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E News: Game of Thrones has been leaked. 8-17-17

E News: Game of Thrones has been leaked, American Idol doesn't have any judges, It's Rober DeNiro's birthday.

09:21 8/17/2017

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Second Date Update: What's in your wallet?
10:21 8/17/2017
What was your grooming injury?
10:21 8/17/2017
News That Didn't Make the News: Husbands don't hate on your wife for spending money, people who eat late at night get burned more, Happy Birthday on Facebook, Chuck E Cheese band is going away.
20:31 8/17/2017
E News: Taylor Swift was super hard to draw in court, Judge Judy lets the dogs decide, Movie passes for just $10, and the Bachelorette finale was high in the ratings.
10:02 8/16/2017
Best Friend Game and Fake or For Real
08:03 8/16/2017
News That Didn't Make the News: Could you date someone who you was ugly?, Most annoying thing other drivers do, Small mouse found in food, Pumpkin spiced everything is on the way.
18:16 8/16/2017
Second Date Update: Is church really a great place to find a date?
18:16 8/16/2017
E News: Taylor Swift wins her lawsuit, Deadpool 2 had a tragedy yesterday, Prince has a color now, and Fake or For Real.
09:35 8/15/2017
Second Date Update: It's a cleanse.
09:29 8/15/2017

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