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Fake IDs and GoT Finale

What was the best lunchbox snack? When was the first time you got in major trouble with your parents? Did you have a good fake ID? Michelle, Ceruti and FreezePops discuss. Plus, Small Talk's Game of Throne's Correspondent Tommy Rees joins the pod for the final time to breakdown the controversial series' finale.
01:13:43 5/21/2019

Past Episodes

TommyFreezePops and Michelle are dealing with a gross work situation .... The return of 10,000 Frogs ... can Wheelchair Frog or Slap Frog dethrone Crack Frog? ... Plus, Small Talk's Game of Throne's Correspondent Tommy Rees joins the pod to discuss the carnage in the series' penultimate episode.
01:14:17 5/15/2019
The St. Louis Blues have advanced to the Western Conference Finals, the Royal baby has arrived and the Met Gala was ... something. Michelle, Ceruti and FreezePops breakdown all three. Plus, Small Talk's Game of Thrones Correspondent Tommy Rees joins the group to chat about Episode 4.
01:00:21 5/8/2019
Would you go to the NFL Draft? Why do people like pedal bars? Michelle, Ceruti and FreezePops discuss, and breakdown a visit to Uncommon James in Nashville. Plus, awards for the Battle of Winterfell with Small Talk's Game of Thrones Correspondent Tommy Rees.
01:00:32 5/1/2019
What's the difference between a shmeeb and a herb? Ceruti and FreezePops enlighten Michelle. Also, Small Talk's Game of Thrones Correspondent Tommy Rees joins the show as the crew provides thorough NFL Draft evaluations for Game of Thrones characters.
00:55:34 4/24/2019
Southern Steve Ceruti is back from vacation, and poses the question - When is it OK to ask a celebrity for a picture? Plus ... FreezePops's takes from Bumble Friend, the debut of Small Talk's Game of Thrones Correspondent, and a new edition of 10,000 Frogs.
01:00:50 4/18/2019
Who would win in a one mile race: Michelle, Ceruti or FreezePops? The squad debates it, plus baby names and the latest installment of A+ Content.
01:00:19 4/10/2019
Is April Fools Day for dweebs? Michelle, Ceruti and FreezePops discuss, and try to solve an April Fools Day mystery. Plus, they debut the new feature, "10,000 Frogs."
00:48:39 4/3/2019
Michelle is back from Colombia, and may have gotten Fyre Festivaled. Did FreezePops follow through on the *interesting* proposition? Plus, a "Cool, No One Cares" Power Rankings Bracket Challenge.
00:57:04 3/20/2019
FreezePops gets Michelle and Steve's take on an *interesting* dating proposition. Plus, reviews of Abducted in Plain Sight, and a second run through of Game of Thrones.
01:00:38 3/4/2019
What's your Death Row meal? Who is coming to dinner with you when the end is near? Plus, Top Chef Season 15 Winner Joe Flamm. What he would he cook for famous Chicago athletes, tales of Apron Chasers, walking us through Quickfire challenges and more
01:05:32 2/28/2019
Happy Valentine's Day! Michelle, Ceruti and FreezePops give their Celebrity Couple Power Rankings 1.0 and answer listener questions about love and relationships.
00:59:38 2/13/2019
FreezePops is playing hurt, but is still well enough to celebrate the Pats defeating the Rams in the Super Bowl. Should people have Uber-like ratings on airplanes? Plus, 101 ESPN Radio Host Randy Karraker. What it's like to have Jack Buck, Bob Costas and Dan Dierdorf be your broadcasting mentors? When should St. Louis move past the Rams leaving? He answers those questions and revels a plot to break a curse.
01:19:57 2/7/2019
Was the fix in on the NFC Championship game? Ceruti and FreezePops do an emotional check-in on Michelle after the Rams advance to the Super Bowl. Plus, A+ content, including a deep dive on the Netflix Fyre Festival documentary.
01:09:13 1/24/2019
Michelle and FreezePops run through Three Random Things, including a controversial conversation about adults wearing sports jerseys. Plus, ESPN play-by-play voice Adam Amin! He shares a Tier 1 bad date story, talks about his come up through the broadcasting world, reveals why he had to pretend to be a pre-med student and more
01:18:46 1/17/2019

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