The Cool Dad Rules

850WFTL and Sunny 107.9's Bill Adams has survived raising two teen girls! Bill gets into tales from parenting battle lines as well as interviews from the world's most famous parenting expert. Finally, a podcast for Dads in Florida!


The Cool Dad Rules

Countdown To College: Making The Most Of Their Last Year In The Nest

Bill asks 'Grown And Flown' author Mary Dell Harrington for tips on how to make the last year of high school great for parents and kids.
00:26:00 9/2/2019

Past Episodes

Bill talks with financial aid expert Ron Caruthers about the best way to get some cash for class.
00:29:00 8/27/2019
Bill gets some solid advice from author, blogger, and former teacher Faith Moore about what to do when the student/teacher relationship is just a disaster.
00:25:00 8/15/2019
It's a whole new challenge for us, and a very real danger for kids.
00:08:45 7/31/2019
Bill vents about the new development in diaper-changing technology.
00:06:30 7/22/2019
Bill shares a fool-proof way to make sure vacation is drama-free.
00:11:00 7/8/2019
How do we get our screen-addicted kids to put the phone down? Bill shares his experience.
00:12:00 6/30/2019
Bill shares a tough lesson learned about 'over-parenting'.
00:09:30 6/23/2019
Bill's daughter Coley guests this one with a test to see if he's reached'Peak Dad', and the truth about what dads want on Father's Day.
00:12:00 6/13/2019
Bill Adams talks about the challenge of talking with kids about marijuana now that it's been normalized, and an interview with The Cannabis Craze author Marc Aronoff.
00:15:00 6/9/2019
Bill Adams interviews Dr. Nadia, The Mindful MD Mom, to see if Parental Burnout is a real thing.
00:20:00 6/2/2019

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