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On "Pardon My Take," Big Cat & PFT Commenter deliver the loudest and most correct sports takes in the history of the spoken word. Daily topics, guests, and an inability to tell what the hosts might be doing will make this your new favorite sports talk show. This is a podcast that will without a doubt change your life for the better- guaranteed, or your money back. *Pretend a reggaeton air horn is going off right now*


Baker Mayfield

Eli Manning still has it and other Monday Night Football Thoughts (2:27 - 9:25). Mexico Field Update (9:25 - 13:22). The Warriors are imploding and Kevin Durant is definitely leaving after this season in free agency and this is in no way an overreaction (13:22 - 20:54). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (20:54 - 32:46). Cleveland Browns Quarterback Baker Mayfield joins the show to talk about being drafted Number 1, changing the culture in Cleveland, all the haters, and why we could motivate him better than anyone if he gave us a shot. Plus a very special t-shirt with collaboration with all proceeds going to the Special Olympics Ohio (32:46 - 75:21). Segments include Bad Visual for Markelle Fultz, sad Carmelo, Thoughts and Prayers Stan Lee and Nathan Peterman, Hue Boy for Hue Jackson getting hired by the Bengals and guys on chicks. 
01:39:47 11/13/2018

Past Episodes

NFL Week 10 Recap and fastest 2 minutes (2:21 - 8;09). The underdogs were barking on Sunday, the Jets are a mess, Tom Brady is relatable, the Rams bounce back, and the Saints continue to be a wagon (8:08 - 24:18). Football Guy of the Week including Zach Smith going after Tom Herman on twitter and the invention of "ok. cool. hook em" (24:18 - 34:19). Who's back of the week (34:19 - 42:57). CBS CFB writer Tom Fornelli joins the show to talk about the College Football playoffs, who can beat Bama, and why Oklahoma's defense is laughably bad (42:57 - 61:21). Sports Illustrated NFL writer Robert Klemko joins the show to talk about Week 11, Dez Bryant, and the rookie QBs of 2018 (61:21 - 81:36). Segments include Jimmy Butler was traded lets talk about it, Stay Me70, Shoot your Shot Jared Goff, Stay Classy Redskins Social Media, and a wild Monday Reading about Northwestern Football being bad because they're good. 
01:47:26 11/11/2018
The Steelers are officially back and Big Ben is a Chevy Truck with a Hemi. Dez Bryant signed with the Saints and Jerry Jones is in trouble with his fanbase including a 7 year old.(2:56-12:48) Week 10 preview, picks, and Josh McCown doesn't masturbate. (12:49-25:35) Fantasy Fuccbois. (25:36-29:25) Author Mark Leibovich joins the show to talk about his new book on the NFL "Big Game : The NFL In Dangerous Times" and the story of Jerry Jones masturbating into a shoe. (36:17-1:00:10) West Virginia Head Coach Dana Holgorsen joins the show to accept his football guy of the week award and talk about the decision to go for 2 in Austin last weekend. (1:02:15-1:11:11) Segments include Locker Room Talk PK Subban (1:12:50-1:14:51), not to brag but we called it Mayweather isn't fighting (1:14:52-1:17:08), Boom Roasted with Lenny Dykstra (1:17:09-1:19:04), Respect the Biz for the masturbating sports director (1:19:05-1:22:02) and Hanks Grab Bag (1:22:03-1:29:33). 
01:32:59 11/8/2018
Election night 2018 we're ready to break it all down! Is Jerry Jones alive because the Cowboys are in trouble and no one is doing anything (2:21 -  10:21). Malcom Butler is making Belichick look smart again and Jason Witten almost cried (10:21 - 17:29). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Aliens and the Blackhawks firing Joel Quenneville (17:29 - 27:53). Hall of Famer Cal Ripken JR joins the show to talk about his career, when he thought the streak might be in Jeopardy, why he's anti bat flip, and whether or not he's actually alive (27:53 - 68:06). Segments include respect the game Jamal Murray, Hurt or Injured Triple H, just stop talking Jon Gruden Mike Tomlin edition, and Guys on Chicks. 
01:28:02 11/6/2018
Week 9 fastest 2 minutes (2:27 - 9:13). Recap of our weekend in Baton Rouge. Death Valley, seeing Coach O, hanging out with Vince Vaughn on the sidelines and Alabama is really fucking good (9:13 - 18:18). NFL Week 9 recap, Big Ben died, Rams vs Saints was awesome, Nathan Peterman is sad, Texans are a wagon, and the Done Chain (18:18 - 38:13). Football Guy of the Week including Dana Holgorsen and Jeremy Pruitt disavowing his entire childhood (38:13 - 44:10). Who's back of the week (44:10 - 56:49). Former NFL Player and studio Analyst Merril Hoge joins the show to talk about his new book on CTE, what the NFL has done right and what it needs to do better (56:49 - 80:02). Segments include Embrace Debate Bob Ryan did a tweet, Way to stay relevant baseball, Hank hot in the streets, and a Stay Woke for Space Jam 2.
