Joyce is explains how the president isn't abusing his powers also, Trump speaks.
00:37:16 3/13/2019

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