Seeing Red

Talking St. Louis Cardinals baseball with two of the best in the business, longtime St. Louis sports journalist Bernie Miklasz and baseball writer and Deadspin founder Will Leitch.


Seeing Red

Ep. 37 - Five Key Players Headed Into Spring Training

We're one day away from pitchers and catchers reporting to Spring Training, so Bernie and Will discuss the five players they have their eyes on as we forge ahead into baseball's training period. We talk about Harrison Bader, Marcell Ozuna and more. Plus, your questions.
00:54:42 2/10/2019

Past Episodes

Bernie and Will reconvene for their first Seeing Red of 2019! The guys give their thoughts on the Andrew Miller signing, wonder why the Cardinals haven't dominated the offseason the way they are fully capable of, and have an interesting conversation about fans' gripes with Cardinals media's coverage of the team.
00:55:49 1/14/2019
The St. Louis Cardinals have acquired All-Star first baseman Paul Goldschmidt from the Arizona Diamondbacks in exchange for right-handed pitcher Luke Weaver, catcher Carson Kelly and infielder Andy Young. Bernie and Will took the weekend to digest this news, and they talk about what's next for the Cardinals this offseason.
00:50:18 12/9/2018
We're talking about the Cardinals players who won't be returning next season, a look at the new coaching staff, Bryce Harper and what the Cardinals should do to get him to sign in St. Louis, is there any shot at Manny Machado and should the Cardinals even pursue him, and a quick look at the pitching staff, especially the bullpen.
00:47:08 11/4/2018
We're talking about how we can take the blame for the Cardinals failure to reach the postseason after missing last week, what is the percentage chance certain Cardinals are back next year, what team you should pull for in the postseason, what's next for this podcast in the off-season, and much more.
00:48:42 9/30/2018
We're talking about Adam Wainwright and his masterful performance on Sunday Night Baseball, the Cardinals' current bullpen and if it makes us feel confident, Greg Holland's resurgence with the Nationals, the Redbirds win the Pacific Coast League despite all their turnover, Will's impressions of SunTrust Park, and a discussion about Matt Carpenter's salsa and how it tastes.
00:46:51 9/16/2018
We're talking about last week's Seeing Red Live podcast from Westport Social, what the Cardinals should do with Bud Norris, the rally squirrel saves the day again, how we'd like to see more of Carson Kelly, and Marcel Ozuna's emergence. Plus, questions via email from you.
00:42:13 9/9/2018
On this episode of Seeing Red, Bernie and Will are LIVE (well, were* LIVE) at Westport Social. We're talking about the Nationals series, the ongoing closer dilemma the Cardinals are facing and whether or not Carlos Martinez is the answer, how the Cardinals have somehow become the young fun Cubs team of a few years back, and much, much more. Plus, the guys field plenty of questions from the crowd.
00:49:56 9/6/2018
We're talking about Cardinals fans and their ongoing broken relationships with closers, the idea of why the Cardinals remain married to the idea of having a set ninth inning pitcher, Jose Martinez might have had the worst at bat of the year this weekend, Adam Wainwright's upcoming return, and are the Cardinals starting to feel the pressure of the postseason push?
00:47:50 9/3/2018
We're talking about how fired up Owner Bill DeWitt is for this year's team, how fast the culture completely changed within the franchise, Harrison Bader's impact on this team, the addition of Matt Adams, and for any Cardinals fans who remain skeptical, don't complain, but rather drink this all up because this is as fun of a Cardinal team as many can remember.
00:53:08 8/26/2018
We're talking about the Cardinals current playoff odds, how they continued to roll despite quiet home-stands from Matt Carpenter and Yadier Molina, and how Shildt's ability to manage can overcome mini-droughts like that. And why the entire operation from front office down to players is just running smoother with a guy like Shildt in charge of the team. Plus, who do you go with to start a Wild Card Game?
00:45:54 8/19/2018


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