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Reusse Unchained

Which team in town is the closest to success? (Ep. 25)

Reusse, Judd and Manny give their power rankings for which of the "Big 4" teams in town are the closest to having success over the next few years.
00:00:00 5/20/2019

Past Episodes

The spectacular Game 7s in the NBA playoffs. The Twins' less-than-stellar weekend series against the Detroit Tigers. What Patrick likes and dislikes about softball. As is usually the case with our guy, there are few subjects on which he doesn't have an opinion and this week's episode of Unchained is no exception. Patrick explains why getting excited about a baseball team a month-plus into the season can be a mistake and ends with an appearance from Positive Pat in which PP gives us the lowdown on Patrick's upcoming trip to Montreal.
00:46:00 5/12/2019

Reusse is all sorts of unhinged today after watching the introductory show for new Wolves President of Basketball Operations Gersson Rosas. Judd and Reusse discuss that among a myriad of other topics, including:

  • The Introductory 'Press Conference'
  • The corporate speak at the Gersson Rosas event
  • Thibs being bad for business
  • Who does that event this morning speak to?
  • Kentucky Derby controversy
  • Twins pitching woes
  • Twins in New York continue to struggle
  • Thigh fat...
  • Reusse running
  • St. Thomas out of the MIAC is a done deal, according to Reusse
  • NHL & NBA Playoffs
00:46:00 5/5/2019

Reusse returns after draft weekend with plenty to say on the Vikings draft, the Twins going yard a lot, and Game of Thrones. Yep you read that right. Topic list for today's Reusse Unchained:

  • Trader Rick
  • Vikings cap space issues
  • Who plays where on the offensive line
  • Draft grades are dumb but understandable why they're done
  • Just how bad are the Orioles?
  • Twins power display
  • The ball is juiced
  • MIAC Update - Tommies are probably gone
  • Origination of Wonderwall
  • Loons win
  • Game of Thrones update
  • Positive Pat
00:47:00 4/28/2019

A weekend of homers helped solidify the point for Reusse this week that Max Kepler should not have let any sickness whatsoever get in his way of playing the Orioles. That take, among others, came from Reusse in this weeks Ruesse Unchained. Pat and Judd also talked about:

  • The Home Run becoming more common than the double.
  • Good/Bad Baseball Towns.
  • Twins Bullpen.
  • Rocco's quotes.
  • The ongoing St. Thomas story.
  • The NFL Draft.
  • The greatest marketing ploy in all of sports.
  • Positive Pat
00:42:00 4/22/2019

With the weekend of sports we just had there's plenty to dive into on today's Reusse Unchained! Some of the topics discussed today:

  • Tiger Woods winning The Masters
    • How it's not the greatest comeback in sports
    • Golf not needing to be saved
  • The most dominant athlete in Reusse's lifetime
  • The possibility of the Twins being good
    • They need bullpen help though
    • The Twins schedule, possibly, being one of the worst one's they've ever had
  • The opening of Allianz Field
  • Reusse's epic Unchained on something that happened this weekend
00:47:00 4/14/2019

Reusse is back and all fired up about a bunch of different things today. Among the topics talked about today:

  • That St. Thomas story and all the details Patrick has.
  • The Final Four and all the festivities around that
  • The biggest scams in sports
  • Richard Pitino's new contract extension
  • The NFL's 4-game suspensions
  • Baseball being held to different standard than football
  • We try to get Positive Pat but that fails quickly
00:45:00 4/7/2019

Reusse is now back in Minnesota and wondering what we were talking about with the snow complaints. All kidding aside he was excited about the baseball we got to see over the weekend, excited about Duke not coming to Minneapolis, and wondering if Judd has finally given up on the Wild. Among other things Reusse and Judd discussed:

  • Cleveland looking not good at all over the weekend
  • The Final Four field we get to see at US Bank Stadium
  • The Wild and their season tickets
  • NCAA controversies
  • Ryan Saunders possibly getting the job full-time at the end of the season
  • Parking Ramps in Minneapolis
  • Positive Pat
  • Unchained Pat
00:46:00 3/31/2019

Reusse and Judd are back this week with Reusse's last appearance from Florida.

The boys had plenty to discuss this week:

  • Twins final days of Spring Training
  • Trevor Bauer
  • Gophers postseason run coming to an end
  • Duke scrapping by UCF
  • Wolves and their looming ticketing issue
  • The Wild
  • The State of College Hockey
  • Positive Pat on Gopher Basketball
  • Unchained on Duke and the NCAA Selection Committee
  • Go Henning Hornets!
00:46:00 3/24/2019

Reusse is back and is fired up about the Gophers making the tournament, who's running baseball, and the Twins' chances this year.

Those were just some of the topics of discussion between Patrick Reusse and Judd Zulgad. Here's what else the boys discussed:

  • Gophers make the tournament. Will face Lousiville.
  • Reusse not filling out the bracket
  • Sid making it to 100
  • When Kimbrell and Keuchel will sign
  • Who's running baseball
  • How Buxton looks
  • Reusse get's Unchained
  • Positvie Pat shows up
  • Pat's Troll of the Week
00:44:00 3/17/2019

Pat and Judd are back for this week's edition of Reusse Unchained!

Just a couple of the topics discussed on today's show:

  • Twins Spring Traing and Pat's thoughts on some of the players
  • The Tigers appearing in Hammond Stadium for the first time in 13 years
  • Astudillo and his folk hero status
  • Pat's writing days
  • Baseball gambling
  • Gophers basketball and whether they'll make the tournament
  • Attendance issues at the University
00:48:00 3/10/2019
Judd is back for this week's Reusse Unchained but he joined Pat down in Florida for this edition of the podcast. The boys went heavy on Spring Training talk but did dabble in some hockey talk as Judd's Wild are streaking. Pat goes Unchained on the Final Four and it was a rant to behold. The boys also get Jonathan in the mix to discuss the Loons' season opening win. It all wraps up with a short visit from Positive Pat.
00:52:00 3/3/2019

With Judd out Pat's old radio producer, Manny Hill, jumps in for this weeks Reusse Unchained.

Here's a quick list of what the boys discussed today:

  • The latest from Spring Training
  • Sano's boot coming off
  • Reusse's thoughts on Marwing Gonzalez
  • Aaron Hicks' new contract
  • Pitino on the hot seat?
  • The Wild on a surge
  • This Day in History
  • Positive Pat
00:47:00 2/24/2019

Pat and Judd are back this week with Pat still in the nice temps of Florida while Judd is stuck back in zero degree Minnesota. With the NBA All-star game over the weekend the guys have plenty to vent about and praise as well. Today's show includes discussions about:

  • Miguel Sano's injury and how he got it
  • What time a person is hungriest at
  • Walk-offs in baseball. Overdone!
  • Judd is getting his way on the need for the Wild to blow it all up
  • NBA All Star Game notes
  • A mid-podcast Unchained
  • A Twins pitcher that is noticeably bigger. And not in a good way.
  • Positive Pat
00:48:00 2/17/2019
Big guys don't need a scale to tell them they're fat, they just know. In this episode of Unchained, Reusse tells you how you know you're officially too large. Reusse also tells us why there is reason to be excited about the Twins' opening spring training and discusses his feelings on the proposed rule changes for baseball. Patrick and Judd wrap up the show by discussing the brilliant HBO documentary on New York "street" columnists Jimmy Breslin and Pete Hamill.
00:00:00 2/10/2019

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