Make Up or Break Up

Willing Northwest couples write us for advice on their relationship issues. We put them on the air to hear them out, and you play therapist; Should they Make Up or Break Up?


Make Up or Break Up

I Ain't Saying She's A Gold Digger

Christine from Lakewood has called in to the show because she feels like her boyfriend Ben is really cheap. She appreciates that he's responsible with money and is saving for the future but feels he's doing it at the expense of their present happiness like living in a really grungy apartment and wasting time on a Sunday waiting in line to get gas at Costco. And she's really embarrassed when they go out to eat because he doesn't tip servers, calling tipping a scam. When Ben comes on, he impresses us with how much money he's saved with the intention of buying a house. And he says he does too tip, if the service is outstanding, but doesn't see why you should tip people just for doing their job. Fitz calls him out for not tipping, but for the most part the P1's are supporting Ben and saying Christine should consider herself lucky to have a man who is so good with money.
00:11:43 9/19/2019

Past Episodes

Brandon from Granite Falls is getting pretty grossed out by his girlfriend Tiffany's lack of cleaning skills around the house and in his car. He claims that, on a scale of 1-10, she is a 2000. His primary example? Finding a Starbucks cup in the car console with - get this - a booger stuck on top! He tells us a few other examples that might make you lose your breakfast. It's pretty damn funny, but it's serious to Brandon because he is a Real Estate Agent and sometimes has clients in the car so it can be an expensive problem if an old cheeseburger rolls out. And he says he has spoken to her about it a million times and he's tired of having the conversation. But when Tiffany comes on, she says Brandon is completely exaggerating about the car, it's not that bad, and bedsides, she does his laundry and we wouldn't believe the skid marks. When the conversation degenerates into an argument about Proper Booger Procedure, it seems clear these two are made for each other!'s possible no else wants them!!
00:10:50 9/17/2019
Noah from Covington is wondering why his girlfriend Stephanie has never introduced him to her parents after two years of dating. He says they don't live very far away - Bellingham - and could easily be there within 2 hours. He says she goes see them on holidays and such but always for a short trip and says he "doesn't need to go, it's not a big deal." But after two years, he says it is starting to bother him. He is wondering if there is something about them that she is trying to hide from him, or maybe something about him that she doesn't want them to know. When Stephanie comes on she is pretty casual about it, and thinks Noah is making something out of nothing. She finds it more unusual when people rush into meeting family, but Noah points out that 2 years together isn't "rushing" and presses her about why the delays. And as the conversation continues, she gets a little...evasive...
00:12:56 9/12/2019
Hannah from Shoreline sent Fitz a message because she is concerned about her relationship with her boyfriend Alex. They've been together for 6 years and she loves him, but the fact that he's a "momma's boy" is really getting in the way now. The breaking point was their latest vacation - she says for six years running now they only ever vacation with his entire family in the same place every year - Phoenix in August! - and she's tired of it. They are all trapped inside together, only go out together as a group, and she and Alex can't even share a room. She also says his mom is very needy and controlling and whatever she wants Alex always puts her first, even ahead of Hannah. When Alex comes on, he is upset to learn his girlfriend "hates his family" and is shocked to realize that's why they came on the show. He is also surprised that she doesn't appreciate that they get a free vacation every year. His call does not last long and to be honest, this episode ends very awkwardly and abruptly.
00:10:57 9/10/2019
Sara has called in to the show because she is concerned about her future with her boyfriend Dylan. She feels like he is not living up to his potential, and not using his degree to better himself. She also doesn't like that he comes home dirty. She is a nurse and is not against hard work but thinks he could do something better. But when Dylan comes on, it turns out he is and a plumber's apprentice. Money-wise, he earns well enough already and when he is done with the apprenticeship in 7 months, he could be making six figures within the year. And it's not just about the money for him - his grandfather was a plumber, so it's a family trade, plus he loves the challenges and the problem-solving, and helping people who are in dire straits. He's perfectly happy and doesn't understand why Sara is so unhappy about it. As for the P1's, well, brace yourself, because the response is a landslide and they let Sara have it.
00:13:50 9/5/2019
