The Big Dave Show Podcast

The Big Dave Show on B-105 is all about "Good Country Fun!" They get your day started with the latest stories, Chelsie's College Of Hollywood Knowledge, and The Big Dave Phone Hacks on the :20s. Listen for interviews with the biggest stars in country music and stories about the crazy lives of Big Dave, Chelsie & Stattman. You just never know what will happen, so make sure you download the latest every day!


The Big Dave Show Podcast

Big Dave Show Highlights for Thursday and Friday, December 13th & 14th

-Kenny Welch drops off a TON of toys! -Blake Maislin wraps up The Grinch Challenge with a HUGE check! -Tim Klanke comes by and LIGHTS us up with a BIG Donation! -Final Toy Count of 10,000 Toys for Girls and Boys! -What did Scarecrow Get? -Big Dave Phone Hack: Too fat to play Santa? -Big Dave Phone Hack: Christmas Controversies Gone Wild! -The Christmas Vacation Edition of the College of Hollywood Knowledge!
00:30:00 12/13/2018

Past Episodes

-Scotty McCreery told us about his total Clark Griswald moment! -Big Dave Phone Hack: Does Donna's Place serve Reindeer Stew? -The Northern Kentucky Young Marines dropped off a bunch of Toys for Tots! -Men never get the right size when buying this for their wife! -A Christmas Story Edition of the College of Hollywood Knowledge!
00:00:00 12/11/2018
-Ashley the Elf takes the B-105 Sleigh out to pick up toys! -Big Dave Phone Hack Classic: Prison Carolling -It was Santa's Nice List Day on the College of Hollywood Knowledge!
00:12:00 12/10/2018
-Chelsie's Great Dane Ace turned 2 and got a cool present! -This is the first thing 14% of men look at when they see a woman for the first time? -John Matarese and the mystery of the Penny Whopper! -It was Santa's Naughty List Day on Chelsie's College of Hollywood Knowledge!
00:15:00 12/9/2018
-Seven month old boxer keeps getting in the Christmas tree! What would Scarecrow do? -Cole Swindell's most embarrassing moment happened in Cincinnati? -Big Dave Phone Hack: Do you hear what I hear?
00:15:00 12/6/2018
-Ashley the Elf is ready to pick up some toys! -Statt's wife Kaila is celebrating her Birthday today! Why won't she watch the end of friends? -We Phone Hack a Phone Hacker! -Marsha, Marsha, Marsha takes on Chelsie in the College of Hollywood Knowledge!
00:20:00 12/5/2018
-Statt tries to wreck the Internet...or, at least, Amazon! -Dave's new keys have been bought. How long until his old ones are found? -A Holly, Jolly Phone Hack! -48% of couples can't agree on this? -The Ocean's Eleven edition of the College of Hollywood Knowledge!
00:17:00 12/4/2018
-We Phone Hacked a Big Dave Show Toy Trooper and it was hilarious! -The Cyber Toy Trooper Challenge! -How did Chelsie do against Hamilton Dave in the College of Hollywood Knowledge today.
00:11:00 12/3/2018
-Did Dave and Statt find Dave's keys with Scarecrow's $2 metal detector? -What got stuck in Chelsie's hair at Ralph Breaks the Internet? -Big Dave Phone Hack: A Frontgate Fail -John Matarese talks Holiday Trains! -Men are three times more likely thank women to lose this? -Past winner Alisa takes on Chelsie in the College of Hollywood Knowledge!
00:27:00 12/2/2018
-Dave enlists Scarecrow's help to find his keys! -Chelsie lost a diamond ear ring and found it in the oddest place! -Reds' Hall of Famer Ron Oester has us Phone Hack his daughter!
00:14:00 11/29/2018
-B-105 listeners really want to help Dave find his lost truck keys! -Big Dave Phone Hack: Can Jimmy Hound Dog borrow a school bus? -Women say that when a guy has this, it's worse than bad breath!
00:17:00 11/28/2018

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