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Ep. 677 - Europe In Crisis

Brexit hits a massive snag, France's government parlays with protesters, and we discuss segregated vacation spots. Date: 12-11-2018
00:50:34 12/11/2018

Past Episodes

The Left celebrates as federal prosecutors look at indicting Trump, Trump swivels and clocks James Comey, and White House chief of staff John Kelly is out. Date: 12-10-2018
00:57:53 12/10/2018
Author and columnist David Limbaugh joins Ben to discuss how Christianity and Judaism have shaped America, how his thinking on Donald Trump has changed since 2016, and whether 2020 will be better than 2018 for Republicans.
01:01:18 12/8/2018
Kevin Hart loses his Oscar gig, Democrats fulminate over voter fraud in North Carolina, and we check the mailbag. Date: 12-7-2018
01:01:49 12/7/2018
Washington DC gathers to mourn Bush 41, we explore Bush 41's political legacy, and the radical Left gains steam among the Democratic intelligentsia. Date: 12-6-2018
00:51:21 12/6/2018
Former national security adviser Mike Flynn receives no jail time, the stock market dives, and we bid a fond farewell to Michael Avenatti.
00:56:03 12/5/2018
What happens if the Mueller report comes up empty? Plus, we recap the HW Bush tribute ceremony, and discuss whether gender reveal parties are cisnormative.
00:49:19 12/4/2018
Will Trump's Christmas be full of MAGA or will he find a chunk of impeachment coal in his stocking? Join this election night roundtable discussion featuring Ben Shapiro, Andrew Klavan, Michael Knowles, and Daily Wire god-king Jeremy Boreing, as they discuss politics, culture, and where to find meaning during the cold, dark winter. *DURING THIS EPISODE ONLY: UP TO 20% OFF DAILY WIRE MERCH!* -> https://amzn.to/2PhJwky The Leftese Dictionary is now on sale on Amazon! https://www.amazon.com/Leftese-Dictionary-Andrew-Klavan/dp/1731105398 Date: 12-03-2018
02:13:39 12/3/2018
George H.W. Bush passes away, Russiagate continues to unfold, and Paris bursts into flame. Date: 12-03-2018
00:59:57 12/3/2018
Pastor John MacArthur joins Ben to discuss the intersection of the Bible and politics, the proper role of government, and the similarities and differences between Judaism and Christianity. Date: 12-02-2018
01:09:12 12/1/2018
New revelations from the Mueller investigation, an anti-Semitic CNN commentator gets the boot, and we check the mailbag!? Date: 11-30-2018
00:58:10 11/30/2018

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