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Second Date Update

Second Date Update PODCAST: Careless Package

What happens when you schedule a first date with someone you're attracted to, and they try to blow you off? Would you come up with a plan to INVESTIGATE what's REALLY going on? One of our listeners took matters into her OWN and and attempted to confront her date, and now she needs Jubal's help fixing the mess...
00:15:48 8/23/2019

Past Episodes

Not every "bad boy" can have their own sweet ride... The next level down is a bad boy with a sweet USED car... And a level down from that is a bad boy who SELLS used cars... and that's the type of bad boy we meet in today's Second Date Update. Find out how this car lot "Casanova" stole a lady's heart...
00:14:19 8/21/2019
One of our listeners needs our help! He says he went on a PERFECT date with a really great girl. He has no idea what could have gone wrong! Turns out, someone may have snitched to his date with some information that CHANGES EVERYTHING. Listen to the podcast below to find out what it is!
00:16:01 8/19/2019
Typically with Second Date Updates there are two options - You either agree to a second date or you don't.... but this update has a third option we have never experienced before! Turns out some services were exchanged during this date and now an unusual agreement is made at the end of the update. Listen to the podcast below to find out what it is!
00:16:29 8/14/2019
One thing is clear from Second Date Updates... A lot of people are EXTREMELY Bold on first dates... including one of our listeners in this update call! He did something so, STRANGELY bold that nobody in the studio could believe it... Listen to the podcast below to find out exactly what this man did!
00:15:59 8/12/2019
In todays Second Date Update, one of our listeners knows she is a bad person for wanting to call her date back! And when we get her date on the phone it is CLEAR she only has one goal in mind... but we are not sure how we feel about helping her!
00:16:56 7/26/2019
In today's Second Date Update we'e excited to introduce one of the most interesting characters we've had in a LONG time!! A man that goes by the name of Dumps!! And while his name may be weird....his date with a girl at the Zoo was even WEIRDER. In fact his date was SO STRANGE... Dumps ended up almost FIGHTING with a Zoo keeper. Find out why in the podcast below!
00:17:24 7/15/2019
Weve done some crazy Second Date Updates.. Some are weird, some are heart wrenching, and then there are others where a JUICY SECRET is revealed Which is what happened in todays Second Date. We didn't see it coming, and we definitely didn't think the person that gets busted would DEFEND themselves the way that they did Hear it all below!
00:00:00 7/12/2019

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