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Sunday Morning Magazine with Rodney Lear

Allie, Allies Walk About, Kid Prenuers, Segment #2 (1-13-19)

Allie, Founder and Owner, Allie's Walk About; David, Allie's Dad. While on the show Allie explained the idea for the business came after she asked her dad for money when she was 9-years-old. She says his answer was no, but he followed up by saying he would teach her how to earn the money. Today, Allie is the owner of Allie's Walk About which is an extremely profitable full service pet sitting company. Allie spoke about the difficulties of starting the company. She also discussed how she handles overhead and operational expenses. In addition, Allie explained how she juggles the business, school, homework, friends and afterschool activities.
00:10:57 2/4/2019

Past Episodes

Hannah and Alexander, Founders, Adopt A Book. After learning that local at-risk children had no access to books, Hannah and Alexander vowed to help. At the age of 9 the caring brother and sister started Adopt A Book. The non-profit organization collects and distributes new and gently used books to children in need. Today, at the age of 12-years-old these twins have collected over 21,000 books and distributed them to 29 local organizations. Passionate about reading and availability of resources, Hannah and Alexander petitioned the city to place a Little Free Library along a historic bike trail, encouraging people to share and recycle reading materials. They joined Sunday Morning Magazine to tell their story.
00:15:09 2/4/2019
The Cincinnati VA Medical Center is a two-division campus located in Cincinnati, Ohio and Fort Thomas, Kentucky serving fifteen counties in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana with six Community Based Outpatient Clinics located in Bellevue, KY; Florence, KY; Lawrenceburg, IN; Hamilton, OH; Clermont County, OH, and Georgetown, OH. Three Cincinnati VAMC campus locations are also available in Cincinnati to include an Eye Center, Vet Center and Mental Health Outreach Community Division.
00:17:19 2/4/2019
Christine King-Farris, Author, My Brother Martin: A Sister Remembers Growing up with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Mrs. King-Farris joined the show to talk about her new children's book. While on the show, she revealed that she wrote the book to honor her late brother and to encourage the next generation of civil rights leaders.
00:06:32 2/4/2019
Tara Sullivan, Author, The Bitter Side of Sweet. Mrs. Sullivan is garnering a reputation for writing powerful stories for young adults with a human rights angle. She joined the show to talk about her latest book which looks at modern-day child slavery.
00:08:52 2/4/2019
Devon Still played college football at Penn State during the Paterno/Sandusky years, where he earned Consensus All-American honors. He was also drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals in 2012 and later went on to play for Houston Texans and the NY Jets. In 2014, his daughter, Leah was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma stage 4 cancer, and Devon has become well-known as a childhood cancer advocate.
00:15:19 2/4/2019
Tracey, Heart Attack Survivor; Beverly, Diagnosed with Heart Disease; Phylise, Once diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure; Golda, Diagnosed with Heart Disease. February is Heart Health Month. We devoted this edition of the show to women and heart disease. For this segment of the show, we hosted an on-air panel discussion with four women diagnosed with some form of heart disease. This group of courageous women shared details of their illness, spoke about the role heredity has played in their diagnosis, and detailed how they modified their diet and lifestyle to survive heart disease.
00:30:25 2/4/2019
Taylor Branch, Author, At Canaan's Edge: America in the King Years 1965-68. We spoke to Pulitzer Prize-winning and bestselling author Taylor Branch. He joined the show to talk about his latest project. The book concludes Branch's history of the civil rights movement and Dr. Martin Luther King's heroic role at the center of it all. While on Sunday Morning Magazine, Branch explained that the new book chronicles King's efforts to hold his movement together in the face of internal factions that disagreed about strategy, tactics, and whether they could achieve their goals solely through nonviolence. Branch also spoke about the intermittent hostility Dr. King faced from President Johnson's administration. Branch also provided insight into the unrelenting harassment Dr. King endured at the hands of the FBI.
00:29:49 2/4/2019
Debbi Morgan, Emmy Award-winning Actress and Author, The Monkey On My Back. Debbi Morgan is best known as Dr. Angela Hubbard on the long-running soap opera All My Children. She joined Sunday Morning Magazine to discuss her deeply personal memoir. Debbi revealed on-air that early in her family history, an ugly pattern of domestic violence began?which spanned three generation of women. The abuse developed into fear, insecurity, self-doubt, and emotional trauma, which were passed down from one generation to the next. From her maternal grandmother, who was beaten by her husband, to Debbi's mother, who became pregnant as a young teen and suffered the same abuse as her mother, down to Debbi, who internalized the physical abuse she watched her mother endure. As an adult, Debbi would also face abuse in her relationships.
00:17:33 2/4/2019
Madison Robinson, Founder, Fish Flops Inc. At the age of 8, Madison started her own company, Fish Flops. Today, at the age of 16-years-old, this entrepreneur has over $1 million dollars in sales. She joined Sunday Morning Magazine to talk about the key to her success. She discussed everything from her business role models to her lucrative deal with retailers Macy's and Nordstrom. Robinson also discussed her plans for college and her philanthropic endeavors with the military and orphaned children. She also gave advice to other teens looking to start a business.
00:14:09 2/4/2019
Dr. Stephanie Dunlap, Medical Director of the UC Health Advanced Heart Failure Treatment Center, Medical Director of the UC Health Advanced Heart Failure Treatment Center. Heart Disease is the number one killer of women. Sunday Morning Magazine focused an entire show on the disease. Dr. Stephanie Dunlap joined the show to explain the warning signs and risk factors of heart disease. She also spoke about how women can reduce their chances of developing heart disease. Additionally, Dr. Dunlap explained the role heredity, age, smoking, obesity and diabetes plays in heart disease.
00:13:03 2/4/2019

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