Q102 presents The Hot List

Join Tim and Toria for the day's biggest stories in Cincinnati and across the Tri-State. It's kind of the "Kathie Lee & Hoda" of Q102. News, food, celebs, tech, sports, style, DIY, motivation, good vibes, life, bars and beers, shopping, fashion, pets and fun things to do. You will hear it all on The Hot List.


Q102 presents The Hot List

Hot List 04/19/19

-Shawn Mendes doesn't wash his face -A Royal Baby clue? -New rooftop bars in Cincinnati -Happy 420 -Q to Do -Signs on your wedding day that you WON'T make it.
00:05:37 4/18/2019

Past Episodes

-Justin Bieber is making music with Leo DiCaprio! -Roebling Bridge CLOSED -Breaking Easter Bunny News -Incline Public House growth conitnues -What is Pink Moon? -OTF opens in Union, KY
00:06:16 4/17/2019
-Is Britney Spears being held in a mental facility against her will? -A Disney Singalong BOTTOMLESS brunch is coming to Cincy! -Are you eating Pringles the wrong way? -NatiWood Update on the new Netflix film being shot here -A Boston Marathon connection to St. X
00:07:12 4/16/2019
-Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B are stripping -Journey is doing a residency at Vegas -Is Kim trolling Taylor -Wine and Taco News -Good Vibes in St. Bernard -Graeter's has a new flavor -Carbs and Pickles
00:05:57 4/15/2019
-Who did Ariana bring out on stage at Coachella ? -How do you know it's spring in Cincinnati? -What's going to happen at NKU, now? -A new Steakhouse in Pleasant Ridge -How much did we pay in taxes in 2019? -Join the Rosie Reds
00:05:37 4/14/2019
-New murals coming to town -Benefits of being the oldest child -Surprising effects of music -Sports -Q to Do
00:06:21 4/11/2019
-Kim K is getting a new career -Chip and Joanna Gaines' new TV Network launch date -What is the most relaxing color? -Major BLINK announcement -How is gardening good for your health? -What does a black hole look like? -A new way to visit NKY breweries and distilleries.
00:06:26 4/10/2019
-Reds WIN! -Mick Cronin is leaving UC -Ariana Grande is trademarking a common phrase -Goettafest is changing -Cigar, beer, food news! -Toria is going to make us laugh. -What kind of friends to want your kids to have?
00:06:23 4/9/2019
-Who is the Prince of Pop? Justin or Shawn? -Tom Selleck is releasing a memoir -Who is teaching John Legend to swim? -There is a reality show searching for couple in Cincinnati -Mayonnaise plus Cadbury eggs?? WTH? -Drew McDonald is giving back -Luxurious Staycations -HRC Fashion Show in Cincinnati
00:06:44 4/8/2019
-Who is the richest Jonas? -Justin Bieber is getting healthy -There are Royal Baby rules that Harry and Meghan will have to follow -A fridge for your makeup? -The greatest "headline" of the year! -New Oreos out TODAY!
00:06:48 4/7/2019
-Who will host Jeopardy after Alex? -Who is suing Jussie Smollett? -There is a new vegetable. WTF -Why has your man NOT proposed yet? -Q To Do -FC is having an Orange out on Sunday. -New Italian spot coming to Kenwood
00:06:18 4/4/2019

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