Me and My Weird Friends

We all have friends. Spencer Graves finds the weird ones.


Me and My Weird Friends

Episode 7: Meet Jodi Parks, "The Burping Queen"

Jodi Parks is best known as "The Burping Queen". So how does this happen? Just google her. She's been on shows like Howard Stern and on YouTube to prove it. She's a "Guinness Book of World Records" holder. She's hit decibels as loud as a jet engine or a rock concert. Still interested? This is a MUST LISTEN.
00:21:01 11/7/2018

Past Episodes

John Ulett is the KSHE Morning Rock Radio Host. He also does the Public Address Announcements for Cardinals Baseball games at Busch Stadium. Things we learn in this episode: A) He's been at KSHE for more than 40 consecutive years B) John was fired and rehired by the Cardinals (He explains why) C) John has a routine snack he calls his "therapy." D) Don't try and shake hands with John And that's only scratching the surface....
00:25:08 10/31/2018
If there's a certificate involved, Ryan will do anything to get certified. Spencer talks about his hunting hobby while Patrick has no idea what hunting is really about. Did we mention that Ryan Barr climbed Mount Kilimanjaro? You'll hear it all in this episode.
00:38:40 10/24/2018
Mike Clark is a so-called "Sneaker-head". And that's only part of why he is weird.
00:14:48 10/16/2018
Ron does not have hands. In fact, he's also missing a foot. But that's not what makes him weird. He's a very interesting guy. Give this one a listen.
00:21:07 10/10/2018
We all have weird friends and this episode holds true to the theme. Patrick Quinn talks about dealing with his epilepsy issues. And more importantly, we meet Bernie Miklasz's show producer, Austin Huff. Huff has weird because of his interesting taste in music. Wait until you hear who he loves to listen to and see live in concert.
00:23:36 10/3/2018
In Episode 1 we meet Spencer's Weird Friends and co-workers, Patrick & Tony. Patrick has epilepsy and has not driven to work in almost a year because of it. Tony loves to go to concerts...AND boy does he have some stories. Did we mention he has a process for attending concerts and buying concert T-Shirts?
00:23:29 9/25/2018

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