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Ep. 56 - Time to Trade Lance Lynn, the Dexter Fowler Left Field Dilemma

The Cardinals bullpen is a whole lot of suck, and it may be time to...The Cardinals bullpen is a whole lot of suck, and it may be time to trade away a few pieces.
Here's the rundown:
1:00 The Cardinals are having major bullpen trouble. Oh is a shell of who he was last season.
3:00 Trevor Rosenthal is looking decent, but can he hang in the closer role?
10:00 Why Magneuris Sierra should stay in the lineup
14:00 Would Dexter Fowler be down with playing left field?
21:00 Face it, Paul DeJong is your best option at shortstop.
24:00 Is it time to trade Lance Lynn? Talking Lynn's value as a rental
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31:45 7/17/2017

Past Episodes

1:00 The Cardinals aren't as good as we expected, but hey neither are the Cubs!
4:00 Biggest surprise of the season so far; Tommy Pham? Paul DeJong?
7:00 Biggest disappointment; Stephen Piscotty? Randal Grichuk?
23:00 Who moves around when Kolten Wong returns?
33:00 Possible trades as deadline approaches
38:00 That time a teammate pooped through an entire brawl versus the Pirates
44:22 7/10/2017
The Cardinals have struggled, so how should they approach the trade deadline? We're talking that, plus Luke Voit's MLB debut.
Here's the rundown:
1:00 How should John Mozeliak approach the trade deadline?
4:00 Talking Lance Lynns value as a trade chip
11:00 Who's next year's closer if the Cardinals move Oh or Rosenthal?
16:00 Luke Voit's MLB debut was great. We're liking this guy.
21:00 Randal Grichuk has been solid since his return. Will this last?
26:00 Brad's 1 for 1 in stolen bases, thanks to Dave McKay
35:25 6/26/2017
The Cardinals somehow put together a winning streak after losing seven in a row. This is a weird season.
41:14 6/13/2017
The Cardinals are playing badly and are somehow hanging near the top of the division. We talk that, plus big league firsts in this episode.
Here's the rundown:
1:00 The Cardinals are wasting too much good starting pitching.
6:00 Michael Wacha is looking rough. What adjustments can he make?
11:00 Thoughts on losing Jonathan Broxton and promoting John Gant
15:00 Randal Grichuk demoted; What's he do to turn around his season?
28:00 Dunc had a hell of a first home run in the big leagues.
29:30 Brad gave up a hell of a first home run in the big leagues.
36:00 What's your biggest concern for the Cardinals so far?
41:45 5/31/2017
The Cardinals have slipped lately, on the field and in trying to sign Luis Robert.
Here's the rundown:
1:00 Who the hell had the Brewers in first place before the season?
3:00 Tyler Lyons is back from the DL. Will he help the bullpen?
4:00 Would Zach Duke be the antidote to a bad bullpen?
9:00 Wondering if the starters can carry the Cardinals through the dog days
14:00 Thoughts on the Matt Adams trade and Juan Yepez
19:00 It sucks to miss out on Luis Robert. What happened?
23:00 Do players pay attention to their stats?
28:43 5/22/2017
The young Cardinals are making plenty of noise for a team that's in first place. Finally, something good to talk about!
Here's the rundown:
1:00 The Cardinals have turned their season around already. What's in the secret sauce?
4:00 Mike Leake is tearing it up as part of a stellar starting rotation.
13:00 Tommy Pham and Magneuris Sierra have made the most of their time in the bigs. Next?
19:00 Should Sierra focus even more on base stealing with speed like that?
22:00 What super strength would your baseball video game character have?
24:00 When a manager gets ejected, what's it do for the rest of the team?
27:17 5/15/2017
We cover everything from the Cardinals' mediocrity to David Eckstein's underwear in this episode. How's that for topic selection?
Here's the rundown:
1:00 The Cardinals look rough in areas outside of starting pitching.
5:00 Carlos Martinez cut his braids. Let's look into the strange superstitions of baseball players.
8:30 David Eckstein wore really old underwear.
16:30 How's the Cardinals' bullpen looking? Not great.
23:00 Tyler Lyons is too good to not be playing more once he returns from the DL.
30:00 Earliest childhood memories of baseball
33:18 5/1/2017
The Cardinals have turned around their bad start, and BT and Dunc recall a few of their run-ins with Joe West.
Here's the rundown:
1:00 The Cardinals have finally turned around their bad start. Thank goodness for better pitching.
6:00 Trevor Rosenthal is still looking good. Could he win back the closer role?
14:00 Jose Martinez looks good, but finding playing time could be an issue.
19:00 Base running is looking bad just like last year. Let's fix this.
34:00 Bad umpiring in baseball; BT and Dunc tell their Joe West stories.
41:17 4/24/2017
The Cardinals are off to a rough start, but we've seen a few bright spots through the muck.
Here's the rundown:
1:00 The Cardinals are off to a terrible start. This sucks.
4:00 What's with the Matt Adams in left field experiment?
9:30 Trevor Rosenthal is a bright spot. Will he get back the closer role?
12:30 There's a lot to worry about so far with the bullpen
22:30 What's your biggest concern about the Cardinals so far?
28:00 Will the Cubs regress this year? Let's hope! But, probably not.
29:23 4/10/2017

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