The Amber Rose Show

Join Amber Rose and certified sex therapist, Dr. Chris Donaghue, as they discuss personal stories and topical issues, chat with sex counselors and special guests, and take intimate listener calls in a judgment-free environment. They're exploring everything from sexual curiosity and relationships to self-empowerment - all with Amber's distinct honesty and flair.


The Amber Rose Show

Throuples Therapy

Amber, Chris AND Marisa talk being too tired for sex - sending racy pictures - talking to your ex - when to ask about getting serious - and what exactly constitutes cheating?!?

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00:51:00 11/15/2018

Past Episodes

Amber & Dr Chris talk squirting - scary movies - sex with ghosts - political sex fantasies - "the Biblical basis for war" - taking friendship to the next level - AND MUCH MORE!

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01:05:00 11/8/2018
Cardi B. Amy Schumer. Alaska. Crazy exes. Halloween in WeHo. ALL THIS AND MORE ON THE AMBER ROSE SHOW WITH DR CHRIS!!!
00:38:00 11/1/2018

Dr Chris reiterates his and Amber's support for sex workers and clears the air about recent political events he attended. ALSO: What to do when you don't like oral sex - How Uber is helping out on election day - AND guest host Marisa Mendez talks about her CRAZY trip to Europe!!!

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00:46:00 10/25/2018
Seriously. How Much. Amber & Dr Chris debate this AND talk what to do when an ex is still in the picture - why birth rates are so low Japan - how to rekindle the passion after having kids - and dating in a hook-up culture!!!
00:47:00 10/18/2018
Amber & Dr Chris talk Halloween costumes - hanging out with exes - glory holes - selling your virginity - and how often you should change your sex toys! ALSO - they FINALLY get a return caller AND get a very interesting call on catfishing!!!
00:49:00 10/11/2018
Amber & Dr Chris talk narcissism - body acceptance - when to tell someone that you have herpes - and what your favorite cheese says about your sex life!
00:37:00 10/4/2018

Amber and Dr Chris go in on Bill Cosby's prison sentence and rape culture in America. ALSO - how anal sex is like going to the dentist - Australia trying to ban poppers - and robot sex brothels in TEXAS!!!

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00:55:00 9/27/2018
DM etiquette. Breastfeeding dads. Hot white guys on Netflix. Why Canada is so great. Talking about having kids on Tinder dates... and one of the craziest calls in show history. RIGHT HERE - ON THE AMBER ROSE SHOW WITH DR CHRIS!!!
01:07:00 9/20/2018

Social media influencer and burgeoning pop artist - India Love - joins Amber and Marisa to talk cheating - narcissism - fame and relationships - STDs - and self-care!

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00:48:00 9/13/2018
Squirting. Dating older men. Wasp nests in your vagina. Alanis Morissette. ALL THIS AND MORE ON THIS EDITION OF THE AMBER ROSE SHOW WITH DR. CHRIS!!!
00:54:00 9/6/2018

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