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Minnesota Home Talk with Jason Walgrave

MN Home Talk... Why you need to be a move up buyer & iOffers!

Don't forget to tune in live at 7am sharp for the radio show and ask some questions...maybe win a prize or tickets!
00:58:49 6/15/2019

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Don't forget to tune in live at 7am sharp for the radio show and ask some questions...maybe win a prize or tickets! The heat was on the last couple days so we offer up some tips on cooling your home and much more. Saturday Producer Joey D, on his last day, also stops in quick to tell his success story of why you work with the best in the business like Jason and his team!
00:00:00 6/7/2019
Rob Andert, who is on Jason's team, is here filling in for MIke Whatshisname? Rob grew up on a farm outside of Slayton MN which is just north of Luverne where Jason and Mike are from. He does a great job in his first visit to MHT so welcome Rob!!
00:00:00 5/31/2019
Its the Jason and Mike hour today....nothing but great info...some good callers too! People are rushing to buy homes today for some great prices...its time to act! Mike gets into some interest rate discussion that will truly help you get the best rate possible and yes...they are still very good.
00:00:00 5/24/2019
The same thing can be said for working with the best people...and using local guys like Jason and Mike and their teams who truly are the best people you can work with! You want results, use these guys and the results will happen. Some great reasons to use these guys in your own back yard. Super Show today!!
00:00:00 5/17/2019
I guess I should say that yes Steve is a fine looking man...but the renters market is hot...also! Jason, Mike, and Steve put on a quite a show today! Where is the best place in the Twin Cities to look for getting the most home for your dollars? How far out do you have to go to see how these numbers change?
00:00:00 5/10/2019
...and call in live with a question! You may win a grilling kit or St Paul Saints tickets too! The cost to wait on pulling that trigger on buying that house if the rate goes up 1% is huge! It may come to $135k in savings! The time is now!
00:00:00 5/3/2019
Jason and Mike are in rare form today! I do mean that as a complement! Some great hot deals listed out today, and some great questions live that the boys answer beautifully! Call in to the show live and maybe win some Saints tickets.
00:00:00 4/26/2019
So the guys actually put this show in reverse! We have three guys in studio who are from Leader One Financial to talk about Reverse Mortgages and investing in Real Estate!
00:00:00 4/19/2019
Welcome to Mark Marksin from Renters Warehouse in for his first show! We also welcome you to another edition of Stump the Landlord or Property Manager!!
00:00:00 4/12/2019
Jason and the guys provide some great insight on Minnesota Home Talk
00:00:00 4/5/2019

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