01:37:05 11/4/2018
Nick Mullens is the greatest quarterback of all time and this is not an overreaction. (2:40-9:08) Jon Gruden has hit rock bottom and the Browns are hilarious. Week 9 Preview plus picks.(9:09-26:53) Fantasy Fuccbois.(26:54-31:07) Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight UFC Champion Daniel Cormier joins the show to talk UFC 230 Saturday Night, why he dominates people even with a bad body, how much he hates Jon Jones, and what his weaknesses are as a fighter. (33:31-1:03:30) Segments include Sabermetrics (1:05:02-1:06:35) Well Actually (1:06:36-1:09:29), the debut of "Hue Boy" where Hue Jackson says dumb shit (1:09:30-1:14:11), and Hanks Grab Bag (1:14:12-1:22:12).
01:26:32 11/1/2018
We officially feel bad for Jason Witten. (3:14 - 7:12) NFL Trade deadline and a bunch of people make some Ha-Ha Clinton Dix jokes. (7:13-19:13) Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Big Cat goes to Jury Duty. (19:14-34:40) Mark Wahlberg joins the show to talk about his new movie, his sports fandom, leaving the Super Bowl early, Entourage and new Entourages we can pitch him + whether or not he used a stunt cock in Boogie Nights. (36:48-1:03:51) Segments include Lebron Blames, (1:08:01-1:11:29) Kings stay Kings for Skip Bayless,(1:11:29-1:13:42) Hurt or Injured Big Ben, (1:13:43-1:15:15) Hot in the streets Cardi B vs Nikki Minaj, (1:15:16-1:19:12) and Guys on Chicks (1:19:13-1:26:05) 
01:27:55 10/30/2018
NFL Week 8 fastest 2 minutes (2:21 - 8:06). The Red Sox won the World Series and we recap the end of the baseball season. David Price is clutch now, Clayton Kershaw isn't, and how did Dave Roberts keep putting Ryan Madson into games? (8:06 - 15:22) NFL Week 8 recap. Hue Jackson is historically bad, Jameis gets the Done Chain, Todd Gurley screwed America, and the Panthers are really good plus more from the weekend in the league (15:22 - 33:04). Whos back of the week (33:04 - 46:04). SI CFB writer Andy Staples joins the show to break down what the first playoff rankings will look like on tuesday, how anyone can beat Alabama, Pac 12 mess and will the Big Ten be the same? (46:04 - 68:26) Segments include Football guy of the week, trouble in paradise for Ty Lue, in defense of Joe Buck
01:27:56 10/28/2018
The Brocketship failed to launch. Big Cat makes a promise that will prove to be very dangerous if it comes true. (3:12-10:47) NFL Week 8 preview and picks. (10:47-16:57) Fantasy Fuccbois. (16:58-21:19) MMA Legend Randy Couture joins the show to talk about his new fight league, the toughest guy he ever fought, whether people respect him more for having cauliflower ear, and if he could take Big Cat and PFT in a fight. (23:23-47:28) Football Guy of the Week Tyler Trent joins us to accept his honor, talk about how awesome Purdue vs Ohio State was, and how we can all help in the fight against Cancer.(49:07-1:02:43) Segments include does David Price have the clutch gene? (1:08:44-1:12:36) Jimmy Butler trade update. (1:12:37-1:14:28) Just stop talking Jon Gruden.(1:14:29-1:15:48) Drunk Ideas (1:15:49-1:18:12) and Hanks Grab Bag (1:18:13-1:29:30)
01:32:36 10/25/2018
We didn't win the Powerball so we're doing an episode. World Series Game 1 recap (2:27 - 11:16). Does America have a Booger Mobile problem + Archie Manning is the Kris Jenner of the Football world and Giants fans need to embrace Eli's suck (11:16 - 17:04). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Blakes being back in a major way (17:04 - 29:24). Former NFL QB and now WFAN Radio Host Boomer Esiasion joins the show to talk about his career in Football and Broadcasting. Does he have beef with Mike Francesa, what makes a good radio partner, did he see any of the Craig Carton stuff coming and the only time he has ever been high (accidentally) (29:24 - 74:04). Segments include Sabermetrics the Giants going for 2, PR 101 for Mike Greenberg's handshake, Is Lebron hiding from us? True Crime Swag Kelly and Guys on Chicks. 
01:35:52 10/23/2018