Steven from Bremerton has written in for help with his girlfriend Olivia who he says has impulsively quit her job to go to school to become a dental hygienist. Steven is upset and a little confused because she did it without talking to him and is unsure how they are going to be able to afford to live. He says he is proud of her and wants her to be happy but now he's not sure how they are going to make it on just his check as a part-time waiter. When Olivia joins us, she acknowledges the actual decision was impulsive but says they had been talking about the future a lot and this was on the table, and she knew it was time to make a move to better their lives. She says she loves him and is doing it for both of them. The P1's are pretty divided on their prospects for the future: some say she is selfish for doing it without talking to him, others say he sounds lazy and she could do way better. What do you think?
00:11:56 9/3/2019
Sara from Federal Way has written for help with her boyfriend David. They've been together for a few years but she says two weekends every month he takes long weekends with his buddies to party in Vancouver BC. She can't go to Canada because she has a DUI which stops her at the border. She feels like this is insensitive of him, but also she feels left out and like he is putting her second to his buddies. She also wonders if maybe there are women involved when they go. When David comes on, he says she is exaggerating about how often he goes to Canada although he admits it is about ten times a year. He says this is something he has done with these same buddies for several years and it's their "thing", and he says he and Sara go other places together. He also throws in a comment about how she brought this on herself with the DUI. The P1's have some choice words for both of them.
00:07:56 8/29/2019
Tara from Olympia has written to Fitz for help on our Facebook Page because she doesn't like that her boyfriend Zack from Lacey is mean to his mother. She says he is very impatient with her, yells at her and says mean things about her, including calling her the "B" word, and declines her phone calls. When Zack comes on, he says Tara is being ridiculous, he is no nicer or meaner to his mom than the average person. He admits declining her calls but says he sends lots of people to voice mail all the time. He admits he has called her "the B word" but it's OK for him to that, just not other people. Tara feels Zack is lying on this phone call, and is concerned about their longevity. We do not feel a lot of warmth from Zack for either his mom or Tara, and the texters point that out, but some P1 callers come to his defense saying that we don't know much about the mom and Zack's relationship with her and maybe Tara needs more info before she judges.
00:12:35 8/27/2019
Kim from Shoreline has asked for help with her boyfriend Brian who she says is still in touch with his ex. She says he is constantly getting calls, texts, chats, and Facebook messages, and even FaceTimes with her. She says she knows the girl has health issues and that's why Brian ended it, but she's taking advantage of him and it's time for him to let go and move on with his life with Kim. But when Brian comes on, he says it's not that simple. He says his ex is struggling mightily with a drug addiction and related mental health issues and is a danger to herself; he's afraid if he doesn't help her no one else will and she could die. Kim says she feels for the girl but thinks Brian will never be fully committed to her as long as he is still emotionally involved with the girl. And is any of this healthy for Brian?
00:13:06 8/22/2019
Tina from Kent wrote to Fitz on Facebook because she is having trouble with her boyfriend of four years Rob but doesn't want to break up because they have a dog together. She feels like it will be really hard on the dog - Sigmund - to have them in different homes and going through custody issues. As for the relationship, she says she and Rob are drifting apart, spending less time together, and fighting more and Robert doesn't want even to acknowledge it. Robert says he is willing to work on the relationship if she really wants to (he's not especially enthusiastic) but if the relationship ends, he is taking the dog, there is no question about it. She says she it was her idea to get a dog and she is the one found Sigmund; he says he is the one who put up the adoption fee and first medical bills. They both seem to want to argue about the dog but not take any responsibility for their actual human issues and the P1's try to get them to see be that.
00:11:11 8/20/2019
Heather and Chris from Puyallup are raising a baby together. Their son is 18 months old and they needed a new car. But Heather wrote into Fitz to say that after they spent some time car shopping together looking at family cars, Chris went out on his own and bought a new Camaro. She is upset because it's not what she would consider a safe and convenient family car, and because he made such a major decision without consulting her. When Chris comes on, he says there wasn't time to call her as the dealer was offering him an amazing take-or-leave it package. He says he got the model with safety features and a good safety rating. And most important to Chris: a cool car he can hand down to his son when he turns 16, not some boring SUV. The P1's seem divided, until a deeper issue bubble up.
00:09:55 8/15/2019

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