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Giant's Nutrition Made Easy!? podcast. Whether you're curious about certain foods and diets, trying to eat better, or just want to know more about how food affects your health and wellness, this podcast is for you. Hosted by Giant's own nutritionists.


Nutrition Made Easy

Family Meals Month - Nourishing Your Family Unit

Join us for an insightful look into the current state of family meal times and learn simple tips you can use to get your loved ones gathered around the table.  David Fikes and Tom Cosgrove from the FMI (Food Marketing Institute) Foundation, the driving force behind Family Meals Month, provide the details on why family meals nourish our family units as much as it does our bodies.   Show Notes: * FMI Foundation - Family Meals Month * Eating on a Budget: "Blogs" * Meal Planning Tips: * Family Meal Time Conversation Starters:  
00:28:00 9/5/2019

Past Episodes

Roxana Ehsani, a Board Certified Sports Dietitian, joins us to talk about ways you can fuel your run.  Whether you are a beginner training for a 5k or a more experienced runner working towards your first marathon, we'll review daily needs, goals for pre and post runs, as well as ways to stay fueled during races and prepare for the big day.    Show Notes:  Calculations:  Converting pounds to kilograms:  Body weight in pounds/2.2 = kilograms of body weight    Carbohydrate Recommendations:  -When your training is 1 hour or less - daily goal is 5-7gms of carbohydrates per kilogram of weight   -When your training is >1 hour of training - daily goal is  6-10gms of carbohydrates per kilogram of weight   -During race or long runs: have  30-60g of carbs every 45 minutes for runs  that are 1-2 ½ hour.  Have 90 grams of carbohydrates per hour for runs over 2 ½  hrs.  -On race day or after long runs:  ADD an additional 1.0-1.5 grams of carbohydrates per kilogram of weight within 30 minutes after run    Protein Recommendations:  -Daily goal of 1.2-1.4grams per kilogram of weight per day of protein   -On race day or after long runs:  ADD an additional 10-20 grams  of protein per kilogram of weight within 30 minutes after run    Fluid Recommendations:  5-7ml per kg of body weight at least 4 hour before exercise 3-5ml per kg body weight 2 hour prior to exercise.  On race day or after long runs: Have 16-24 oz for every pound of body weight loss      Resources:  In Maryland: Charm City Run :  In Virginia: Potomac River Running Store  Books: The Food guide for marathoners or  Sports nutrition guidebook  by Nancy Clark (Sports Dietitian) 
00:26:32 9/3/2019
Whether you're a new freshman leaving home for the first time or a third year student who's learning your way around a rental kitchen, eating healthy-ish can be a struggle. Join us for easy tips and tricks on how to navigate the cafeteria on campus and work with your roommates off campus to optimize your health and learning goals. Our special guest is University of Tampa Senior, Holly Sampson.    Show Notes:  USDA's Choose MyPlate website    Shelf Stable Snack Ideas:   Instant oatmeal, peanut butter, high protein granola bars, trail mix, nuts seeds or  dried fruit, low sodium beef jerky, fruit cups (no sugar added), canned/bag tuna, whole grain crackers and pretzels, reduced sodium soups    Fridge Stable Snack Ideas: High protein yogurt or cottage cheese, cheese sticks, hummus, salsa,  high protein chocolate milk (like Fairlife or Horizon)    Meal Ideas:    Associations between Dietary Intake and Academic Achievement in College Students:    Food Choices and Academic Success Study:   
00:26:04 9/3/2019
Lauren Shweder Biel, Executive Director of DC Greens, and Jillian Griffith, Giant Food In-Store Nutritionist in Ward 8 DC, join in the discussion on how we can better understand food insecurity as it affects us as a nation and as a community. Hear how local organizations are changing health outcomes through education and access to healthier foods.   Show Notes: Snap Challenge:
00:26:52 8/2/2019
Join the in-store nutritionists for a discussion on all of the best local products for your summer table.  From produce and crabs to pickles and microbrews from our neighbors right here in the Del, MD, VA, and DC area, there are hundreds of ways to enjoy the region's best without ever leaving your neighborhood.    Show notes:  Local Maryland Products:  ·         Roseda Beef from northern Baltimore County ·         Not Joe Mama's Sauces from Annapolis   ·         Baltimore BBQ Company   ·         Dukenbees Pickles and pickle chips from Pasadena   ·          Zest High caffeine Tea from Baltimore ·         George's Mixes from Berlin    ·         Ledo's Sauces from Baltimore  ·         Hoopers Crabs  from Ocean City   ·         Phillips Seafood crab meat and specialty items from Ocean City  ·         Fishers Popcorn from Ocean City ·         Bergers Cookies - a Baltimore shortbread cookie   ·         Biggs and Featherbelle  handmade soaps, lip balms and butters,  from Howard County   ·         Honest Tea from Bethesda   ·         Sun of Italy from Baltimore  ·         McCormick Spice Company/Old Bay from Hunt Valley  Local DC Products: ·         Capital City Mambo Sauce  from Wash DC ·         Mason Dixie Biscuit Co.  from Wash DC   ·         Cava humus and tzatziki from Wash DC  ·         Souper Girl 100% plant based, dairy free and kosher soups from Wash DC  Local Delaware Products: ·         Dogfish Head from Rehoboth Beach   ·         Frozen Farmer/Evans Farms Sorbets and Ice cream from Bridgeville   Local Virginia Products: ·         Lucia's Pasta Sauce  ·         Tom's Mom's  specially apple and pumpkin butters, pancake syrups from  Centerville    ·         Virginia Chutney/Preservation Society   ·         Fire Hook Crackers ·          Virginia Heritage Foods  (old bay peanuts) ballpark-style  peanuts  ·         Logan's Sausage Company ·         Smith and Sons Chincoteague Shellfish Farms ·         Devils Back Bone Brewing Company
