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Michelle Smallmon hosts Small Talk, a weekly conversation for its own sake.


Small Talk

Celebrity Power Couples and Love Advice

Happy Valentine's Day! Michelle, Ceruti and FreezePops give their Celebrity Couple Power Rankings 1.0 and answer listener questions about love and relationships.
00:59:38 2/13/2019

Past Episodes

FreezePops is playing hurt, but is still well enough to celebrate the Pats defeating the Rams in the Super Bowl. Should people have Uber-like ratings on airplanes? Plus, 101 ESPN Radio Host Randy Karraker. What it's like to have Jack Buck, Bob Costas and Dan Dierdorf be your broadcasting mentors? When should St. Louis move past the Rams leaving? He answers those questions and revels a plot to break a curse.
01:19:57 2/7/2019
Was the fix in on the NFC Championship game? Ceruti and FreezePops do an emotional check-in on Michelle after the Rams advance to the Super Bowl. Plus, A+ content, including a deep dive on the Netflix Fyre Festival documentary.
01:09:13 1/24/2019
Michelle and FreezePops run through Three Random Things, including a controversial conversation about adults wearing sports jerseys. Plus, ESPN play-by-play voice Adam Amin! He shares a Tier 1 bad date story, talks about his come up through the broadcasting world, reveals why he had to pretend to be a pre-med student and more
01:18:46 1/17/2019
Michelle, Ceruti and FreezePops run through a variety of topics including .... are "cat guys" weird?, should a guy ALWAYS pay for the check on a first date?, is faking an accent to seduce someone crazy or effective? Plus, Riverboat Tammy shoots her shot with Tom.
00:59:52 1/9/2019
Michelle and FreezePops run through Three Random Things, including how 2018 was "The Year of the Daddy'. Plus, Vanderpump Rules star Tom Sandoval! Where will he throw Jax's bachelor party? When will he and Ariana get engaged? Why he's the 'Swiss Army Knife of Life", an update on that ass tat and more.
01:04:19 12/30/2018
The PSP squad gives you the holiday gift you never knew you needed ... their interview with Ryen Russillo. We talk "LA Ryen," play "Marry, F, Kill," and pose some personal life advice questions.
00:59:18 12/19/2018
The Post Show Pod Squad is back together, and they answer burning questions from the listeners.
00:48:37 12/5/2018
Why do people subject themselves to Turkey Trots? Michelle and FreezePops discuss it, and give this week's Trending Up/Trending Down .... Plus, ESPN NFL Reporter Dianna Russini joins the pod to reveal some things ... including ... how many athletes slide into her DMs, the first thing Tom Brady does after each game, and the never before told story of how she got the info that Kirk Cousins got the nod in DC over RG3.
00:49:20 11/29/2018
Our guy Danny Kanell joins the podcast to answer our burning questions. Will he get Botox? How do you ineffectively spit game at actresses? Does he pump up UCF for free swag? That and more, plus he turns the tables and asks the Post Show Pod Squad a few questions of his own.
00:38:19 11/20/2018
Michelle, Ceruti, and FreezePops are back to give their "Cool, No One Cares" Power Rankings 3.0. This edition is geared around the annoying nuances of the holidays.
00:50:07 11/15/2018

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