Q102 presents The Hot List

Join Tim and Toria for the day's biggest stories in Cincinnati and across the Tri-State. It's kind of the "Kathie Lee & Hoda" of Q102. News, food, celebs, tech, sports, style, DIY, motivation, good vibes, life, bars and beers, shopping, fashion, pets and fun things to do. You will hear it all on The Hot List.


Q102 presents The Hot List

Hot List 06/18/19

-MTV Movie and TV Awards update -Changes to Cincinnati episode of American Ninja Warrior -Another Cincinnati Zoo baby! -Rose Strawberries -Cut your time at the BMV in half! -Reds win! -Eat Ribs and make money!
00:04:47 6/17/2019

Past Episodes

-Lion King makeup? -A Father's Day surprise at the Zoo! -Hilarious things we all do, but will never admit! -2 hours a week of THIS will lead to happiness -Bring your pooch to the Reds game tonight! -The #1 burb in Greater Cincinnati
00:04:40 6/16/2019
-Have Katy Perry and Taylor Swift made up? -Changes coming to the Cincinnati skyline -Kroger News -Why do we yawn? -ROSE!!!! -Pay your age for Build-a-bear is BACCKKK
00:05:46 6/11/2019
-Is Ohio fun? -Beer News! -Watch soccer downtown today at World Cup Village -Cincinnati has a new police chief -The Bachelorette
00:06:36 6/10/2019
-Huge Cincinnati Concert Announcement -Chris Pratt got married! -Why you shouldn't set your clock ahead? -Why does the Queen wear bright colors? -Sports! -What did Tim say at Orange Theory today that made Toria LOL
00:04:14 6/9/2019
-What's next for baby shark? -Is Teak coming BACK to Mt. Adams? -Cowboy Ice Cream? -How to eat a pot pie correctly? -What is going in the Macy's building off Fountain Square? -When will Amazon drones be here?
00:06:31 6/5/2019
-Changes at Apple -Jay Z is a billionaire -Muppet Movie is coming back to theaters -New Graeters flavor -Win a trip to Greece from Skyline -Aggressive birds! -Don't kill centipedes -Free swim lessons for the kids this summer!
00:06:29 6/3/2019
-JaLo music is 20! -Who is going to be the next Batman? -Are men or women more scared of snakes? -Celebrate National Cheese Day with Tim and Toria -The most used lies on a resume -Sports!
00:05:16 6/2/2019
-Attention Harry Potter fans! -Snooki is having more kiddos! -Books, check'm out -Abbreviations on the internet -Q To Do -$1 movies this summer
00:06:42 5/30/2019
-What the Jonas Bros are saying about their "PURITY RINGS" -A Bachelor Baby -Mandy Moore did WHAT?!! -A huge BLINK announcement -FC Cincy has made a big hire -Why do we sing in the shower -Is this landlord nuts?
00:06:24 5/29/2019
-Jonas Brother's Memoir -Who is better with money? Men or Women? -The most and least addictive foods -What are those dots on the windshield? 
00:06:03 5/28/2019

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