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Twin Cities Live's Elizabeth Ries and Holly Roberts host "Dirt Alerts" on myTalk 107.1 radio, covering the latest celebrity and entertainment headlines with the "Jason & Alexis," "Colleen & Bradley" and "Lori & Julia" shows. Updated thrice-daily, these 10-minute segments get you in the know on "Everything Entertainment." As heard at 8:20 am, 12:20 pm and 5:20 pm CST on myTalk!


10/19/18: Why Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande broke up

Meghan Markle opens up about her first trimester. Why Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande broke up. An artist turns down the Super Bowl halftime show. The Daily Mail: Who is wearing the least amount of clothing.
00:00:00 10/19/2018

Past Episodes

Dawn fills in on the Dirt Alert today. She, Jason and Alexis dig into the Bravo drama between Flipping out star Jeff Lewis and Andy Cohen.
00:00:00 10/18/2018
PLUS: The latest on the Ariana Grande/Pete Davidson split. What do the Real Housewives really make?
00:00:00 10/17/2018
Meghan Markle/Prince Harry make their first public appearance since the pregnancy news. Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande split: What's going to happen to the ring and the pig? Nicole Kidman opens up about her Tom Cruise marriage. A special someone's birthday.
00:00:00 10/16/2018
The Royals are going to have a baby; Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande are over; Justin Beiber marriage has affected Selena Gomez
00:00:00 10/15/2018
Selena Gomez is receiving mental health help after medical incident Channing Tatum is dating Jessie J
00:00:00 10/11/2018
Royal Wedding; Ben Affleck break up
00:00:00 10/10/2018
Samantha Markle gets turned away at Kennsington Palace; October box office; Laura Bush gets married this weekend.
00:00:00 10/8/2018

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