00:19:16 7/10/2019
Pediatric Dietitian Lorilyn Russel and Speech and Language Pathologist Bethany Gallagher from Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital (Baltimore, MD) join us to discuss how to feed your newborn to toddler. We'll focus on what to feed, how much to feed, and how your little one will grow and start solids. We'll also discuss common issues like picky eating and when to offer high allergen foods.    Show Notes: American Academy of Pediatrics - Centers for Disease Control: Picky Eaters: Ellyn Satter Food Allergies: Mt Washington Pediatric Hospital Feeding Clinic
00:30:06 7/10/2019
Certified Lactation Counselor Mandy Katz and new mom Thu Huynh (both In-Store Nutritionists) offer tips for breastfeeding moms and where to go when you need more information. Resources La Leche League International: Can find resources and local support contact information   LactMed (drug interactions):  Womanly Art of Breastfeeding  (Book) by La Leche League International Breastfeeding Made Simple (Book) by Nancy Mohrbacher    CDC Milk storage Guidelines
00:24:10 7/10/2019
Alex Jackson from Freida' s, a specialty produce company, and Chris Capell, BBQ Master from the Dizzy Pig BBQ talk about ways we can expand our summer BBQs beyond Americana and infuse a taste of the tropics. Discover inside tips for improving your own BBQs this summer.  You can catch Freida's and the Dizzy Pig at this year's National Capital BBQ Battle on June 22nd and 23rd in Washington, DC.
00:28:46 6/14/2019
Get an insiders peak at the best products for Summer recommended by the Giant Nutritionist Team.  From dry rubs and bruschetta to coleslaw kits and hard seltzers,  #GiantHasIt!
00:24:03 5/29/2019
Dan Simons from Farmers and Distillers, a farm to table restaurant and small batch distiller of spirits, joins us to talk about happy hour trends. We'll focus on why mocktails, food-inspired cocktails, craft beverages, comfort foods, and even sustainability are front and center this year. We'll also talk with Lisa Coleman from Giant about ways you can bring these trends home.
00:30:30 5/16/2019
Our love of food and the way we cook often starts with the lessons we learn at Mom's table. Join us for a heartwarming discussion about mom's from around the world and how their wisdom translates to the American table.
00:27:44 5/2/2019
Dr. Elizabeth Dahl, professor of chemistry at Loyola College Maryland and the founder of the Baltimore Environmental Film Series joins us to offer insight on sustainability as it relates to our land usage, ways we can be more sustainable at home, and with our food choices. We'll also discuss plant based eating with Seth Goldman from Beyond Meat and what farmers like Eddie Burchell from Roseda Farm are doing to bring more sustainable meats to your table. 
00:37:32 4/18/2019
Managing Your Prediabetes If you have been diagnosed with prediabetes or have concerns that you may be at risk for diabetes, this is the podcast for you.  Join us for a lively discussion on the connection between prediabetes and the food we eat, and learn simple lifestyle changes you can implement today to slow down or prevent the onset of  Type 2 diabetes.
00:20:09 4/18/2019
Dr. Bernadette Roche, Director of Environmental & Sustainability Studies at Loyal University Maryland, joins us to offer insight on sustainability as it relates to our waterways globally and locally, ways both large and small that we can help protect those waterways. We'll also talk about how sustainability shows up in the grocery store, why seafood should be part of your diet, and ways to buy sustainable seafood.    Shopping List (Brands Mentioned in this Episode) Sustainability Certifications to look for: BAP (Best Aquaculture Practices) or the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council)  · Certified Fresh: all products found in the seafood case at your local Giant  · Certified Frozen: all Giant brands including Nature's Promise  · Certified Canned: Safe Catch, Wild Planet, Henry & Lisa's, Nature's Promise canned wild tuna, salmon and sardines
00:37:58 4/4/2019
Get an insider's peek at the hottest products for Spring 2019 recommended by the Giant Nutritionist Team. From gut shots and acai bowls to Hawaiian tea and dessert hummus, #Gianthasit! #GiantHasIt Nutritionist Picks for Spring Willy's Fresh Salsa (in the refrigerated area of the produce dept) Mann's Nourish Bowls, Pero Farms Organic Plant Protein Salad Kits, Taylor Farms Salad Kits, Dole Chopped Salad Kits (in the refrigerated area of the produce dept) Chobani Less Sugar Greek Yogurt & Yoplait YQ yogurt (in the dairy dept) Dole Acai Bowls (in the frozen fruit section of the freezer dept) Farmhouse Culture Gut Shots in Ginger Beet & Garlic Dill Pickle (in the refrigerated section by produce) Farmhouse Culture Kraut Krisps (in the snack section of the natural foods aisle) Kiwi (in the produce section) Chicken of the Sea Infusions (in the canned seafood aisle) Shaka tea (in the bottled tea aisle) Foodies Artichoke Burgers (in the vegetarian section of the natural food aisle's freezer dept) Schweid & Sons Prime Burger & The Beyond Burger (in the meat dept) Barilla Chickpea and Red Lentil pastas (in the pasta aisle) with Sneaky Chef Pasta Sauce (in the natural food aisle, pasta section) Boar's Head Dark Chocolate Dessert Hummus (in the refrigerated section between produce and the deli) Saffron Road Dark Chocolate Chickpeas (in the natural food aisle, snack section)
00:16:50 3/22/2019

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