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Join Creative and Culinary Director Amy Tobin every week for Amy's Table: A Guide to Living on Cincinnati's Q102. Amy will share tips for a happier, healthier you along with inspired ideas for recipes, and more!


Amy's Table

Tips for Cooking One Pot Meals

Ming Tsai wrote the book "One Pot Meals". Learn the secrets and techniques behind great wok cooking.
00:12:34 6/17/2019

Past Episodes

Annie and Dan Shannon turn the Betty Crocker Cookbook on it's ear as they create vegan versions of your family favorites in Betty Goes Vegan
00:12:55 6/17/2019
Cara Mangini shows how vegetables can be your mainstay. She is The Vegetable Butcher.
00:11:38 6/17/2019
Angela Liddon shares secrets and tips from the Oh She Glows Cookbook.
00:11:30 6/17/2019
Fathers Day Show: Jon Gordon is a hard working dad who shatters the myth of work life balance.
00:09:28 6/11/2019
Fathers Day Show: Chef Ming Tsai is a dad who owes it all to his mom and one pot meals.
00:12:34 6/11/2019
Father's Day Show: Richard Paul Evans opens doors for his kids, especially these four.
00:11:31 6/11/2019
Father's Day Show: Bruce Feiler created a Council of Dads for his children.
00:10:12 6/11/2019
Suffering Succotash! Amy solves the mystery of why we dislike the foods we do with Stephanie Lucianovic.
00:10:11 6/6/2019
Amy fires it up with former president of the International Association of Culinary Professionals.
00:09:26 6/6/2019
Learn about Kentucky's rich culinary heritage with Amy and guest Maggie Green.
00:06:53 6/6/2019

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