Rusty's Garage (AUS)

In Rusty's Garage, automotive commentator and journalist Greg Rust speaks to the most passionate designers, collectors, riders and drivers he knows. Each guest shares their stories about the machines they've owned, raced, crashed & restored throughout their lives, going flat out.


Rusty's Garage (AUS)

#21 - Scott Mclaughlin

From nude bike riding to one of the big names in Australasian Motorsport. Scott McLaughlin's story takes you right up to the Championship deciding round of Supercars. A title he would go on to win.

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00:44:51 12/10/2018

Past Episodes

One of the greatest motorcycle racers ever! Mick Doohan was just 24 hours away from having his leg amputated but Doctors saved it and he came back to win 5 straight world titles. From engineering around injury to using the skills he learned on-track to succeed in the aviation business in post race life and more.
01:12:40 11/19/2018
From rehearsing material at traffic lights to the pure enjoyment of road trips. Funnyman Merrick Watts shares some hilarious tales from a lifelong love of cars and motorbikes.
01:24:01 10/29/2018
The Gold Logie winner opens up on the balance racing has given his life and how Grant Denyer's colleagues at Channel 10 almost announced his death on-air after a frightening rally crash!
01:09:13 10/6/2018
Glenn first went to Bathurst before he could even walk! The Mountain was a cruel place at times but the success he achieved elsewhere in Nissans and championship titles for Ford made him a Supercars Hall of Famer. Now he's guiding son Aaron as a 3rd generation Seton racer takes to the track.
01:09:18 9/17/2018
Drifting is where competitors slide their car around a course in a cloud of tire smoke. Its origins date back to the 1970's in Japan but one of the world's best hails from New Zealand - Mad Mike Whiddett. Mike catalogues his collection of fire breathing rotary Mazda's and what it's like to drive them on the edge of losing control.
01:11:44 8/27/2018
Reflections on a brilliant career and Craig Lowndes shock decision to stop racing full-time. From Championship wins and Bathurst trophies, to wheel-standing tractors and restoring old cars. Peter Brock's protege still has plenty left in the tank!
01:29:48 8/6/2018
Can you imagine racing for 9,000k's through some of the most remote and toughest terrain on the planet? That's the reality of the Dakar Rally - To conquer it takes guts, determination and perseverance - something Toby Price has in spades. As first Aussie to win the race, Toby has overcome incredible challenges during his career, namely coming back from a crash that almost left him in a wheelchair. Toby and Greg talk in a Gold Coast work shop about how he did it and the vehicles he used to get him the checked flag.
01:16:22 7/16/2018
From BMX tear away on the streets of Queanbeyan to reaching the dizzy heights of Formula One through sheer 'Aussie Grit'. The Monaco GP winner opens up on life behind the wheel of some of the most technologically advanced race cars and some classic jalopies in the early years.
01:15:05 6/16/2018
Shane started out on the long road to success in a Ford but as you'll discover he's a passionate Holden man who loves most things with an engine and wheels. The funnyman best known for the movie 'Kenny' shares the stories of why he keeps buying vintage Holden's and what it was like road tripping with Paul Hogen.
01:03:08 3/18/2018

A racer turned Chief Mechanic who guided some of the greatest riders like Mick Doohan & Valentino Rossi to more than a dozen world titles. Jeremy Burgess worked with these riders and more for the big three manufacturers Honda, Yamaha and Ducati and looks back on the wild ride that was the past three decades in motorcycle racing. Now in retirement 'JB' focuses his time on wrenching and restoring two classic British cars.

01:22:03 3/18/2018


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