The Big Dave Show Podcast

The Big Dave Show on B-105 in Cincinnati is all about "Good Country Fun!" They get your day started with the latest stories, Chelsie's College of Hollywood Knowledge and The Big Dave Phone Hacks. Listen for interviews with the biggest stars in country music and stories about the crazy lives of Big Dave, Chelsie, Stattman and Ashley. You just never know what will happen, so make sure you download the latest every day!


The Big Dave Show Podcast

Big Dave Show Highlights for Friday, April 19th!

-Sue Dey is afraid to go back to Vegas? What would Scarecrow do? -Our co-worker Debbie had the biggest Mom Win of the year! -25% of people have done THIS on a date? -How did Heidi do against Chelsie today?
00:14:00 4/18/2019

Past Episodes

-Statt breaks the World Record for Peeps in mouth! -The Johnny Shadow Peep Quiz Phone Hack! -People wait at least a month before doing THIS in front of the person they're dating? -How did Sandy do against Chelsie today?
00:16:00 4/17/2019
-Out with Ashley: Worst Easter Candy? -Flashback: How Many Peeps Did Statt Stuff in His Mouth? -The Tommy Thunder Phone Hack! -Women say if a guy does THIS on the first date he'll get a second? -Marcia, Marcia, Marcia took on Chelsie, Chelsie, Chelsie!
00:20:00 4/16/2019
-Chase Rice called in and he's coming to town! -Kaila gets to weigh in on Statt's pink corn kernels! -Ashley got a Gas Card from a B-105 listener! -The Night Crawler Phone Hack! -Research shows that putting THIS in your dating profile will get you more messages! -Christi takes on Chelsie....AGAIN!
00:23:00 4/15/2019
-Statt and the Corn Stalk! -John Matarese and the Two Grand Kitten Scam! -We shared some BIG news with our Overnight Guy Ryan! -15% of women will break up with a guy because of THIS? -The Tax Day Edition of the College of Hollywood Knowledge!
00:25:00 4/14/2019
-Chelsie gets cake and opens presents! -Her husband wants to buy some really expensive bar stools! What would Scarecrow do? -The Phlebotomist of the year Phone Hack! -Phone Hack Classic: We made a telemarketer hang up! LOL -Richard took on Chelsie today!
00:22:00 4/11/2019
-Ashley lets her gas tank go way below E! -Chelsie takes another guess at what Dave got her for her Birthday! -The Shoulder Instrument Phone Hack! -1 in 3 people would give up THIS for a good nights sleep? -How did Haley do on the College of Hollywood Knowledge today?
00:21:00 4/10/2019
-What is Chelsie going to get from Dave for her birthday? -Amy Jones from Paddy Power tells us some fun side bets on the Royal Baby! -Our phones are paired and I'm dating your sister! An all new Phone Hack! -7% of people have quit their job because of THIS? -Jody took on Chelsie today!
00:22:00 4/9/2019
-What's the worst thing a 2nd Grader can get for their Birthday? What's Dave getting Chelsie for her's? -81% of couples fight about THIS once a month? -The Parks and Rec version of the College of Hollywood Knowledge!
00:14:00 4/8/2019
-John Matarese on the new things at Kings Island! -Out with Ashley: Royal Baby names? -Who is the SEXIEST Avenger? -71% of online dates say THIS is a turnoff? -Christi and Chelsie battled it out today!
00:20:00 4/7/2019
-Her three year-old daughter has too many activities? what does Scarecrow think? -Dave's son came back from Spring Break with some BIG news! -Ashley's Aunt April brought in her award winning deviled eggs! -Statt got a surprise from a anonymous listener! -Is John Calipari his new neighbor? It's an all new Phone Hack! -When a woman finds out a guy has THIS she immediately dumps him! -How did Laura do against Chelsie this morning?
00:23:00 4/4/2019

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