Q102 presents The Hot List

Join Tim and Toria for the day's biggest stories in Cincinnati and across the Tri-State. It's kind of the "Kathie Lee & Hoda" of Q102. News, food, celebs, tech, sports, style, DIY, motivation, good vibes, life, bars and beers, shopping, fashion, pets and fun things to do. You will hear it all on The Hot List.


Q102 presents The Hot List

Hot List 02/22/19

-Records breaking moment for NKU Basketball! -Q To Do -Celebrate Cheese! -Real action Mario Cart -Want a wine purse? -Most common dining mistakes! -New Salazar restaurant!
00:05:15 2/21/2019

Past Episodes

-The Ohio Presidential Trail -Kings area getting a new brewery! -Hulk Hogan BioPic and who will play the Hulkster? -Will there be a surprise host at the Oscars? -How to sell more Girl Scout cookies!!! -Local Fast Food News -Kings Mills news!
00:05:51 2/20/2019
-Ty Pennington is coming to Cincy! -Lots of break ups! -Changes to Columbia Pkwy? -How many best friends will you have in your lifetime? -Nightime donut spot -Is Sebatian's on Glenway closing? -New Olympic sports? -Sex hats for birds
00:06:28 2/19/2019
-What is in the Oscars gift bags? -New health benefits to drinking wine! -Moonshine in the COV -How to get $10 Hamilton tickets -Do you name your baby bump -The full snow moon is here!
00:06:15 2/18/2019
-Walking Dead meets Breaking Bad -Who got married and engaged?! -How to burn more body fat? -Cincinnati Chili Beer! -More parking options downtown -How much should you spend on an engagement ring? -Holy Cabbage Batman!
00:07:16 2/17/2019
-Is Scrubs coming back?! -Who showed up at Kim K's house for Valentine's Day -Pete Davidson is coming to Netflix -American Ninja Warrior in Cincinnati! -Happy Bday to Miami University! -Are you participating in risky behavior? -How rich is Indian Hill? -Madtree celebrates 6 years this weekend!
00:06:44 2/14/2019
-A Breaking Bad movie is in the works! -Halsey has a new tattoo -Pizza! -2 date activities that spark romance more than others -Where to get valentines roses and how much will you pay? -Small Dog Advisory -Husband of the Year
00:06:13 2/13/2019
-What is Ohio Style Pizza? -Madtree is celebrating a birthday! -A new bourbon festival is coming to NKY -Update on Wayfair store -Justin Bieber is being treated for depression -Harry Potter reboot?
00:04:19 2/12/2019
-Cincinnati's only Brownie Bakery -George Clooney is coming back to TV -FC's new uniforms -Lots of TriState concerts announced in the last 24 hours -Changes to the Beast at KI -A new tropical bar at The Banks -Is Toys R Us coming back? -Where is the Dog Museum?
00:05:50 2/11/2019
-Our thoughts on the Grammys -Wicked is being made into a movie! -Big news at Moeller High School! -An interesting and sweet new wedding trend -A festival is returning to Cincinnati -Flavor news!
00:06:14 2/10/2019
-Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin open up about their marriage being "effing hard" -Pedal Wagon on water?? -Pickle restaurant??!! -MegaMommy Sale -A beach party in Feb? -UC Bearcats -Stay at a haunted AirBnB mansion
00:06:49 2/6/2019

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