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The Joyce Kaufman Show

The Joyce Kaufman Show 5-17-19 Hr 2

Chris Barron, President of Right Turn Strategies on Trump Immigration Reform Plan. Mark Foley discusses the immigration issue.
00:36:12 5/16/2019

Past Episodes

Lathan Watts 'VP Pence is right about threats to our religious liberty -- What should we do? Charlie Kirk from Turning Point USA on the youth growth in Florida and more. Derek from TMZ catches us up on gossip.
00:35:26 5/16/2019
Immigration issue might hit closer to home than people think. Thousands of illegals will be coming to Palm Beach and Broward.
00:36:07 5/16/2019
Senator Mike Lee has a new book: "Our Lost Declaration: America's Fight Against Tyranny from King George to the Deep State.
00:34:30 5/15/2019
Joe Kaufman on CAIR operative Rasha Mubarak getting Dem leadership position, Rabid anti-Semitism from FB manager of Nezar Hamze's new group.
00:37:34 5/15/2019
A article has Joyce extremely upset should you call the police on a black male who is breaking into a car. The director of the documentary "You Can't Watch This, " Coalan Robertson the documentary explains the dangers of this broad social media banning.
00:36:22 5/14/2019
Tom Kelly explains the new security research 68% of adults are concerned about their Facebook Security. Josh Conver is doing My Brothers Burden Walk, Walking from headquarters to MSD & back, May 19.
00:37:32 5/14/2019
The Democrats position on abortion doesn't line up with most Americans with this late term abortion acceptance. Ann Coulter catches up with Joyce talks Trump the wall and more.
00:34:39 5/14/2019
When did saying your a Zionist a bad thing? What the heck is Rashida Tlaib talking about with the creation of Israel and the Holocaust!
00:39:35 5/13/2019
Steve Bucci from the Heritage Foundation on the US and the Iran confrontation. David Ray FAIR spokesman on the illegal alien apprehensions on SW border and the wait in Mexico policy goes into effect.
00:40:26 5/13/2019

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