Fastest 2 Minutes from NFL Week 7 (2:21 - 8:25). Blake Bortles was benched and we're not going to take this news lightly, the comeback has begun (8:25 - 11:12). The Eagles have decided no pressure, Hue Jackson is taking over play calling so he'll probably die in a fist fight with Todd Haley (11:12 - 14:10). The Rams are amazing, the Bears almost pulled off a miracle and the Saints are back to normal (14:10 - 25:18). Football Guy of the Week including the awesome story of Purdue student Tyler Trent (25:18 - 34:11). Who's back of the week (34:11-45:47). Dave Dameshek joins the show to talk about his Steelers, what the Jaguars do from here, who the second best NFC team is, and newest segment, carry some water for the NFL (45:47 - 71:46). Segments include NBA Petty Wars Rondo vs Chris Paul and a science experiment finding out if you can spit with a mouthguard on. Dead or Alive Tommy Lasorda plus some World Series talk. Stay Classy Michigan with a heated rivalry game Saturday, and Whoa, the Chargers have defeated Time Zones.
01:31:35 10/21/2018
The Red Sox are going to the World Series and David Price has won a playoff game. Dodgers/Brewers is going back to Milwaukee and it's the Fall of Machado, both good and bad. (3:05-7:59) Thursday Night Football was gross but the Week 7 games have us excited, including a full Sunday slate with the London game. (8:00-11:35) Week 7 picks and Fantasy Fuccbois. (11:36-29:39) Our friend and 3X Super Bowl Champ Mark Schlereth joins the show to talk about the NFL this season, what the Broncos will do at QB, how he got John Elway and the Rock mad at him, and the definitive definition of hurt vs injured. (32:36-1:11:32) Segments include PR 101 for Lenny Dykstra crowd sourcing fleeing the country(1:17:44-1:20:30), Hmmm for Kevin Durant (1:20:31-1:23:07), Hurt or Injured Dwight Howard(1:23:08-1:24:37), Thoughts and Prayers to the NCAA(1:24:38-1:26:53), and Hanks Grab Bag. (1:26:54-1:35:44) 
01:37:23 10/18/2018
Aaron Rodgers won't stop being good and Skip Bayless is making a lot of sense. Jason Witten has malfunctioned and we're concerned. Baseball playoffs are heating up and some of the Dodgers aren't even trying. A couple NBA over/unders that are guaranteed winners and a mini season preview. Hot Seat/Cool Throne. Bill Burr joins the show to talk about his upcoming show at MSG, why we care too much about sports, his favorite College venues across the country, why we've all been the guy he witnessed getting kicked out of bar Sunday for being angry at the Football game, and some conspiracy theories that only the wokest can understand. Hmmm for Coach K and Zion Williamson, Witch Hunt are the Astros cheating. Embrace Debate is Nick Bosa a Quitter and Guys on Chicks. 
01:38:51 10/16/2018
NFL Week 6 Fastest 2 minutes (2:27 - 7:34). Week 6 recap, Brock Osweiler owns the Bears, Nathan Peterman is hilarious, Big Ben owns Ohio, and the Broncos are on the watch for the Done Chain (7:34 - 28:12). Chaos in College Football but LSU is back to playing Neck (28:12 - 33:10). Football Guy of the Week including Gregg Williams eating opossums and possibly rats (33:10 - 36:11). Who's back of the week (36:11 - 46:01). Mike Florio joins the show from Pro Football Talk to talk Week 6, what the Giants should do with Eli Manning, what the Raiders should do with Jon Gruden, and a spin on LeVeon Bell no one is talking about (46:01 - 65:43). Segments include Talking Baseball, just stop talking Jon Gruden, Perspective from Bruce Irvin and Nathan Peterman, Bad Visual Conor McGregor, and Trouble in Paradise Pete Davidosn/Ariana Grande 
01:26:55 10/14/2018
Eli Manning should probably retire and Saquon Barkley is absolutely incredible (3:30-8:48) Recapping the wild Jimmy Butler story in Minnesota and is Mark Wahlberg to blame for all of this? (8:49-15:35) Week 6 Picks and preview + Fantasy Fuccbois.(15:36-28:05) FIU Coach Butch Davis joins the show to accept his Football Guy of the Week Award, talk about his career coaching the 90's Cowboys, the late 80 Miami Hurricanes, the Browns and the insane rosters he put together at Miami in the late 90's.(33:15-51:15) Free Solo climber and star of the new movies "Free Solo" Alex Honnold joins the show to talk about climbing El Capitan at Yosemite without any ropes. He also talks about life as a high stakes climber, how his brain doesnt feel fear the same way as a normal human brain and what he has to do when he's in the middle of a climb and has to shit.(52:11-1:12:40) Segments include Sabermetrics Roquan Smith,(1:16:28-1:17:56) our Long National Nightmare is over Snoop Dogg and Todd Haley made up,(1:17:56-1:19:56) Kings stay Kings Big Ben (1:19:56-1:22:28), our newest segment Care to Comment where we comment on something we don't care about but people want us to (Kanye/Trump).(1:22:29-1:24:35) We finish the show with Hank's Grab Bag. (1:24:36-1:30:52)
01:33:34 10/11/2018

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