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In and Around The House

IAATH 5.18.2019

Listen in as the guys talk about fungus on rose bushes and how you can combat that problem and more problems in your flower beds. Also, a caller calls in about questions on landscaping his back yard. How does Tony and Bob point him in the right direction? All of this and more on this week's episode of IAATH!!
02:00:54 5/18/2019

Past Episodes

Listen in as the guys talk about mothers day and all the wonderful plants for your mothers.
00:00:00 5/11/2019
THRILLERS, FILLERS, AND SPILLERS! That's right, this week the guys are talking about container plants! Listen in as they discuss ideas, and do's and don't's when it comes to container plants and containers. Also, callers call in with mulch fungus, take a listen so you'll be prepared on what to do if you see this in your mulch beds.
02:12:54 5/3/2019
Listen in as Tony and Bob talk about tropic plants and how you can grown in the Greater Cincinnati area! Also, a lot of phone calls from people with lawn issues, listen in as they try to weed out the problem and find a solution. Also we are excited to have Crystal Courtney in from the Cincinnati Parks Department in the studio with us. Catch up as she tells us all the exciting programs they have going on!
02:12:50 4/27/2019
Listen in as Tony and Bob introduce a new segment to our show! Gardening issues and solutions, also we tackle problems from callers ranging from weeds in the yard to howling in the plumbing. Listen as Jason from Herrman services calls in with some expert advice.
02:12:57 4/19/2019
Listen in as the guys have Steve from the Cincinnati Zoo to talk about all the beautiful plants they have on display this year!
02:15:16 4/15/2019
Listen in as the guys talk about preventing weeds this up incoming summer for your lawns. Also, learn how you can get rid of existing weeds and the steps you need to take to prevent them for next summer. We also have Margie from Bushelman Supply to talk about hardscaping for you front or back yard.
02:16:20 4/5/2019
Listen to the guys in this episode as they talk about mulch and turf!! Tony and Bob are talking about things you can do around your mulch beds as spring has just arrived. Also, we have Matt Duncan from Central Farms on the show with us as he is a turf expert! He explains how to get that perfect lawn this spring and summer!
02:14:18 3/29/2019
Listen to the guys this week as they talk about timely tips for your lawn and garden beds! Also we are very excited to welcome in our guest from the Cincinnati Conservatory as she talks about the new Butterflies of Ecuador!
02:11:39 3/24/2019
Listen to the guys talk about turf management and mulch in your garden beds. Also, they talk about the three step lawn treatment, and weed prevention steps you can take, perfect time as spring is just a few days way! Listen in as our guest this week, Howard and Jeff from Mees Distributors talk about ceramic tiles in your garden spaces!
02:07:06 3/18/2019
In this week's podcast, the guys have a few guests in the studio with them! Listen in as they talk about seeds and fruit trees!
02:10:36 3/9/2019
Tony is out of the studio, so listen to Bob and Alex as they take over IAATH this weekend! Also, We are excited to have two guests in the studio this morning! We will have Todd Beaton from Beaton Nursery, and we will have Jason from Herrmann Services! Listen in for all of your plant questions and plumbing questions!
01:52:46 3/2/2019
Listen as the guys talk about the Home and Garden show here in Cincinnati, Ohio! Tony will be at the show and he is very excited! Also, this is Bob's first official show with IAATH! Ryan, from Arlinghaus Heating and Air joins us this week and talks about problems in the home. Listen as he gives good insight to avoid costly repairs for your furnace and air conditioning.
02:10:49 2/25/2019
Is the flu season over yet, possibly not! Listen as we have Dr. Amy Haney from St. Elizabeth Physicians talk about the flu and why chicken noodle soup is the best at home remedy. Also we have Margie from Bushelman Supply, as she explains new trends and must haves for this spring.
02:12:50 2/15/2019
Its Valentines day and the guys are here to help! Listen as they give you advice on Valentines day flowers. Also, the Buxus Boxwood is our plant of the week, and in the studio with us is Tim Mallory from Advantage Roofing. Listen in as he gives us advice on our roofs this winter and spring seasons.
02:04:00 2/10/2019

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