Marlins Man Live

You've seen him in the front row at World Series games, the NBA finals, and the biggest sporting events around the world. Now you can hear his interesting perspective from the front row on Marlins Man Live!


Marlins Man Live

Marlins Man Live 7-22-19

Marlins Man tells us where he has been also what the Marlins show do to bring some more of the older fans. Marlins Man tells an interesting story about Jose Fernandez and how an agent is involved.
00:46:41 7/21/2019

Past Episodes

It's the playoffs to win those Diamond Yankee tickets.
00:46:01 7/18/2019
00:40:00 7/15/2019
00:40:00 7/8/2019
00:40:00 7/8/2019

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