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Red Hot Real Estate

4/14/19 - Strategies to Position Buyers/Sellers in this Hot Market

Hosts Miss Shannan, Mimi Schoneman, and Phil Olson talk about how to get buyers and sellers to make the most of the current market.
00:00:00 4/14/2019

Past Episodes

Today on the Red Hot Real Estate Show, Mimi Schoneman, Miss Shannan, and Shelley Farris the Credit Contessa clear up the confusion about Credit Scores: They're NOT set in stone! We're also answer your questions about how to prepare your house for sale.
00:49:14 4/7/2019
Today on The Red Hot Real Estate Show Mimi Schoneman and Miss Shannon will be discussing the cost of waiting to Sell, and 20+ Tips to Prepare your House for Sale, And, Should you allow a Buyer to take possession before closing?
00:44:57 3/31/2019
Hosts Miss Shannan joined with Mimi Schoneman discuss the pitfalls of loaning from online lenders and how to be a good buyer.
00:47:32 3/23/2019
Hosts Miss Shannan are joined by Mimi Schoneman (Remax Results) and Phil Olson to discuss tips on how you can face seller and buyer pain in today's market.
00:48:47 3/10/2019
Phil Olson, with AMEC Home Loans is on the show today and we discuss what you need to know about Home Owner Associations and the best way to finance Condos and Townhomes.
00:47:43 3/3/2019
Miss Shannan is joined with Shelley Farris from Sierra Specific Mortgage to talk about what you can do about Ice Dams.
00:47:05 2/24/2019
Host Miss Shannan and Mimi Schoneman from Remax Results are joined by Shelley Ferris, the Credit Contessa to talk about the rules of a "Non-Qualified Mortgage."
00:46:31 2/17/2019
Host Miss Shannan and Mimi Schoneman from ReMax Results talk about a few things that you can do to get your house ready to sell in the next 2 weeks.
00:45:24 2/10/2019
Hosts Miss Shannan and Phil Olson with AMEC Home Mortgage Lender talk about what is happening in the rental market.
00:45:41 2/3/2019
Host Miss Shannan and Mimi Schoneman talk about the things you NEED to know BEFORE you BUY or SELL a home!
00:00:00 1/20/2019

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