The Big Dave Show Podcast

The Big Dave Show on B-105 is all about "Good Country Fun!" They get your day started with the latest stories, Chelsie's College Of Hollywood Knowledge, and The Big Dave Phone Hacks on the :20s. Listen for interviews with the biggest stars in country music and stories about the crazy lives of Big Dave, Chelsie & Stattman. You just never know what will happen, so make sure you download the latest every day!


The Big Dave Show Podcast

Big Dave Show Highlights for Friday, February 15th!

-She gets "An E for Effort" in a hilarious episode of What Would Scarecrow Do? -Dave's wife gave him WHAT for Valentine's Day? -Dave and Statt's Theatre of Love took a really funny turn this morning! -We turned the tables on our boss's wife in an all new Big Dave Phone Hack! -How did Tyler do against Chelsie today?
00:23:00 2/14/2019

Past Episodes

-A Valentine's Day Visit from our One Pet One Vet Puppies! -The stray cat Dave's family was taking care of found a forever home -Statt quizes 3rd Graders about Valentine's Day -Opening our Valentine's Day cards from Scarecrow -Big Dave Phone Hack Classic: The Mr. T Talking Teddy Bear -The Chick Flick Edition of the College of Hollywood Knowledge.
00:25:00 2/13/2019
-The Pure Romance Phone Hack Fail! -The average person says 41 is too old to do THIS?!?! -How did Brian do against Chelsie today?
00:12:00 2/12/2019
-Dave's wife, Carri, called in to talk about their newest possible family member....Raisin. -Some new hedge trimmers for Valentines Day? This Phone Hack says so! -11% of women would dump their significant other for THIS! -Another Monica takes on Chelsie in the College of Hollywood Knowledge!
00:16:00 2/11/2019
-Statt left his wife behind in the Fight for Air Climb! How does Kaila feel about that? -Brad Pitt showed up at Jennifer Aniston's 50th Birthday Party! -John Matarese and the the dollar store pizza warning! -Two sisters argue about snakes on a brand new Big Dave Phone Hack! -Monica (yep) took on Chelsie in the Jennifer Aniston Birthday Rachel Green edition of the College of Hollywood Knowledge!
00:21:00 2/10/2019
-Everyone at work gets Valentines but her....What would Scarecrow Do? -Dave's daughter bought 8 dollar air pods off Wish. What would Grover Do? -Chelsie's Golden Retriever puppy found a puddle! -Big Dave Phone Hack: Your number was on the bottom of a Crock Pot I bought? -3% of people only do THIS once a week! -Tyler took on Chelsie in the College of Hollywood Knowledge Lego Edition and everything was NOT awesome!
00:23:00 2/7/2019
-Statt said the funniest thing while climbing the stairs at Good Sam and Dave can't even! LOL -The Great St. Elizabeth Phone Hack Fail! -20% of people would rather spend an hour in jail then do THIS! -How did Elizabeth do against Chelsie in the Ashton Kutcher Birthday Edition of the College of Hollywood Knowledge?
00:14:00 2/6/2019
-Statt climbs the stairs at Good Sam! -Jeff said he could never be Phone Hacked. Jeff was wrong.... -Rachel from Georgetown took on Chelsie this moring!
00:15:00 2/5/2019
-What does Brad think about his wife, Chelsie, getting hit on by a college boy? -What did Scarecrow think about it? -Statt made Play-Doh! -Phone Hack: Starting school early to make up for snow days! -20% of men admit they're attracted to woman because of this. -Christy from Alexandria took on Chelsie today!
00:20:00 2/4/2019
-Talking Super Bowl Commercials with John Matarese! -John Matarese on Facebook Scams! -Brit Brit Sniffs Out the Phone Hack! -How Did Melissa Do Against Chelsie Today? -48% of Women Will Not Get Rid of THIS Even Though They Never Use It!
00:15:00 2/3/2019
-Carly Pearce needs Scarecrow's advice and the results are hilarious! -Graeter's and Braxton Brewing come by with Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip Donuts and Beer! -Statt Checks in from the final day of the Lemons Rally! -Big Dave Phone Hack: I think my drug test sample is frozen... -How did West Side Tony do against Chelsie today? -MOST women say if I guy shows up wearing THIS on a first date there will not be a second!
00:25:00 1/31/2019

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