Make Up or Break Up

Willing Northwest couples write us for advice on their relationship issues. We put them on the air to hear them out, and you play therapist; Should they Make Up or Break Up?


Make Up or Break Up

Bros Before...Well, You Know...

Jeff from Buckley has called in to Fitz because he is upset that his girlfriend Vanessa doesn't like his friends. He says she refuses to hang out with them, and seems to actively be trying to get him to hang out with them less often. But when it's Vanessa's turn to talk, she says Jeff's friends are a bunch of loser stoners. She says they were nice at first but she realized they are "stuck" and are holding Jeff back from accomplishing more with his life. And she says they've caught on to the fact that she's trying to get him to straighten up, and are actively trying to get him together with other, kinda shady girls. Is Vanessa too "stuck up" about Jeff's bros, who are just cool dudes who know how to relax and maybe she could learn a little something from them? Or are Jeff's boys really a bunch of aimless potheads who are holding him back? Should they Make Up, or Break Up?
00:11:11 7/18/2019

Past Episodes

Alexa from Auburn has written in to the show about her boyfriend Brian. Brian has a close female friend at work who is always texting him about really personal stuff including some major TMI about guys she's dating and um....what she does with them. Alexa admits she's been reading his texts, but the thinks she's justified in doing so because she is sure this woman is after Brian. Brian thinks Alexa is overreacting; he has worked with this woman for a long time and she is just a friend. Alexa thinks it's not possible for men and women to be "just friends" with this level of detail going on in the woman's texts. She wants Brian to tell this woman to cool it, and he doesn't want to. Turns out the woman they are arguing about has been listening to the show all morning and when she hears this segment she calls in and the fur flies!
00:09:39 7/16/2019
Makayla from Renton wrote to Fitz on our Facebook Page. She has lived with her boyfriend Josh for a few months and really loves him but recently he brought home two cats that belonged to a family member that passed away and Makayla is highly allergic to cats. She has asked him to find a different home for them or thinks he is dragging his feet on it. She is starting to question whether Josh cares more about the cats than her. But then we get Josh's side of the story: the cats are the last remaining family of his relative who passed and he wants them to stay in the family. He is only keeping them while he works on other family and if they all fall through he'll try and find a shelter. But...when he reveals the kitty cats are named Garth and Trisha, we all vow to take them ourselves or help find homes and as we talk about the cats we start to wonder whether Makayla is right - maybe Josh really does care about them cats more than her...
00:12:14 7/11/2019
Pete from Issaquah says his girlfriend's Ex hangs with her family too much. Should Mary cut all ties with the Ex? Or is Pete just being jealous?
00:12:33 6/21/2019

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