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The Joyce Kaufman Show

The Joyce Kaufman Show 9-13-19 Hr 2

Joyce has a grandma story from California. Andy Pollack calls in on his emotional book "Why Meadow Died". Chance SWRMC on his Tig fundraiser.
00:36:48 9/12/2019

Past Episodes

Joyce is back from California with stories and more. Joyce notices that democrats are getting upset that the Democrats running are making everyone who supports Trump or has a difference in opinion are racist.
00:37:11 9/12/2019
If Joyce had to honor her responsabilites why don't you? Joyce goes in on Walmart latest decision to ban ammunition.
00:38:39 9/3/2019
The squad is bailing out who now? Christine Blasey Ford only remember the accusations after meeting with democrat lawyers. Ilhan husband is filing a divorce will the truth come to light?
00:00:00 9/3/2019
How China's counterfeiting affects us.
00:35:09 9/3/2019
Recaps of Hurricane Dorian or the apparent lack-thereof. Joyce has a mild hollywood rant and then shares a story from her past about diving.
00:40:02 9/2/2019
Lieutenant Governor Nuņez drops by to discuss Dorian and the Bahamas situation. Joyce Laments the imminent encroaching loss of rock and roll legends.
00:39:19 9/2/2019
Joyce examines the words of Camille Paglia. Also, can shootings be prevented? Probably!
00:46:55 9/2/2019
Do not take this hurricane lightly we also remember the troops and Space Command is launched. Raheel Raza is constantly tracked, constantly sued for speaking out against radicals muslims.
00:35:37 8/29/2019
Derek from TMZ catches us up on the the gossip.
00:36:11 8/29/2019
Clark Kendall writer of Middle-Class Millionaire: Surprisingly Simple Strategies to Grow and Enjoy Your Wealth.
00:38:39 8/29/2019

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