The Five of My Life (AUS)

Nigel Marsh chats to prominent personalities about their favourite Film, Book, Song, Place & Possession and the stories behind them.


The Five of My Life (AUS)

Justin Jonesy

Australia's pre-eminent explorer Justin Jonesy reminisces on growing up around tigers next to an actual gold mine...He was destined to be an explorer.
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00:42:55 6/3/2019

Past Episodes

A modern day expert of counter terrorism and international relations. From a kid who didn't finish school to being a shining example of how education equals information in the highest stakes of all - Global conflict 

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00:21:53 5/13/2019

One third of the MasterChef Dream Team, Gary Mehigan talks through his 5 choices and describes the journey of how an Expat Brit became an Australian icon. 

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00:35:56 4/22/2019

Author, columnist, podcaster and performer - Rosie Waterland has overcome great obstacles to get to where she is today. Her 5 choices truly give us an insight into the talented and driven woman behind the success.  

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00:34:09 4/1/2019
He is one of Australia's most celebrated Olympians - having won gold in the 1500 meter freestyle race at both the Sydney, and then the Athens, Olympics. His 5 choices are considered with the same commitment and passion that made him such a successful athlete.

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00:36:34 3/11/2019
ABC radio host Richard Glover and author of 13 books is accustomed to telling captivating stories - his 5 choices are truly memorable tales.

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00:40:13 2/18/2019
John Eales is Australia's most successful Wallabies captain of all time. In life after Rugby John has forged a highly successful business career and authored multiple books on his learnings from these two worlds.

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00:32:11 1/28/2019
Dr Karl has been named one of Australia's National Living Treasures. He is also a prolific author whose gift for answering difficult questions each Thursday on ABC's Triple J science hour - clearly ever present in all of the 44 books he has published to date. 

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00:33:03 1/7/2019
James Valentine is a journalist, musician, author , television presenter and family man. As if all that wasn't enough, in an incredible feat of multi tasking, industriousness and longevity, he has also presented a hugely popular radio show on the ABC consistently for the last 30 years

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00:41:06 12/17/2018
Charles Firth is a comedian, writer, producer, TV & Radio host and most notably a member of the loved political comedy group - The Chaser.

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00:29:44 11/26/2018
Kevin Rudd has had a long, distinguished, tumultuous and much analysed political career, having held the title of Prime Minister on TWO separate occasions. Kevin is a complex and driven character, which combined with his numerous achievements makes him one of the most fascinating public figures of Australian Politics.
00:35:58 11/5/2018

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