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DoD's new health record forcing broader IT upgrades throughout military health system

The military health system recently marked the successful installation of its new electronic health record at DoD's first four pilot sites in the Pacific Northwest. But the process is nowhere near as simple as ripping out the old electronic heath record systems and replacing them with a new one. The more than 100 sites yet to receive MHS Genesis still have to go through a months-long preparation process involving new hardware, software, and network capabilities to support the new EHR. Col. Kevin Seeley, the Defense Health Agency's deputy chief information officer joins us to talk about those initiatives: Desktop to Datacenter and the Medical Community of Interest.

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Every veterans day, were reminded that there are fewer and fewer World War II veterans who are still with us. One of them happens to still be working for the federal government, and hes been doing so continuously since 1942. Sarkis Tatigian is our first guest on this weeks show. He's currently the associate director in the Small Business Program Office at Naval Sea Systems command, where just marked his 75th anniversary as a federal employee.

Also this week: Lt. Col. John Riester, the deputy chief of U.S. Transporation Command's Enterprise Infrastructure Portfolio and Support Division joins us with news on TRANSCOMs ongoing migration to the commercial cloud. And Ralph Kahn, the president of Tanium Federal, talks about his firms recent win of the first-ever production contract from the Defense Innovation Unit-Experimental.
After years of shrinking the force, the Army is suddenly in growth mode again, creating new challenges for recruiters. Maj. Gen. Jeffrey Snow, the commander of Army Recruiting Command talks with Jared Serbu about the increased mission for 2017 and 2018. Later, Sergeant Major of the Army Daniel Dailey joins us to talk about possible new incentives for soldiers to keep themselves "deployable" -- in other words, physically fit.
Two years after senior Defense leaders first ordered the consolidation of all IT and cyber defense services in and around the Pentagon, the organization that came to be known as the Joint Service Provider declared full operational capability this week and became part of the Defense Information Systems Agency.

Maj. Gen. Brian Dravis, JSP's director, talks with Jared Serbu about what's been accomplished in the two years since JSP's standup and what's ahead.
On this week's show: The new command the Air Force announced three years ago to centralize its installation management and other support functions reaches its full operating capability. Maj. Gen. Brad Spacy, the commander of Installation and Mission Support Center joins us to talk about what the center's done to make the Air Force more efficient and effective.
Also, Kevin Aven from IBM joins us with details on a $135 million contract the firm just won to support the Army's Logistics Support Activity (LOGSA). Watson, the company's artificial intelligence platform, will play a key role.
On this week's show, three guests from the Army's program management office for Mission Command join us to discuss an ambitious, two-year effort to upgrade the hardware and software used by some 400 Army units to a common baseline. Joining us are Col. Troy Crosby, the project manager for Mission Command, David Meickle, a Product Support Manager with PM Mission Command, and Niraj Kadakia, Deputy Product Manager for PM Mission Command's Strategic Mission Command.
On this weeks show, we discuss three cyber topics: President Trumps long-awaited decision on the future of U.S. Cyber Command, the results of Hack the Air Force, DoD's latest bug bounty, and a federal lawsuit which claims a DoD-operated website is putting servicemember and veterans personal data at risk.
The Army's Office of Energy Initiatives is the service's central hub for managing the financing and planning for "utility scale" renewable and alternative energy projects. Michael McGhee, OEI's executive director, talks with Jared Serbu about some of the major projects in the pipeline, and the Army's desire to use the power they generate to make its bases energy-independent.
Rear Adm. David Hahn, the chief of Naval research joins Jared Serbu to discuss the Navy's Concept Challenge: a call to the public for "leap-ahead" technologies.
Our guest this week is Vice Adm. Robert Burke, the chief of naval personnel. He talks with us about progress so far in a Navy personnel reform initiative called Sailor 2025, including ongoing efforts to modernize the Navy's performance evaluation and information technology systems.

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