Amy's Table

Join Creative and Culinary Director Amy Tobin every week for Amy's Table: A Guide to Living on Cincinnati's Q102. Amy will share tips for a happier, healthier you along with inspired ideas for recipes, and more!


Amy's Table

Authentic Family Recipes from Mexico

Yvette Marquez chats with Amy about three generations of family recipes from her book "Muy Bueno."
00:10:37 8/19/2019

Past Episodes

Lisa Woodruff, author of "Organize 365" chats about how to find an hour in your day to do what you want to do!
00:13:13 8/19/2019
Michelle Scicolone, author of the Italian Vegetable Cookbook shares her tips and cooking secrets.
00:08:24 8/19/2019
Jo Robinson shares eye opening information about food from her book "Eating on the Wild Side!"
00:11:11 8/19/2019
Susie Middleton shares the best ways to prepare foods fresh from the farm.
00:10:47 8/19/2019
Amy chats with Denise Gee about the drinks, foods and decor that make the perfect party on the porch or deck or backyard!
00:13:45 8/15/2019
Amy chats with Steven Raichlen about his book "Project Smoke" featuring tips, tricks and lore about smoking meats.
00:12:40 8/15/2019
We all can handle the microwave and the toaster. Amy chats with Paula Marcoux about how to really cook with fire.
00:13:45 8/15/2019
Amy chats with Kat O'Dell about the finer points of day drinking and mixing the perfect daytime cocktails. Bottoms up!
00:12:14 8/15/2019
Pinkies up! Amy chats with Charles Duque, Director of the French Dairy Board, about what cheese goes best with certain drinks.
00:14:24 8/8/2019
Grab a fork! Amy chats with David Venable about how he takes Mac and Cheese to new heights.
00:08:05 8/8/2019

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