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Scott Cohn, Senior Correspondent, CNBC. As millions of American families struggle to cope with college costs that are rising at twice the rate of inflation, CNBC investigates a system that encourages widespread borrowing?often with little regard to a student's ability to pay?leaving the average college graduate with tens of thousands of dollars in student load debt. Scott joined Sunday Morning Magazine to discuss America's college debt crisis.
00:08:30 2/17/2019

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Ellen Liston, The Dollywood Company. Ms. Liston explained why Dollywood provides a unique opportunity for families to bond. Liston also spoke about some of the new attractions planned for the park for 2019.
00:00:00 2/17/2019
Laurie Nommsen-Rivers, PhD, Registered Dietitian and Associate Professor of nutrition in the Department of Nutritional Sciences in the University of Cincinnati College of Allied Health Sciences. Laurie joined the show to discuss breastfeeding. She says research has found that breast-fed babies have lower rates of gastrointestinal and respiratory infections, asthma, obesity, Type 1 and 2 diabetes. Additionally, Nommsen-Rivers says recent studies have linked breast-feeding to higher IQ and social boosts for babies.
00:23:08 2/17/2019
Kenneth C. Davis is the author of Don't Know Much About® History, which spent 35 consecutive weeks on The New York Times bestseller list, and gave rise to the Don't Know Much About® series, which has a combined in-print total of some 4.7-million copies. In June 2011, Don't Know Much About® History: Anniversary Edition was released by HarperCollins. A newly revised, updated and expanded edition of the book that started the series, it now presents a complete survey of American history, from before the arrival of Columbus in 1492 right through the events of the past decade -from 9/11 through the election of Barack Obama and the first years of his administration
00:13:32 2/17/2019
Lauren Lyons Cole, International Business Times Personal Finance Editor, How Much House Can You Really Afford?: Homeownership is often seen as an important generator of wealth in the United States. According to the most recent Survey of Consumer Finances, the median net worth of a homeowner is $194,500, 36 times greater than that of a renter. International Business Times Lauren Lyons Cole has the five important questions to ask before you start the search for your first home.
00:12:48 2/17/2019
Have You Heard About Lady Bird?: Poems About Our First Ladies by Marilyn Singer; illustrated by Nancy Carpenter The role of First Lady has been defined differently by each woman who's held it, but all of them left an impact on our nation as partner of the commander in chief. Incisive poetry by Marilyn Singer and energetic art by Nancy Carpenter provide a fascinating glimpse into the lives of women from Martha Washington to Eleanor Roosevelt to Lady Bird Johnson. This book lauds their unique and varied contributions to American history.
00:20:29 2/17/2019
KJ Dell'Antonia, Author, How To Be A Happier Parent: Raising a Family, Having a Life, and Loving (Almost) Every Minute. As a mom of four and a beloved parenting writer at the New York Times, KJ Dell'Antonia found herself asking the question that plagues most modern parents at some point in our lives: Why does this have to suck so much? In her hopeful, solution-packed book, HOW TO BE A HAPPIER PARENT, KJ draws on interviews and research, including her own, to offer not just an answer to that question (it's not all our fault), but ideas parents can use to shift their family lives away from the stress and towards the joy we hoped we'd find. Unlike so many anxiety-inducing parenting books on the market, HOW TO BE A HAPPIER PARENT does not demand that parents add more to their already busy lives. Instead, it focuses on improving problem spots and savoring the lovely modern lives we already live.
00:11:29 2/17/2019
Allie, Founder and Owner, Allie's Walk About; David, Allie's Dad. While on the show Allie explained the idea for the business came after she asked her dad for money when she was 9-years-old. She says his answer was no, but he followed up by saying he would teach her how to earn the money. Today, Allie is the owner of Allie's Walk About which is an extremely profitable full service pet sitting company. Allie spoke about the difficulties of starting the company. She also discussed how she handles overhead and operational expenses. In addition, Allie explained how she juggles the business, school, homework, friends and afterschool activities.
00:10:57 2/4/2019
Hannah and Alexander, Founders, Adopt A Book. After learning that local at-risk children had no access to books, Hannah and Alexander vowed to help. At the age of 9 the caring brother and sister started Adopt A Book. The non-profit organization collects and distributes new and gently used books to children in need. Today, at the age of 12-years-old these twins have collected over 21,000 books and distributed them to 29 local organizations. Passionate about reading and availability of resources, Hannah and Alexander petitioned the city to place a Little Free Library along a historic bike trail, encouraging people to share and recycle reading materials. They joined Sunday Morning Magazine to tell their story.
00:15:09 2/4/2019
The Cincinnati VA Medical Center is a two-division campus located in Cincinnati, Ohio and Fort Thomas, Kentucky serving fifteen counties in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana with six Community Based Outpatient Clinics located in Bellevue, KY; Florence, KY; Lawrenceburg, IN; Hamilton, OH; Clermont County, OH, and Georgetown, OH. Three Cincinnati VAMC campus locations are also available in Cincinnati to include an Eye Center, Vet Center and Mental Health Outreach Community Division.
00:17:19 2/4/2019
Christine King-Farris, Author, My Brother Martin: A Sister Remembers Growing up with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Mrs. King-Farris joined the show to talk about her new children's book. While on the show, she revealed that she wrote the book to honor her late brother and to encourage the next generation of civil rights leaders.
00:06:32 2/4/2019

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