Starving for Attention with Richard Blais

Get an entertaining, behind-the-scenes look at the world of food with chef, television personality and author Richard Blais. Hear from anyone and everyone in the culinary industry, including restaurateurs, television hosts, famous chefs, producers of your favorite cooking and competition shows and more. They'll join Blais for spontaneous, back-of-house conversation about what it takes to make it in different parts of the food business, global trends and where the industry overlaps with entertainment. Plus, play along with their games, trivia and other wacky moments.


Fermented Whale Anus and the Birth Story of Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern

During the Aspen F&W Classic, chef, writer, and creator of Travel C...During the Aspen F&W Classic, chef, writer, and creator of Travel Channels Bizarre Foods Andrew Zimmern enters the Walk In to talk about the unconventional start to his massively successful television career, why it's not just about eating bugs, and how to use fame for the betterment of his fellow man.   Show More

01:02:46 7/18/2017

Past Episodes

Jack Of All Spades, L.D.P., joins us in the walk-in this week to discuss how he went from Iron Chef fan to reality show cooking champion with behind the scene stories from Iron Chef: America and Chopped. Plus, he plays the inaugural round of "Who Said What?" and dazzles with celebrity impersonations.
01:05:52 7/11/2017
Founder of Hedley & Bennett Ellen Bennett joins Richard and Jazmin to talk about her experience in reinventing the wheel of the kitchen world: the apron.
58:22 7/4/2017
Richard & Jazmin are joined in the studio by restaurateurs and chef judges from Cutthroat Kitchen Antonia Lofaso & Jet Tila to talk about their humble starts in the television world, working with Alton Brown, and their opinions about the backlash against television chefs.
01:05:22 6/27/2017
For their debut episode, Richard & Jazmin welcome the prolific and mysterious LA Weekly critic Besha Rodell as she talks about her humble journey in the world of food criticism, maintaining her secret identity all these years, and her thoughts on cultural appropriation in the restaurant industry.
56:46 6/20/2017
"Starving For Attention with Richard Blais" debuts Tuesday, June 20th, 2017.
60 6/13/2017

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