Mason & Remy

Missed the afternoon show on New Country 92.3 in St. Louis? You found the replay podcast! Both of the dudes, none of the music.


Questions Papa

Mason & Remy answer your questions live, decipher the difference between papa & papa, give a sneak peak of the Friday Party Jam & talk musicals.
00:54:00 11/8/2018

Past Episodes

Mason & Remy recap the week with stories of the kids at Halloween & birthdays, a new way to pay for social crimes & the best part of the election cycle.
00:42:41 11/1/2018
A full in-depth, uncensored recap of the trip to Mexico with the radio station. Mason's anxiety, Remy's underwater discovery & more!
00:00:00 10/25/2018
The guys talk about Mexico, supersizing your income & the consequences of supersizing your french fries..
00:00:00 10/18/2018
Mason & Remy talk mental health, kids, therapy & plug some other projects. PLUS a first listen to the new children's song!
00:48:30 10/11/2018
Mason takes issue with the lack of caring humans in the world, Remy has a class reunion baseball game, eats a pb/ mayo sandwich & nobody cares!
00:44:50 10/4/2018
Follow the dudes through the emotions of fatherhood & being a husband while recording the podcast for the first time on video! From Disney on Ice with Emerson to "dating" with Keaton. From our own Baby Shark project to Mason's emotional rollercoaster. Pardon the edits through technical difficulties.
00:30:03 9/27/2018
Remy is recovering from 14 hours of swinging a golf club & Mason is supposed to be meditating. The latest from therapy, the reef & how you can go to Mexico with us!
00:33:59 9/19/2018
This week the guys talk about what it's really like for them backstage, updates on new homes, hospital visits & more terrible Casio keyboard jams!
00:37:28 9/13/2018
This week on the Mason & Remy Podcast the dudes talk about Mason's hospital visit, how the new Nike advertising campaign made it's way into their world, Remy's new home & the boxes we live in. Plus, a little insight into the guy's passion projects.
00:28:46 9/6/2018
This week the dudes are talking about what's on the horizon, now that Remy's officially closed on his house & Mason has a week break from working on himself. We're spitballin' new segments & asking what you'd like to see, if you'd like to see it at all.
00:42:56 8/30/2018

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